Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Askmewhats Version: The "Children's Party" Look

First of all, I want to thank everyone who greeted Keith a happy happy birthday! I am really touched how blogging could make someone feel like I have such a HUGE family out there! BIG HUGS to everyone and thanks! I felt it was my birthday! LOL

Now now, where do I start? ooohhh here we go......

When I posted my winnings from Toma, some of you requested for me to do a look with the Jesse's Girl Shimmering Pearls Eye Dusts and Swatches as well. As promised, I'll do both in one post! A look using ONLY Jesse's Girl Pearl Dusts (I tried to) and random swatches cause a lot of colors are quite similar so you'll get the drift :)

I always think of an inspiration before I do any eye make up. Anyways, hubby was out at work so I looked at all the colors and I can't help but smile coz I look like a kid testing on bright colors and getting my hands dirty. That's when the thought of a "Children's Party" look came in. (NOTE: yes, hubby was out, so I took all the shots myself, ain't bad huh?)

Here are 3 Pearl Dusts I've used for this look!

1. Iridescent pearl
2. Shimmery Blue with Gold flecks

3. Sparkly pink

1. Using a blending brush, apply Iridescent Pearl below the brows to create "highlighting" effect. Also put the same color on the inner corner of the eye for an "awake" look.

2. Using a medium sized e/s brush, I blended the Shimmery blue eyeshadow all over the lids.

3. Using a smaller e/s brush, I gently pat on Sparkly Pink dust on the lid.

4. I've used a matte brown mineral e/s from Luminaire to blend the blue and the pink together using wiper motion.

And here's the final look
Of course if you want it more vibrant, you will need to apply a matte colored eyeshadow as base before you pat on the shimmery dusts.
I prefer to have it subtle.

Now pull up your hair, do a side ponytail and be a KID at heart!
(oh yeah, to those who want to know what kind of dangling earrings I wear, the earrings I wore on this picture is the MAXIMUM length, I can't go longer, not used to it!) LOL

Other Products Used ---
  • Everyday Mineral Foundation in Fair Neutral (thanks Nabi, I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!!)
  • Joppa Blush in Delightful
  • Paul & Joe eyebrow Pencil no. 2
  • MAC e/s in Coquette for eyebrows
  • Paul & Joe eyeliner in black
  • In2It Lipstick in Red topped with Lancome's Rose Lipstick
As promised, here are random swatches
Swiped once from the side of the plastic

These are all lovely colors!
Toma, I enjoyed "Kiddie Time" thanks again!
Do not be afraid to express yourself!
Just laugh and go crazy!
That's the beauty of life! <--- Being a kid again!

Want to check out a vibrant loose e/s look?

Smile and click
"Our Wedding Motiff" Look


  1. I really like the color choice you used for this look. You did a really great job at taking the pictures yourself! I usually take my own pictures, since the bf is usually busy playing with his PS3 while I'm blogging. :D

  2. I love love your picture (lip pouting), very cute!! :P How about you call me Digital Angel instead of Nabi :P

  3. Pretty! Pretty! The last pic doesn't look like you...so innocent.

  4. wow! it reminds me of cotton candy! yum! :)

  5. tracy yay! You made my heart swell! I am honestly ok taking shots for myself but since hubby is photo enthusiast, he insisted on doing shots! So I didn't get to do shots for myself, I'm glad I did, its quite some time since I took my own shots! I still have the magic hands! hihihi

    Thanks Erica dear.

    Ok nabi..eerrr...Digital Angel! Gosh I am so used to calling you Nabi!!! :) Thanks for liking my pout pix! I am showing you my pouty pouts! :P

    Cinthia! HOW DARE you saying the innocent photo doesn't look like me??? HOW DARE YOU?? Wait..are we going to argue again? LOL

    Sab, yay! I'm glad it reminded you of cotton candy..that's my plan! :D

  6. such a cute look! great combo of colors!

  7. u loooook shoooo sweeet nikki! love this soft look :D

  8. Awww, the 6th pic is so adorable! :)

  9. You look so innocent and sweet with the pout! :) I love it and the eyeshadow dust is cool.

  10. Wow..this is so pretty..you look like a baby doll!!!:)

  11. Nic Nic, thanks sweetie, nice to read updates from you, I am a bit worried with your schedule to be honest! :)

    Prettybeautiful...I am sweet! *pouts* lol...thanks sweetheart!

    Vi Anne, thanks for finding me adorable, I seldom get that! :P

    Alyssa, I am quite surprised with the e/s dust, I thought i'm going to have it scattered all over my face, but I'm wrong, it's just nice and subtle

    Royalmocha, sweet dyan! thanks for the compliment, I'm glad we had the chat this morning! take care and smile!

  12. You looked such a sweet kid in the last picture! :)

  13. lovely look! I love the color combo.

    You look so cute with the pout.

  14. geez! your soo pretty!! great color combo!

  15. Cute colors and your expression is too cute! :D I like this look a lot~ It's very cheerful.

  16. Teeyah..childish kamo! hahaha

    Gio, ooh both colors are my fave!

    Vanessa, thanks dear!

    Fuzkittie, :D thanks, I love cheerful look coz I've been stressed from work for weeks now!


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