Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Urban Decay Surgery

Before I bought my UDPP, I've read a lot of blog posts about cutting it to get more out of the product. Eventhough I've read so much about the bad packaging of UDPP, I still gave in and ordered 2 via ebay, you know why? Before TFSI (Too Faced Shadow Insurance), that was the best eye primer at that time. I researched more and finally bought my own UDPP via ebay.

I have been using UDPP for months now and I am ready to do the UDPP surgery on my post "Eureka Moment" a couple of weeks ago, I bought this bigger plastic container to home my remaining UDPP. I'm glad I posted about it before I do anything coz Cinthia and Alyssa commented and told me not to put UDPP in a "plastic" container coz it dries up the UDPP so fast you'll end up throwing them away. What a cheapo girl to do? Instead of going out to buy a glass container, my Lancome eye cream is housed with a glass container, and all I need to do is finish it up (which is good, coz I ended up religiously putting on eye cream at night) It took me weeks to finally finish this off! and now...I'm really ready!

Keith doesn't want me to do it!!!!
I am spoiled! LOL
well he knew I'm a big C as in CLUMSY
and I'm definitely going to cut myself!

So I ended up to be the bad photographer LOL

We tried cutting the bottom part of the UDPP but it was so darn difficult

The end part cracked so we decided to get the rest of the product from the "BUTT" area LOL

Definitely a lot of product left!

I'm not surprised!

This is the Lancome Absolue eye cream container that I re-used
(I'll report if it'll dry up the UDPP or not)

I want to share something from the Children's party we attended last weekend.

We got tatoos! LOL Glitery tattoos though!
Here's Keith's tatoo, I was teasing him that it ain't "Manly" at all! lol

My butterfuly, I had it my favorite color combo
Now , this reminds me of the Jesse's Girl Shimmery Dusts! :P

After seeing all these, are you turned off to buy UDPP because of it's packaging?
I can't be turned off coz it's not even sold here! lol
TFSI (Too Faced Shadow Insurance), you're dead! I will hunt for you next! LOL
Anyone have an idea if TFSI is sold in HK or not? I think not, but I'll ask anyways.


  1. Wow, there's so much of it left. UDPP really should change their packaging. Cute tattoos! Even Keith's. Haha. My bf wants to get a real one, but he's thinking real long and hard about what to get. I already have 2, but I want another one. I was thinking about getting a butterfly. =)

  2. You're so agile! :D Look at all the extra goop you got out! Haha.

  3. hahaha naku ate nikki can't wait to get my hands on the primer that i ordered..bigla ko naisip dahil sa udpp post mo..hehe and the butterfly looks pretty!:) never pako nagawan ng ganyan..:(

  4. Keith is super sweet to do it for you! I doubt my bf would do it for me, or allow me to do it...he'd probably just tell me to go buy another lol.

    Actually there is another way to get more out of the UDPP bottle before having to cut it up, but I haven't seen many people do it. I've heard of a tip where you can pull out the clear whitish plug at the neck of the bottle (hopefully you know what I mean). Pulling that out allows the wand to reach more of the product so you don't have to open it up as soon. Sorry that I didn't mention it earlier :S

  5. i was gonna purchase UDPP but knowing that i have to go thru all that! arghh ima find somethin else... thats a lot left!! prob not a lot of ppl know that n just ends up throwin it away =) good thing for this review!

  6. Hi Tracy, yes, there's a whole lot of product in there! is really difficult to decide, i never thought of getting a tattoo, but if ever I will, it will take me YEARS to think of a design I want hahaha

    Fuzkittie, LOL

    MieMieMie, yay you'll have yours na...and yup..the butterfly is so pretty, it's just GLUE and glitters! :D

    Blu, I've seen that too! But I thought it's too so since someone's offering to help me out..why not right? LOL

    Jesmakeup, that's why I want TFSI!!!! the packaging is way better!

