Saturday, September 20, 2008

My EDM Samples

My first MMU foundation is my Bare Escentuals' (BE) MMU foundation which I got in full size. I would say it didn't or did work for me. It's didn't do anything super bad to my skin like cause irritations or breakouts, my only concern is it darkens my skin after a couple of hours and I am not acidic at all!

Anyways, after BE, I lost my interest on MMU foundation because I don't want to order online because I really have a hard time choosing my color. Digital Angel, sent me a sample of an Everyday Minerals Foundation (EDM) which she and her sister loved so much! Though it looks a little bit light on me, I used it and I fell in love with the coverage and it's lasting power.

I have to clarify though that I am not saying goodbye to my pressed powders, liquid foundation, but I've been leaning onto using MMU foundation the past few days, depends on my mood :D

So, I went online, checked out the EDM website and decided to order their 5 mini sampler as it's free, I only have to pay for their shipping which is quite reasonable amount of $4.55 (approx Php214.00)

The good thing about ordering NOW is I do have a "sample" color on hand. With the Fair Light Intensive sample from Digital Angel, I chose a shade one step darker and everything got easier afterwards!

I paid via Paypal last August 31, 2008 and I received my EDM samples a little bit over 2 weeks! (not bad) and since it was packed in a smaller package, I do not need to go to the Postal office to pay for taxes as it was delivered straight to my home!

This greeted me one morning!

I love that their samples all came in small pots instead of resealable bags
Definitely GENEROUS amount

(Note: I've read their site recently that the temp jars will be used till September 15th, so I'm not really sure how they would pack their samples after the 15th of September)

In this pack you have the freedom to choose ---

3 foundations - you can choose their finishes as well (original glo, semi-matte, matte and intensive)
1 Blush/Face Color
1 Concealer

And here's what I got --- Foundation (color and their finishes)
  • Golden Light (intensive)
  • Buff-Fairly Light Neutral (intensive)
  • Buff Ivory (Matte)
  • Weekend Getaway
  • Mint Color Corrector

And of course, let me show you some swatches.

I am an NC30 for MAC Studio Fix Foundation
Paul & Joe Foundation No. 30

1. Golden Light Intensive
2. Buff - Fairly Light Neutral Intensive
(my color)
3. Buff - Ivory Matte

4. Fair Light Intensive (From Digital Angel - thanks enabler LOL)

Left - Mint Color Corrector
Right - Weekend Getaway blush

Askmewhats Reviews (EDM Foundation) ---

The finish and the coverage is great that's why I gave in ordering samples. It lasts more than half a day before I need to do touch-ups. Considering the weather here in the Philippines, not bad at all!

After more than 4-5 hours, the areas I need to retouch are: the side of my nose and forehead, the rest looks ok. Since I applied EDM with a Kabuki brush, more intensive coverage = lesser pores!

Askmewhats Reviews (Mint Color Corrector) ---

Green concealer works best to hide redness. I don't have a lot of redness the past few days (knocks on wood) and I don't plan to have any redness, LOL so I can't really say a lot about the product, for now.

Askmewhats Reviews (Weekend Getaway) ---

This is a nice peachy pink color matte. It looks really pretty if swatched but I find the color doesn't show up on my skin.

How to order samples online (for Philippine readers) ---
  1. Register if you don't have an account
  2. Click on Make-Up on the upper left hand side of the site
  3. Click Custom Kits
  4. Scroll own and you will find Free Sample Makeup Kit -- FREE!
  5. Click Add to Cart (you have to do this before you choose your foundation shades, blush and concealer)
  6. Next comes the tricky part, on the right hand side of the site, you will see that you already have the Free Sample Makeup Kit in your cart but you haven't had the chance to choose any shades yet, don't fret! lol
  7. Go back to Make-up, this time click on foundation you will find computerized foundation colors, choose foundation shade you want and drag to cart and it will automatically be added to the sample kit
  8. Repeat steps for the next 2 foundation, blush/face color and concealer
  9. Choose your payment method and wait for email confirmation!
  10. Voila free EDM samples!
P.S. I am not paid for doing this lol Just helping some of you who are interested but had a hard time with their site, it is quite tricky and it took me some time to figure this out too! LOL

I hope this is helpful for you gals who are interested with EDM.
I wouldn't say EDM is my HG MMU foundation because I haven't used much!
I may give other MMU foundations a try!


