Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Upcoming Review : Nana May's Magic Face and Hands

I was contacted by Ms. Li of Tiny Tapir, to give 2 of their bestselling products a try. The Nana May's Magic Face and Nana May's Magic Hands. Tiny Tapir is located in Malaysia but Nana May Products are made in Australia.

At first, I was quite hesitant because it is a "face" product and I can't seem to use just any facial care regimen due to some allergies that I have. What spurs up my interest is the Magic Hand product because I do have "laundry" hands! :P lol But what I like about them is that they stated clearly to me that I am free to do my review whether good or bad and no obligations <--- very important for me .

I have received their package more than 2 weeks ago and I just want to thank Ms. Li for giving me the opportunity to test on their products.

Just to make the review straightforward and accurate (strives to), I have stopped using my Clinique 3-step program, and it was the right timing because I just finished up my Clinique Mild Facial Wash ...and I don't have any facial wash for now LOL

Watch out for an in-depth review on this!


  1. I've met the ppl from tiny tapir at a bazaar. I was quite intrigued by their soaps and was hoping to try the cocoa butter ones. I saw the magic hands and magic face too but having eczema on both my face and hands, I wasn't too inclined to try a salt-based product. Anywho, lucky you! The set is about >RM100 and a good in depth review would definitely benefit the product since it's not something that you'd just pick up and try.

  2. wow! i agree. now that i have been breaking out, i try not to put too much anything on my face. all those experimenting made me broke out and add in the stress i'm having lately. but then, we have to take risks sometimes. I'm hoping this will work for you so i can try it soon! :) lol! :)

  3. Glad the package reached there safely :) I was a bit concerned! The set is actually on special at RM80, not 100, which is pretty good value because it lasts a long time.

    Nana Mays is good for eczema - but you can go to my blog and do a request - we're doing a free tester for a new eczema product we're bringing in

  4. dont you love getting to review new products (especially when ppl send them to you for free, tee hee)

  5. NICE!!! I wonder what the ingredients are. The website doesn't state :/

  6. Hi Cinthia, don't worry, I'll type down everything as soon as part of the upcoming review, will post it when I come back from HK, I want to finish the whole month of usage *winks*


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