  7. I decided not to buy UDPP again until they change their package. It's such a hassle having to go through all of that :(

    Cute butterfly, twin! It's so girly and so you. LOL

  8. I think im the only blogger who havent try UDPP yet. Then again Im more of an eyeliner and mascara kinda gal. I like those gittery tats : )

  9. Surgery went well eh? Some girls from sent an e-mail to Urban Decay to complain about the UDPP's packaging and they got a reply saying that they are working on a new packaging. That was months ago though! No news just yet. UDPP is slowly being taken over by Shadow Insurance which I want to get as well but I don't need it. Lol. So expensive!! I'm not sure if Hong Kong has too faced

  10. wow! the glitter tattoos are soo cute! i haven't had one before. :) maybe yun na lang instead of a permanent one?

    thanks for the tip on the glass container. i haven't tried mine, but i'll definitely be using an old (but thoroughly cleaned) glass jar. TFSI sounds another good product, maybe they have on ebay? :)

  11. i have yet to cut mine open... but i know it's coming soon! i haven't tried too faced shadow insurance... i did test both of them out in the store though and i bought udpp instead.

  12. So a glass container won't try UDPP out? Haven't hearing people complain about the packaging, I would rather prefer Too Faced.

  13. I didn't jump on the UDPP bandwagon when virtually every beauty blogger was talking about it....

    and after seeing this little 'scam' UDPP's running on. yet again, virtually every beauty blog, I've decided NEVER to buy it.

    So there!

    (And truth be known... the MAC Paint Pots have been working just fine for me.)

  14. Keith is so sweet to you :) I seriously need try UDPP... lol

  15. i love eye primers. me, i just use the law of gravity and tap it off until i find a good glass jar for me to put it in.

    I love glitter tattoo! :) lol! ang cute niyo ni Keith! :)

  16. I'm glad you put the UDPP in a glass jar... hehe~ It's also nice of hubby to do it for you! :)

  17. Cinthia, I guess my next purchase would be TFSI, coz I bought 2 UDPP at a time, and I'm not sure if I used them up if i will still be able to purchase them! Both UDPP and TFSI are not available here. I hope they both are in the future..but of course better packaging for UDPP

    Aprecia, nah, I'm sure there's a lot of people out there who doesn't use UDPP. The reason why I bought it not because for myself, I love doing make up on other people and other people basically have oily lids..and I don' be I can get away without eye primer or even face primers coz I'm not even oily to start with :D Thanks, I love the glitz too!

    Connie, I don't think HK has it too, but I'll keep my eyes open just in case!

    Sab, hahah it's easy to remove, I dont' think you would want to do it everyday! hehe at makalat ang glitters hahahha Sab, I may try to look for TFSI at ebay if i'm ready to purchase another one, as seen I still have a lot of product left :) And I still have one new tube for backup! hehehe

    Lily, really? Why did you decided to purchase UDPP? I haven't had the chance to try both that's why I asked :)

    Fabuless, yes, I think so, coz my eye cream didn't dry I guess that's WHY some products are on glass containers! LOL I have always been wondering! hahahha

    Liz, I will give paintpots a try soon!!!!! I have purchases some!

    Erica, give it a try, if you have oily really works, my friend who's got super oily lid and I did an eye make up on her, she said she forgot to remove her eye make up and she slept! the next morning, everything was still in place! Lol

    Shen, hehehe talagang LAW student ka..even products you use the LAW of gravity! hehehe

    Alyssa, all thanks to you and CInthia for telling me! and thanks to ME for listening! hahahah

  18. didn't know you have urban decay in your country. we used to but it didn't do well and so withdrew...

  19. I haven't cup mine open yet. but i know I will have at some point and I'm dreading it. I'll ask my boyfriend to do it cos I am very clumsy and will probably cut myself. But I don't want to go through this all the time, so as much as I like UDPP, I think I'll try another primer when this runs out.

  20. Is it weird that I felt a jolt of happiness when I saw this entry? Lol seeing the stupid UDPP bottles get cut open gets me excited. We should all send photos to Urban Decay and demand a change.

  21. Jojoba, hi, we don't have urban decay in the Philippines! I ordered mine online! at ebay! lol :)

    Gio, me too, after these 2 , I may go for TFSI! I want to try it!

    Katrina, me too! Do you know that months ago, eventhough I can still get some product out with the wand, I've been wanting to cut it so bad! LOL

  22. that is one of the reasons i am hesitating about getting UDPP... the other one is that it's not easy to blend. give TFSI a try, it's love! :)


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