Thursday, September 18, 2008

HK Hauls

A lot of you wanted to take a peak on my HK hauls that are beauty related. Trust me, I bought a lot of non-beauty related items and mostly gifts for family and friends which I don't include here's going to take forever for me to crop the photos! LOL

Anyways, the more "personal" side about the trip will be coming up soon and I separated the post on the haulage first before the real thing. To be honest, I've armed myself with information on stuffs I plan to buy before I left for HK, but things changed because I've been to HK quite a number of times when I was working in China and I wanted to be the "tour guide" rather than the shopper. I went with Keith, with his mom and dad and his younger sister. I think I panic bought these stuffs, LOL coz some of them I shopped on the departure "day".

Here's the haul I've been wanting but kept stalling coz I've been guilty of spending so much on stuffs and I don't think I need more. But with hubby around who pointed a gun on my head and forced me to buy them *tee heee* What a wife to do but follow right?

(note: no price indicated, I will include the prices when I do a review on each of them, but if you are in a hurry to know the price, feel free to message me and ask)

1. MAC 187/Stippling brush - this is the only MAC product I planned on buying for liquid foundation application for that clean airbrush look for future clients and gigs.

2. MAC 217/ Blending brush - since I have been using my prestige blending brush EVERYDAY for my e/s application, I find it a bit big for my small eyes, so I wanted something smaller that can be used for both powder and cream e/s

3. MAC Charged Water - I honestly can't decide on buying Charged Water or Fixed plus but when I tested both, I was in LOVE with the scent. So I bought this for that "moisture" I need for my dry skin.

4. MAC Fix+ - after purchasing the MAC Charged Water, I was thinking about the Fix+ and how it kept on being Out of Stock, hubby again pointed the gun and said I can always keep one for back up since we're not sure when we will be going back to HK. So...end of

5. The small pot is a sample of a MAC Strobe Cream given to me by the MAC staff at Harbourcity (Facess). I didn't get any freebie at the MAC Sogo Dept Store.

Can I just add everyone looks GORGEOUS in there? They have flawless make-up application and great customer service.

Next stop, my Kiehl's Haul

1. Kiehl's No. 1 lipbalm - I have been using the famous Kiehl's No. 1 lip balm as part of my night routine. I have to moisturize my lips or else I'll wake up with dry bleeding lips in the morning. I have the Kiehl's lipbalm near my bed and I've been using this for months. I am loving it and I need back up!!!!

2. Kiehl's Hue - I have tested this lip balm with a hint of brownish red shade in the Philippines but it was out of stock. Since they are available in HK, I bought another one. Yes, back up! lol

3. Samples of Kiehl's Shampoo and Conditioner - 'nuff said, samples...I HEART!

The next one if for my mom,
Her HG night cream from
Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Refining Moisture Cream Complex
Can I just add that it is 3x cheaper compared to the price here in the Philippines?
I think this will be my mom's 5th one! Works so well for her! She's 61yrs old but she doesn't look like one, I think I need to use this too???? lol

My Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler Back Up
because it is cheaper again compared to the Philippines.
I think it is approx Php300 ($6.50) cheaper in HK

I have been using Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil on days I have a lot of make up on. I have used both A/O and A/I version and I planned to buy more BUT, the lady insisted that I use this one as it feels lighter compared to Shu and she promises that it cleanses way better than SHU. I know..she's just doing the marketing strategy thingy but this is way cheaper compared to Shu why not give it a try right?

YuMei Cleansing Oil
This one is also made in Japan

I have been coloring my own hair since I remember. Well sometimes my mom does it for me. I have told someone that I seldom repeat a hair color, but I always go for the safe color (the browns). I've seen a couple of hair color that I can't seem to find here in the Philippines. is embarassing, but yes, I bought 2 hair coloring treatment, I am a L'oreal Feria user but the Revlon one looks interesting too!

Check out the box, both models look alike!!! I swear, I thought they're both the same!!!

Left - L'oreal Feria in Frosty Beige
Right: Revlon Color Silk in no. 43 Medium Golden Brown

The lipbalm I carry along my make-up bag when I'm lazy to use my Kiehl's
Mentolatum Lip Ice
We don't have this in the Philippines but it's available all across Asia, grrrr

Now now, it gets more embarrassing, LOL this is honestly Keith's Fault. I was getting ready with the stuffs to pay at the counter, he came up to me and said : "This looks really nice and the plastic doesn't look cheap, it's thick and it has a sifter!" <-- yes! He used the word SIFTER! I am going to kill myself, I am educating my hubby the wrong stuffs! LOL What can I do? My hubby is a smart shopper too and he has eye for useful products! 9HKD (approx $1.20) for 6 cases? Not bad....

I am glad Keith was wrong! It is NOT a sifter but it's just an additional cover to protect whatever product you put really....SIFTER??? lol

I honestly have a lot of makeup pouch but hey, this color is just so cute and great for traveling! This baby is calling my name...."nikki ...nikki...nikki" and I just can't say NO!