  1. wow 200 something pala ang shipping to pinas ha..hehe i'm planning on ordering more when i get there pero papaship ko nalang dito para mura and when I go back,yihee package galore!:)

  2. what type of skin do you have? how do you feel about intensive and matt finish of their foundations? I use Medium Beige in Semi-Matt. Medium Beige can be a bit light for me, but I think it darkens a bit throughout the day. I like the semi-matt formula, especially when it's freshly applied on my face, but soon, I get oily! I didn't try att yet, cuz I'm scared it'll give me a chalky finish >.<

    and thanks for the comforting words, they really help :)

  3. I like intensive the most, I feel so dry on my face when I use matte. By the way, I tried to click Digital Angel but it just shows an error lol on both of Digital Angel :( hehe, oh and I read their forum that they would switch sample jar to mini jar so people can use the jar again to keep other stuff such as pigment and shadow :) I think that's a good idea !!

  4. Yes, the site is pretty tricky. I tried it before and gave up. I thought it was just my computer. LOL. I don't know if I wanna try this now since I just got myself some clinique powder & foundation. My next item to try is of course, Paul&JOe.

  5. the blush looks good on your hand but yea sometimes it doesn't show up on the cheeks. they have the free 5 samples? LOL i didn't know that. maybe u'd try Joppa Minerals, they have the 6pc sampler for only $0.01. who doesn't love sale price? LOL

  6. I didn't know you were NC30. I thought you were darker than me, but we have the same skin color from MAC. Since you're NC30, you should try Golden Medium Olive. That's suppose to fit NC30 or Buttered Tan, as well as, Winged Butter.

    I don't use Everyday Mineral anymore. I moved onto Silk Naturals. You should try Silk Naturals. It doesn't show the lines from your face. Yes, I got a lot of lines... boo hoo~ :'(

  7. all of the edm minerals foundation shades i got look pretty much the same... lol. by the way, i nominated you for an award on my blog!

  8. I just ordered a sample (through someone else) of their foundation and I'm very worried that the shade won't suit me. It was olive medium light or something like that. *sighs*

  9. im so forget... i dont kno if i commented this but i know i wanted to wen i first woke up this afternoon just dont remmeber... But anywayssssssss wut i wanted to know was... were these the right shades for u? cuz i ordered the sample kit twice.. i guess the second one was alrite.. just the first one was beyondddd different..

  10. Hmm maybe I will check them out. I love mineral makeup. :)

  11. MieMieMie, true, it is quite expensive but good thing the samples are free, so I'll just think of it as me paying Php200+ for samples! hehehe Happy Trip!!!

    Erica, I've got dry skin all over! Before I apply any foundation, I make sure to apply a good moisturizer, let it seep for a couple of minutes before I apply my MMU, there are days I would spritz on water to wet the powder to make it not too chalky. I honestly don't feel any difference between MATTE and Intensive. I've got a favorite though, based on the color! *hugs* I hope you feel better now!

    Digital Angel, thanks for letting me know, I don't know why it's happening to me a lot of times, I already fixed it. Yes, I will definitely keep these sample jars to re use for other stuffs..I LOVE it!!

    Cinthia, GO For Paul & Joe, though I've been testing on MMU's , I still use my P&J for touch ups!

    Jesmakeup, I would say they're not thE PERFECT match but they all work well for me...well NOT all, but 2 out of 3 works well for me, one is just a bit darker which won't be obvious as I apply lightly :D

    Ai, yes I have thought about Joppa Minerals and you are right about paying only $0.01 for samples BUT, the shipping rate is way more expensive! I am probably waiting for another free shipping from them! hehehe

    Alyssa, thanks for letting me know, I am not sure if I'm game for 2nd batch of samples But yeah, I am a mixed breed between NC30 and NC35! It gets confusing really, so I go for my P&J No. 30 which is the perfect shade for me! lol I am sure I am darker than you,especially now with me tanning in HK! hehehe

    Lily, sweet darling, thanks for nominating me, I've been lagged behind with the tags , but I just want you to know I really appreciate it for thinking about me...funny but you are right about EDM, they all look quite similar!

    Connie, no worries, I'm sure you'll get even one shade that matches you,and you can see the very light foundation swatched on my arm? I also use it!!! It doesn't show up as white as I guess it's still ok! Let me know ok?

    Jesmakeup, yes you did comment and thanks for asking again :) hehehe yes, I find one shade matches me, that would be Fairly Light Neutral in Intensive...the rest are a bit light or dark but I can still use I don't think it's a waste at all

    Lydia, let me know what your favorite MMu brand is! :D

  12. after I read your post regarding EDM samples, I immediately ordered from them=) I got the Angled Brush plus the samples! =) Out of stock yung Flat top & Full size kabuki..


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