Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Askmewhats Meets Kikay Pinay

Before I left for HK, I got a message from Shen if I could help her look for Sana Pore Putty, I immediately said YES because I know how it feels like to want something so bad but you just can't buy them because they're not available! She wanted a Sana Pore Putty and Givenchy Phenom'eys.

I did my research before I go to sleep to make sure I buy her the right product. I just felt bad because I was able to buy her 1 out of the 2 products she requested. I have been walking to different Lane Crawford and Facess and even the HK Duty Free shops and I just can't find the Givenchy mascara!!! Damn you Givenchy for hiding!

Anyways, the moment the plane landed and we were allowed to text message, I texted Shen right away because I am more excited I guess! LOL

I'm even more excited when she said she'll drop by the office to get the Sana Pore Putty!!! The last time I met her, it was quite short and I felt an instant connection with her right away, it's just too bad we didn't have enough time!

The beautiful Shen arrived at the office around 3pm and we chatted like there's no tomorrow! She even met Beatrilicious (my dear guest beauty blogger) and we chatted like we've been friends for decades!

Shen, my officemates thought we're college friends or something LOL

And i finally saw the wonderful PINK camera she got for her birthday!

Sorry I look like crap coz it was just 2 hours of sleep for me, and yeah, I went to work that day!!! NERD= Nikki lol

The sweet "future lawyer" gave me wonderful gifts!
I've got 2 falsies from her, a mineral veil and purple mineral e/s from ELLANA
Check out her online shop here

If you want to read more about the Sana Pore Putty she's been lemming for quite sometime, you know what to do!!!

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  1. we love my SANA Pore Putty, Nikki!! :) ME Love you for getting it for me! thank you thank you!! It was so much fun seeing and getting to chat with you. i wish i could stay longer. You look fabulous and girly with your ed skirt kaya and the 2 hour sleep doesn't show with your bright smile. :) thanks again!! :)

  2. awwww you still look pretty regardless of how much sleep you had.

  3. You and Shen look so cute! It's too bad you couldn't find the Givenchy mascara, but I'm sure Shen was still happy with the Pore Putty. I need to start putting mine to use. :D BTW, you do not look like crap in the picture. LoL. You look pretty good for having only slept 2 hours! I have never been able to back to work right after coming back from a trip. Haha!

  4. Van, it was fuN :D

    Shen, WE LOVE? meaning, everyone tested it? hahaha now now, I'm feeling bad I didn't purchase myself one! You are very much welcome and I wished I have more time, if only I am rich enough to have another trip and buy everything that you girls want :)

    Cinthia twin, you are so sweet and nice to me!!! THANK YOU sweetie, I missed you dear, how are you? I love your profile picture, I have to look closely coz doesn't look like you :D Looks like a cover of an album..woohhooo model!

    Tracy, I know..I know...this wasn't even the worst, I had once a flight that arrives 5am and I went straight to work WITHOUT sleep..and my body just gave up, I went home after half I know I know..I'm a workaholic :( Thanks for being sweet and letting me know I look good with only 2 hours of sleep, I've got my eyebags near my cheeks already! LOL


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