Yup, that's it!
Surprising huh? I didn't buy a lot of cosmetics because I do know how to control myself and I just bought stuffs I have "planned" to buy for months. Yes, I was patient and I am IN CONTROL! :) I didn't overspend and I was able to come back home with gifts for my friends and family!

Oh yeah, now I remembered I bought a KATE by Kanebo eyeliner.... *looks around* where did I put it??? Well, I will be writing a review on that ...IF I find it! (Note: Yup! Found it! but I'm too lazy to take a shot of it so let me search the net)

Thanks for reading this mah friends!
And thanks for being interested with the boring stuffs I buy! LOL


  1. You got some awesome things! And kudos to you for being in control, esp in HK! I don't think I'd get so lucky... I'll probably go broke if I visited HK! Hahaha.

  2. Great hauls! How nice of the hubby to think of your sifter needs, even though it turned out not to be sifters in those jars. LoL. At least he tried! Haha. I saw some Japanese cleansing oils in the market the other day. I want to try it out since my face has been really dry. How are you liking it so far?

  3. that's a pretty nice haul! i'm surprised you didnt go loco since I know HK is notorious for having beauty stores almost at every block (I know I would!)

  4. nice haul sis! im going to HK next week naman, planning to buy MAC refill pans, what branch kaya ako punta? how much pala yung 187? wanna buy 168 brush eh.. TIA!

  5. Ohmigoodness, you purchased the best 2 MAC brushes eveeeer! I love my 187. It is wonderful. And the 217 can do everything. And I loooove the Shu eyelash curler. Great goodies!!!

  6. GREAT haul~! I LOVE my 187! I use it for everything face related! Enjoy all your goodies!

  7. so many hauls! i love love love how shu uemura is sooo affordable there! and the cleansing oil! lemme know how is it okay? :)

  8. all from HK? wow.. hwo did u order them?

  9. WOW!! you've got an AMAZINGGGG haul

    i'm so jealous!!! seriously, that's lovely stuff you got, and thats great how you got the shu curler for cheaper!!

    btw, how can you tell which one is fake and which one is the real one for any makeup? Cuz I know over in asia they tend to copy and make duplicates and I woudln't wanna buy some fake that'll like..chop off my lashes when i attempt to curl them and such.

    lol i love how your bf talked to you. I've practically done the same with my bf--totally made his mind think in terms of makeup. For prom, my bf reminded me to blend my face makeup onto my neck HAHA! i love him. if he didn't tell me that i think i would have looked like i was wearing a mask.

  10. fuzkittie, you'll definitely go crazy shopping! they've got everything all around the corner! I guess I learned to have self control since I was start practicing now! hehehe

    Tracy, I haven't use it yet, will do a proper review as soon as I used it :)

    Anne, sasa and bonjour on every corner? Who said I didn't go LOCO? I guess I went loco years back plus the fact that I'm the TOUR GUIDE, i cannot stop at every Sasa and Bonjour shops! :P

    Brenda, wow, you're going to HK? Use Sunscreen ok? Super hot!!! Where ? Well SOGO has MAC, and also Harbour City , I haven't checked the refill pans (oo nga no) The MAC 187 costs around Php2,700 if converted, I guess its Php200-300 cheaper compared to here.

    B, I KNOW! I focused on buying the most important brush!!! Thanks, I am happy with just those 2!!!

    Iamgrape, dear!!! Thanks for stopping by, I just used the stippling brush TODAY and I AM IN LOVE!!!!

    Sab, sure do! I will let you know how the cleansing oil is, if it doesn't work, if ever I go back to HK I will hunt the girl for making me leave my SHU cleansing oil for this!

    Jesmakeup, :) I answered your query in your chatbox :)

    Ichigobunnie, awww thanks for leaving such sweet comment and patting me at the back for my purchases heheh. Anyways, how do I know if it's real? I only buy them inside the mall, I bought MAC in the MAC store itself, same with Shu, because HK is tax free country, I find it cheaper compared to the price in the PHilippines. I think there are stuffs cheaper in the US compared to HK, but HK is nearer :D I hope you don't buy SHu curler via ebay, coz you're right, a lot of fakes out there!

  11. great haul!! i love those mac brushes! i tried the shu curler the other day at the store, but i'm really bad at using eyelash curlers so i didn't get it. it's a good curler though :)

  12. Hi nikki.. been reading your blog for months,im looving it (im a budding makeup er addict!).. anyway, i got soooo excited when i read that you were going to hk(im goin to HK too week after next!!!), coz i know u're gonna be back with some great makeup haul.. im planning to buy mac stuff there too and i really cant find any site that'll give an idea on how much it is.. hope u can help me.. (puh-lease?) i want to specially allot some budget for that when i go there. TIA..

