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5 Musts in a Relationship

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5 Relationship Must Have!

1. Trust and Honesty

I believe that in any relationship without trust and honesty, it will NEVER work out. As you know, you can never be with your significant others 24/7. If you are a type of person who gets paranoid and freaks out on any girl your partner talks to, you will be dying YOUNG! lol

A lot of people are surprised why I was able to manage a long distance relationship with my then BF Keith for 3 years going back home once a year. It was an easy answer: "I trust him"

2. Understanding

Understanding is easy to say but really, it's very difficult to do. Why do couples argue? Because they just don't understand each other! We always say "I don't get him/her"

We must understand why he wasn't able to pick you up on time, we have to understand why he loves computer games so much, we have to understand why he has to do a certain decision. And it's all vice versa. It's not always "just one" who's understanding! It is a 2 way street!

3. Humor

Up until now, me and Keith cannot end a day without laughing. We would go crazy and laugh so hard that we felt like dying. Well dying doesn't make the relationship last lol but I find a relationship really needs a lot of humor. Being too serious will bore both of you to tears!

Sharing something funny just the 2 of you knows gives out a certain feel of togetherness!

4. Patience

Keith is the most patient individual I know in my entire life. He has waited for me for more than 4 hours inside a mall while I finish our school project. He waits for me to choose my prom dress, he goes shopping with me and wait for me to try on all the clothes as it take some time for me to choose which one I like. Because of his patience, it is difficult for me to get angry if he came late, or if it's his time to do the stuffs he needed to do. Again, relationship is give and take. When we argue, he would patiently wait for me to calm down, no matter how long it takes before we talk, because he knew that if he insisted on talking at once nothing will be settled!

5. Love

Need I say more? Nothing lasts without LOVE! <--- in my dictionary!

Year 1995

I knew him from school, we always acknowledge each other and one Valentine's Day, I helped him deliver cookies to this other girl he liked. I DROPPED the cookies (not on purpose promise!) lol and we laughed about it now! Imagine? I am the one who delivered it to the girl???? lol

Year 1996

We've been schoolmates since 4 yrs old but we got to be classmates ONLY during our Senior years. During the 2nd semester, the sitting arrangement changed and I found myself sitting next to him. During Chinese class, it tends to get too boring and we ended up chatting up in class talking about our "crushes" lol

Year 1997

Well we because friends and we ended up liking each other, we don't know who like each other first but I call him my "FIRST AID" lol, don't get me wrong, I never had a BF beside him, but I just call him First Aid because whatever tiredness, headaches I have in life, He is my FA (First aid) lol Come to think of it, it is corny! LOL

November 3, 1997

Yeah, right after All Saints Day, I said "yes' to him over the phone and we became BF and GF


We studied at different universities but we make it a point to go out every Saturday for movies, shopping, or just dine out! I even have curfew then, he has to take me home by 5:30pm because I am a NERD and he loves me for that! LOL

Year 2001

We both graduated, I worked at China Airlines and he worked at China Bank <--- isn't that cute? LOL We seldom see each other but we make it a point to meet once a week (mostly Saturdays) as Sunday is definitely Family Day for me!

Year 2002

The crazy/adventurous side of me wanted to work in China. We've always been open about our dreams and I've always told him I wanted to be independent, learn to be strong and work abroad. I don't want to "travel" I want to live and WORK abroad. He said yes, as long as I am happy.

August 26, 2002

I left for Hangzhou, China to teach at Zhejiang University at the age of 23 :( I can still remember the pain I felt for leaving him behind, I even told myself if ever he leaves me, it's not his fault, as I was the one who chose to have a long distance relationship.


Surprisingly...our relationship grew STRONGER. The distance didn't destroy us but made us stronger. I've got a lot of challenges when I work in China but he's always there, to back me up, to read my long emails! YUP, TRUST ME..all these years, I write emails for him and my family at least ONCE a he definitely has 365 x 3 emails!!!! Updated on everything that's happening in my life in China!

Year 2005

I came back and I've decided to come back home as I have fulfilled my dream of working and living outside my comfort zone. I came back (REALLY FAT) and he still loves me for who I am!!!! LOL

When I came back, his work needs him to work out of Manila, so we would see each other once or twice a month :( But we just let it be and didn't worry about it, we just had fun everytime we see each other!

