Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Stila Goodies from the B-licious

When I started to blog, I was blogging for my "current" friends who may find some useful information. I never thought blogging could really move further to a higher level. Not only do I meet new people, but I meet new friends whom I share emails with and just brighten each other's day.

Blogging is my stress reliever. I never expected anything from anybody as just the fact that someone reads my blog and learn from it meant the world to me. But I guess life is really full of surprises!

The lovely B of Clumps of Mascara knew I've always wanted to try Stila products as you guys know, we don't have it here and the only Stila Product I have is the Stila Smudgepots in Black (I bought online) which I love so dearly. I have already accepted the fact that we don't have Stila so I gave up and never "lemm" for any of their products.

Boy! Just when I've given up, she sent me a wonderful package not 1 but loads of Stila goodies!!! I got this early morning before I left for the HK trip! And B, you do know that I got so excited I temporarily had an amnesia and forgot about my flight! LOL

Here's what greeted me early morning

Aren't they just PRETTY!!!!???!!!

1. Stila Cheek Color in Soar
2. Stila Illuminating Finishing Powder in Bronze
3. Stila Illuminating tinted moisturizer Shade 01
4. Stila Color Push-Ups All Over Color in Rose Flash
5. Stila Lip Glaze in raspberry (FINALLY!!!!)
6. Aaawww she called me Nikkilicious....
(my dear guest writer Beatrilicious, just lend the title to me ok? just this once! lol)

And here are the swatches for you gals who are interested on how it looks like

Looks like a MAC mineralized powder,
the color is just "stare-worthy" and super pigmented

The famous all over color swiped on my hand 2x

Cheek Color swatch
Very matte, can be used as eyeshadow as well

Check out the size of the Illuminating tinted moisturizer
with SPF 15

Can I just say, the color is just so ME?

Here's how it looks like when scattered on my hand
It doesn't show up so much color but it has a hint of glow

B promised me some of the products above would let me die and go to heaven (I hope not so soon) and she was right! It's like I got a personal shopper who knows my skin color and texture who shopped for me and send them all to me without any effort on my side. B, you made my days, months and years! Thanks for these goodies. I did receive them in a short period of time before the year 2009! LOL

*dances with joy*

Really, I must be doing something good to deserve all these! :D
Thank you so much B and to the everyone (you know who you are) who sends me stuffs and offer their help to buy me stuffs because they knew how much I would love to try on products and not being able to find them here. Really, its not about the product but it is the effort of making me happy and helping me! I do appreciate it!!! I am being sentimental...but to everyone who gives sweet comments everyday too?....THANK YOU and BIG HUGS!!!

Can you just believe with only 2 hours of sleep, I am still awake at 10pm?
I guess blogging keeps me awake!

I've got a couple of stuffs to blog about, a couple of orders I received and more gifts from lovely people....bear with me, LOL blame the postal office for sending me all at once hahaha


  1. oh you're so lucky! those look REALLY gorgeous! have fun with them :)

  2. Yaaaay! I'm so glad that the goodies finally (dang, it took 392 days) made it to you. I think you will looove that Cheek stain. The staying power is awesome! Yesss, I knew that Illuminating tinted moisturizer would work out for you. Yeesss!!! I'm sooo happy. And I love you lots!

  3. Aww, how sweet of B to send you those goodies! They look awesome. You must do a look with them soon. =)

  4. That's so sweet! Its funny how someone across the globe can make you feel like a "million" bucks by offering to take the time & send you something...& not only anything but items that are actually suited for you! Wow! That's amazing! Nice work B you sound like a really nice person.

  5. Oh my, you're gonna have so much fun with your new goodies, aren't you? i have that Illuminating Bronzing Powder and I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do :) And it lasts forever! It's been more than a year and it still doesn't look "used". Have a good day, Nikki.

  6. So many people like you! :) They all want to send you stuff... hehe~

  7. That bronze is beautiful~ I can't wait to see what looks you come up with using all these goodies!! :]

  8. Dyahalit, I will definitely have fun with them and I'm sure my colleagues will too!!! I told them I will be bringing one Stila product a day and we'll all use it! :D

    B!!!! I love you lots too!!! Can I just say, I look at them like once a day? Lol The stila goodies are lucky coz I left them at home, I would LOVE to stare at them again and*hugs* it is worth the 392 days! lol

    Tracy, I'd love to do a look on them soon, I'm no look week for now...if you can see my "bags" lol...I've got huge bags because we almost "never sleep" during our trip in HK! LOL

    Beauty Parler, sweet girl! Thanks!!! I do feel like a million bucks!!! It warms my heart..people are really sweet, they would email me and let me know they are available if I needed anything! B is not only sweet, she's HILARIOUS!

    Connie, now you made me want to go home and try the Illuminating bronzer!!! it is huge! I think I still have it when I'm a grandma! LOL Now I'm hating it that cosmetics expire! *groans*

    Alyssa, lol look who's talking! lol you are a sweet girl who help me out with the NYX lippies too! *oopss* I spilled the beans! lol

  9. That's fabulous! I missed the baked trios and I am having a difficult time locating the Broze and Copper now.

    try them out and review!

  10. hehe. I'm never the one to follow expiry dates. As long as I don't itch, I'll still use it *whoops!*

  11. O my god!! I'm so jealous :P~~

    can someone send me those cutest thingy too?? *dreaming*

    ;D~ :D~

    Happy for Nikki :))

  12. That's why I love you girls! I met some great and amazing people here and I love how we are like family, that was SO sweet of her what a nice haul!

  13. wow that was so nice of her! i tell yah blogging is like it's own sorority, in a good way!

  14. OMG nice haul.. Wish they sell Stila here cheaper... it's so expensive in Australia.. and that illuminizing tinted moisturizer looks tempting =p

  15. OMG nice haul.. Wish they sell Stila here cheaper... it's so expensive in Australia.. and that illuminizing tinted moisturizer looks tempting =p

  16. OMG, I can't get over the fact that you received all these Stila goodies from someone on the other side of the globe. You lucky gal!! And that's such a sweet gesture. You must feel very loved. :)

  17. That was so sweet of her! Have fun with the goodies!

  18. Jojoba, I will definitely try them out and do a proper review on it...I have been so sleepy for the past few days :D

    Connie, *sshhhh* let's keep it a secret then on how gross we are! lol I hate throwing out cosmetics too but I get allergies so easily I've got no choice *bah*

    beautybenefit101, hahaha who knows..a make up angel will hear your wish

    Vanessa, RenRen so true, sorority awww...and it's global!

    Purplesnowflake, we don't even have 1 single Stila here! lol Well if it's too expensive, no use too even if it's available there huh?

    Missmall, yes, I felt so loved....and it traveled across the globe lol as you can see, my Stila Cheek stain was perspiring, as you look closely the box..gets oily lol

    Gio, thanks girl! :D


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