  13. Ooo it looks like you got a lot of good things!

  14. Nice haul! Actually I'm jealous how cheap you got the products... hehe~ :)

  15. I'm so tired I forgot to mention I nominated you on my blog... lol~ The students are killing me... hehe~ I'm kidding but they are tiring me out. :X

  16. Hi Lily, do you know that I don't use eyelash curler everyday too? I am too lazy! Most women can't live without curling their lashes and using mascara, I definitely can!

    Kay, hmm..what do you plan to buy? Definitely the prices there are either THE SAME or just a couple of peso cheaper. Nothing MORE expensive than the philippines. For their MAC Studio Fix Compact costs around Php1,400 and it's Php1,500 here, it depends on your exchange rate too. For their Lipstick and lipglosses, they are around 700plus PHP and its 950php here. Hmm..what else, their blushes are around 1,200-1,300php..almost the same price as the Studio Fix Compact. Their Liquid foundation is less than Php 1,500 ...their brushes are 100-200 php cheaper..heheh I hope I helped you out with these approximates, i did asked a couple of their prices but I didn't really memorized them. For the MAC Fix + and Charged water they are just less than Php100 cheaper compared to here at Rustan's. Have a great trip!!! Do not be afraid to bargain with the exchange rates too!!! Yup, if you're changing a lot of money...Peso to HKD or USD to HKD, you can always bargain and they can give you a better rate!

    Lydia, not a whole lot, but just the staples :D I"ve got a lot of back ups hehehe

    Alyssa, thanks for nominating me, I've been lagged behind after the HK trip, everything was just piled up! :D I'll do it as soon as I can!

    Bambi, you've got lovely profile photo!!!! SEXY!

  17. ooh! Mac brushes! I've heard good reviews of the 187! But becuz i am so put off by the SA attitude, I never once bought anything from Mac. Not to say they are very cheap either.

    Hm, any other nice stippling brushes you can recommend? I'm dumb dumb when it comes to doing my base right with brushes. >_<

    Would appreciate if you can do a tutorial on stippling liquid foundation for that beautiful airbrush look! :D

    Thank you so much!


  18. woah heaps of stuff you bought!!

    i love those mac brushes but i cant afford them =x...

  19. Thanx for your lovely comment, sis :)

    but LOOOOOK AT THEM HAULS ! omg. The stippling brush is versatile, I apply my bronzer, blush & highlight with it :P so now it doesn't look too pretty hehehe

    *off to your house to rob the goodies*

  20. wow great hauls! you're going to love using that fix plus on your clients...if i put a lot of foundation or powder on them, a few spritz's of this makes their makeup look dewy in no time!

  21. Oh wow! I wanna go to HK too! Hmmm... I might have to travel light so I'll have enough to do my grand haul ha ha ha! Sis! You really have been very very busy ha ha ha!

  22. thanks nikki answering Qs.. the approximates defnitly helped a lot :) soo excited.. oh and thanks for the tip in the xchanging money.. it never crossed my mind that you can bargain.. great great to know!!! thanks again.. hope i can share my haul too when i get back.. hehe

  23. Hi Plue, I sure will! For stippling brush, I do know a couple of local sellers here who sell dupe for Mac 187, I'm not sure who sells it there in Malaysia, and yes dear, I will do your request :D

    Agnes, I know about the price of MAC 187, someone told me (ahem Paris B) that it will last a lifetime, that got me sold! hehehe

    Nanzy, want to borrow my home key? hehehe thanks dear!

    Christiana, thanks

    Renren, I have used Charged water first..I can't wait to use fix+, thanks , it's great to know I bought all the right stuffs!

    Gio, thanks dear! I'm glad I got all the thumbs up from you guys! :D

    Gracie, TRUE, we brought an extra foldable bag..and we had it all filled up with stuffs from HK! :D Go take a short trip with BF to HK!!!

    Kay, do share your hauls !I wanna look!!!! Happy trip in advance! I am happy for you!!!!

  24. Thank you so much Nikki!

    I am thinking of Etude House brushes, I saw in Kathi's blog that they have a dual fibre cheek brush... Looks like a stippling brush to me, but i not sure if it can be use with liquid foundations >_<


  25. Hi Plue,

    For MAC187 I've tried with liquid, powder and cream foundation and they all work so well!!! I'd do a proper review soon, so just in case, if you are planning to buy any dupe...make sure it works on all types of foundations too :D Lucky girl for having ETUDE there, I wanted to give Etude a try !

  26. oooh! that's cool! if i can't get any dupes, then what to do. i shall go get this MAC 187. i hope i won't be tempted to buy other stuff from them too. :P otherwise, ah~ use fingers and sponge! :P

    thank you very muchie Nikki!

  27. fab fab hauls! me want another 187 frankly speaking hehe. i don't think i can have enough!


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