February 28, 2006

He proposed, on my birthday. It was more than 10yrs of us being together! It was the right time!!! I SAID YES!!!

July 7, 2007
Eva Longoria got married <-- who cares??? This was my Engagement day!

October 27, 2007

We finally got married after almost 11 years of true friendship and love!

I honestly don't know who to tag as I'm late with this lol I am tagging everyone who wants to do this :D
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  1. Big Big "AWWWWWW....!!!!"
    I applaud the both of you for keeping the fire burning for so many years! You've known him your entire life and that's just incredibly sweet. Congratulations, Nikki, for having such a great hubby and relationship :)

  2. the both of you are so lucky to have one another...

    i am truly happy for you nikki. stay happy.:) because that's all that matters.

  3. Awww... this really was a good read! I enjoyed reading it! It was like reading a story of a best friend. Oh guys! I wish you all the best!

    I might do this at some point as well ;)

  4. Hey sissy, glad you're back to normal blogging. Been missing ya mucho!!! I'm also glad to get to know a little more about your love life. Your love life sounds too good to be true...yet, it's true!!! Oh gosh. Nowadays, I don't know of many ppl. getting marry w/their first love. I'm so happy for you, twin!!

    Love the pictures. Especially, the last one. OH so romantic!! LOL

  5. awww i came across ur blog and read ur "5 musts in a relationship", your love life is so sweet!! Congratualations to you two! i hope u guys stay stronger for next 10+ years!! =]

  6. Nikki, I love your story! What a journey for the both of you and Congratulations and a lifetime together!!!

    I only hope my man and I are as happy as you two are! :)

  7. Connie :) Thanks so much!!! I am lucky I guess!!!! :D

    Tammy, I think my story is quite boring compared to others LOL but I'm glad you find it interesting!

    Sab, so true..let's stay happy and we'll be OK :D *hugs*

    Devi, how's YOUR love story? :P

    Gracie, do share your story!!!! I'd love to read it!!!! Sis, I am glad you enjoyed reading it and it's great to share! Sorry it was a long day yesterday, wasn't able to get back to you! :( forgive me?

    Cinthia, lol thanks the jump is romantic but it was difficult with my heavy gown and TUBE lol I was afraid I'll just flash my boobs to everybody!!!! Yeah, I did tell myself I want to marry my first love just like my mom and dad, and it indeed came true :D Share your story twin!

    Makemeup, thanks for dropping by and for commenting :D

    Lilan, you will definitely have a great life together with your man!!!! I can see thru your blog what a nice personality you have!!!

  8. Awww~ You're story is so cute! He seems like a great guy! :)

  9. That was a beautiful story and the pics of you from school are so cute :) Wishing the 2 of you many many more happy moments together and you got married just a few days after my birthday! Special indeed :D

  10. Alyssa, he definitely is a keeper! I am so lucky! :D

    parisb, thanks for the good wish! Wow...When's your birthday Parisb?

  11. aww that is a beautiful and sweet story! Congratulations to you two! I wish you all the best!

  12. aww that is sooooooo cute! i can't believe you went to china for 3 years and your relationship grew stronger! that's when you know it's true love! lol

  13. Gio, thanks sweetie.

    Lily, yes, come to think of it, I can't believe too! But we survived! That's why I'm one of those cheesy person who goes "LONG DISTANCE relationship DOES work!" Lol and the rest of the population just wanted to stab me! lol

    BB101, thanks sweetie!

  14. your relationship story is sooooooooo amazing!! I'm facing long distance relationship right now... It's so hard.. - -"

  15. AWWW!! you guys are so cute! wow 11 years! That is SO awesome an you guys seem so wonderful together. I am so happy you have someone like that in your life because you deserve it and you look so cute with short hair!

  16. i just can't stop smiling in kilig and happiness for both of you. not everyone experiences love like the two of you. :)

  17. Aww that's such a lovely love story. Thanks for sharing with us :)

  18. You guys have a very enchanting love story!!!!

    I love the picture of you guys from your wedding!!!



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