Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nail Art Tutorial: "Hot Pink Fireworks"

(A tip: If you don't have thin brush, you can buy tiny brush from any art stores to dip with your nail polish and create strokes like this)

Another nail art tutorial that I came out with. To be honest, with all the nail colors that we can choose, I find it a bit difficult to choose nail colors and designs on top of my head, but when I have everything in front of me, I can just be a "nerd" and just sit there do my work like "I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING!" lol

This week, I thought of a lovely pink nails courtesy of Toma's ELF Nail Polish, I can't stop smiling when I see all my nail polishes. Thanks again (trust me, I'll thank you again and again Toma and sad to say, you have to deal with it lol)

Step 1:
Choose a lovely nail polish color you would like to use as your background color
I chose a pink nail polish from ELF. <---oohh reminds me of the Hollywood Nights Lippie from MAC

Step 2:
I used the brush of the nail art pen too create 3 feather-y strokes as seen on photo below (and yes, I always start with my right hand, while my left hand isn't tired yet :P)

Step 3:
Let dry before you proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Using another color, I chose black, create 4 feather-y strokes between the white lines. Doesn't have to be perfect.

Step 5:

Again, relax and let dry for a minute

Step 6:

Look back. Black and white looks a bit dull, so I added another feather-y strokes using my yellow nail art brush.

Step 7:

I usually like to create something special for the thumb since it has more space, I added 3 dots. You can do this to all your nails but I prefer this on the thumb only.

Step 8:
Using my Elianto Glittery Nail polish (that I bought for 50% off), I applied one coat to make the nail art "sparkle" <-- now that's what I call shining, shimmering, splendid.

Step 9:

Last but not the least, always apply a top coat to protect your nails. I used Sally Hansen's Top Coat then Sally Hansen's Kwik Dry.

Enjoy your nails!

This will also be my entry for Alyssa's Nail Art Contest :)
Hope you guys enjoyed this as much as I did.
Again, it really takes a lot of practice and you'll enjoy the experience!

Trust me, it is rewarding to look at your "imperfect" nails and know
you've made all by yourself


  1. Love it! Nice and neat :) I hope ypu're gonna win the contest.

  2. Another lovely work of art! Seeing your posts on nail art and now Alyssa's contest inspire me to try it, but I can never find the time to. Maybe soon... How long does it usually take you to do your nails, art and all?

  3. That's very creative dear. I love it!!

  4. I love alyssa and your nail arts! you guys are so creative :)

  5. The 2nd picture !! I used to do that on clear nail with white nail polish all the time. It's so cute :D Love pink nail, so pretty !

  6. Seriously dude...your precision is amaziiiing. Come do my nails!

  7. gorgeous! you are so good at doing both hands! lol

  8. wow! your nail art just keeps better and better! :)

  9. It reminds me of grass for some odd reason; not the color but the way it shoots up... hehe~ It came out gorgeous! :) I'll definitely add it onto my post tomorrow.

  10. you make it look soo easy!! :) imma have to get myself the set next time.. :)

  11. You make those ELF polishes look so good! I'm so, so, glad you are giving them a good home! are welcome!

  12. Ooo I love this!! I wanna try this...but I could never use it to work... :(

  13. Wow, they're very very pretty sis! You're one of those who possess a great talent. Have you ever thought of doing this professionally? I think you'll make a fortune ha ha ha! Hey, good luck on the competition by the way. I'm sure you've got a great chance :)

  14. awww nice pink nails !!! seein these pretty polish n designs makes me wanna polish mines too =T but they always scratch off.. boo!!

  15. Devi, you are very nice! thank you so much, I honestly don't expect to win coz I think I ran out all the luck I've been having the past couple of weeks! LOL But it's nice to do this , do you like doing your own nails devi?

    Tracy, it takes me 30minutes to do my nails (if I don't need to clean them) I tend to forget the time, coz I would do it and watch tv at the same time lol :D Give it a try sometime Tracy!

    Cinthia twin, it was nice exchanging "Lovely" words with you yesterday :) You're a sweetheart!

    Erica, thanks!

    Digital Angel , li'l sis! Ohhh do it again!!! Well, if you have the time I know you're a busy bee with your studies!

    B, I would LOVE to do your nails! Trust me, I'll do everyone's nails if I have the chance!!! I really feel good doing stuffs like that!!! Send me your nails! HURRY!! Lol

    Lily, oohh takes years of practice! LOL I kinda got the right angel and where I should put my other hand to make sure not to mess it up!

    Shasta sis, thank you dear

    Sabby, naku, don't say that! I will be pressured to do it better the next I still allowed to make mistakes?? PLEASE SWEETIE? hehehe

    Alyssa, well it ain't fireworks and it does look like a grass lol but I think I named it shooting star because of the colors!

    Shen, just let me know! :) me, they are all home in a lovely traincase..a place to protect the polishes! LOL They are missing you though... (I talked to them too!) LOL

    Beetrice, really? even....well just a tiny drawing? lol Can they really see it?

    Gracie, ohhhh no worries, I am really not rubbing my luck about the competition! LOL I've been given the chance and luck too many times so it'll be great to have others take the Luck this time :D Sis, I haven't thought of doing this professionally coz I"m really...not precised. Compared to the nail art lady who does my nails, I am NOTHING! but that is so sweet of you to think of me as that mom asks me the same question LOL It was nice to catch up with you just for minutes before I leave from work :) Thanks so much for the message *hugs*

    Jesmakeup..ohh just a coat of pink polish topped with a top coat, I hope can stay at least a week on you :)

  16. That is amazing! I'm watching you do it, yet I still can't believe you're doing it.

    Love the nails!

  17. your nails are uber cute there!!! you're such a pro at it!

  18. This is so pretty! I love your nail art, you're always very creative.

  19. PBW, lol it looks pretty on photos but it's not perfect in person, trust me on that! lol but thanks!

    Nicnic, definitely not a pro but strives to be one someday :D

    Van, thanks dear!!! Happy birthday again!

    Gio, aww thanks, do you know that all the compliments of you ladies made my Head REAL BIG!!!! lol thanks so much!

  20. uber creative nikki!!! agree on tht, however imperfect it seems, it is always the best to ourselves :D


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