Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Birthday to the Man of my Life!

(Warning: Heavy posts)

You girls may wonder why I had my weekend food tripping post early huh? Well, it's because I wanted a special Post for my highschool sweetheart....

Let us get to know the man behind my soulmate, my bestfriend!

He loves me for who I am, no matter how much he distorts my face! LOL
I love him that's why I put this ugly photo of mine (his fave)

Since he loves to take photos of me in the most candid ways, he took a shot of me during our Malaysia trip and laughed so hard because I was looking at a "man's BUTT"
hello?? I was looking at the phone I ? lol

Now that we're talking about Malaysia, let's talk about traveling. He LOVES food, and he LOVES to try different dish (that explains the weekend food tripping). He is intrigued with other country's fastfood and would talk about the differences! LOL such a food nerd!

Since he did a paparazzi shot on me, I love to do shots on him too! He does drink and drive! LOL Iced Coffee! lol He doesn't drink nor smoke! Angel!

He is into photography (that's why he's my official photographer in this blog). One day, he saw this bright light inside the mall, he asked me to stand there and just take a shot on my "GLOWY" face lol I think he wanted me to be a "SADAKO" lol From then on, he said I'm officially his MODEL ....aawwww

And when I'm in the mood to be a photographer, he's always "a good sport" in doing those crazy stunts I ask him to do :P

Introducing..the TWINS! (It's not just you and me Cinthia, he's got a twin too LOL)

He's also a camwhore, all these years, we've had thousands and thousands of photos. He even took a shot of us inside the car!!!! CamGigolo I meant! lol

One thing about Keith is that he's a sucker for gadgets, look at this "paparazzi" shot on our first HK trip together. For goodness' sake, the camera store was closed and there he go looking at the camera and calculating how much it is! LOL He's also a SMART SHOPPER you know!

Aside from gadgets, he loves Chocolates!

He also loves Animes and cartoons....CHILDISH!!! tsk tsk tsk
(can't complain, me too! lol)

He loves to hang out with me anywhere I want! When I have my coffee cravings, he'll go with me and we'll just sit, talk and go crazy!

He's so supportive of my dreams. He supports me when I studied hair cutting, he supports me when I wanted to teach in China and I have to leave him behind for 3 yrs. He supports me when I wanted to be a makeup artist and he just supports me whatever makes me happy! Even waiting for me at a salon when I had my pedicure! LOL

He treats me like a princess, when we dine out, he makes sure he serve me food first

He bought me flowers, sometimes, on no special occasion at all!

He loves cute stuffs coz he said it reminded him of me...awwww He never stop buying me stuffs just to make me feel special!

And you know what made him so special? He loves my pets! This is a photo of my Pomeranian when he was still young. I've got 3 pomeranians now and he loves them all!

He loves my friends and would be there to every events / reunion I have with my highschool or college friends. My friends love him so much too! They get a guy's point of view on everything! One time, we even stayed at a friend's house to chat til 5:00am! All girls and just him!!!

He knew how to take care of my friend Robyn when she arrived from Australia.
He's such a wonderful tour guide!

He loves kids! I can see the pure happiness he has when he plays with kids

** no Caitlin is not our kid, lol she's our god daughter :)

He loves his family and my family! He's a family oriented person! That is really important for me coz I love my family to the max!!!

** Keith's Family :)

And last but not the least, he is a perfect man, for me, I cannot live my life without him. This post is definitely not enough to express how grateful I am to have him in my life!

Happy Birthday Dearie,


  1. Awwww, cutest post EVER!! I love all the great photos, too... you guys are adorable together :) Happy birthday to him!

  2. Happy Birthday, Keith !! You are a perfect hubby for Nikki :) I love all these pictures that you posted today. I read every one of them. Very Special :) You guys look sooo cute together !! What a perfect couple !!

  3. Oh gosh, you are so corny, cheezy, and all that goods in between! I'm glad you introduced him to us. He sounds like a perfect man for YOU...You spoiled brat!!! HAHA jk.

    Send my warm birthday wishes to Keith!!!

  4. Awww~ You guys do make a perfect couple. Happy 21st birthday Keith!!! :)

  5. Oh wow! That's so sweet of you, I'm sure it made him tres happy to see this post. But nothing could make him happier than being with you on his birthday! :D

  6. Aw! He is so sweet. A happy birthday to him (and may he always treat you the same forever!) :D

  7. He's so sweet! say Happy Birthday to him for me :)

  8. happy boitday kay hubby mo!:)

    ate nikki i tagged you :)

  9. Sounds like you both hit the jackpot! ;)

    Happy Birthday to Keith!!

  10. aww nikki! my heart just swelled after reading this post! keith is soo lucky to have you... and he is such an amazing guy! i am so glad you have found each other. :)

    Happy Birthday Keith!! (waves frantically) remember me? i'm the psycho who went inside Gloria Jeans screaming for Nikki! hahahah!

  11. I can't wait to see your nails... woo hoo~ :) I never thought doing nail art is a stress reliever... hehe~ I do it because I can't just sit there and watch T.V. I do it while watching something all the time... hehe~

  12. Awh, that was a wonderfully sweet post. Such a good read. Your hubby's a real good catch! We're talking Arapaima! Happy birthday to Keith! Thanks for providing us with prettiful pictures of Nikki :D

  13. *sniff* I love this post and you can see he makes you so happy and from high school! :) I especially love that last shot! Happy Birthday Keith!

  14. Happy birthday to your hubby.

    this is such a sweet post, you guys look so adorable together!!

  15. *sigh* how sweet a post. This post nade me believe blissful love can exist! Happy birthday to Keith! Really, Nikki, that was very sweet! You both are lucky to have each other!

  16. Awwww!!! You two are a perfect match. I am a pessimist when it comes to love but... i must say that even a cold hearted person would know what love is just by looking the 2 of you. I am so happy for you. You guys are made for each other:) Happy birthday to you keithtot...take care of our beloved nikkitot! stay happy forver!!

  17. HBD to hubby! It's nice to know someone who is happily married (have friends who are divorced, separated, having an annulment, or just plain miserable). Do keep your love alive. God bless you both!

    :-) CG

  18. awww...that's super sweet!! i think i'm suffering from diabetes just from reading this post! (and since you mentioned Malaysia, when are you guys coming over for a '2nd honeymoon'?!?)... :D

  19. aww you two look so happy together!

  20. Happy Bday! What a great great post! :) I'm still so giddy. :)

    - Char

  21. oh Nikki!

    Happy Birthday to your man!!! He's lucky to have you and vice versa! And you are so sweet!!!

    I saw you mention Malaysia, so when are you coming??? :D


  22. Happy Birthday to Keith! The pictures you posted are so cute! It's always refreshing to see happy couples!

  23. so sweet! :) happy birthday to your dearest hubby!:)

  24. awwww! you guys are so cute sis! you both are so lucky to have each other and glad you have your own personal photographer! :)

  25. happy birthday to ur guy!

    p/s: he looks so cute :p

  26. I've been so ghost this weekend, chica with the blog rolls and I just came across this one and awwww!! You are so blessed to have such a wonderful FRIEND and HUSBAND. I can't tell you how many friends I've known that have a hard time finding both. People like him make life just--better, uh? Loves it! And love you! Have a wonderful upcoming week!

  27. Awww, your husband is so sweet! He's a great catch! Happy Birthday to him! You two look so cute together!!

  28. so senti , achie! :) I wish I could find someone as wonderful as Ahia Keith! happy beeday ahia! :)

  29. hey everyone! I let Keith read all the comments you guys did and he's really touched!!! THANK YOU ALL!!!!

  30. Awww, such a warm and fuzzy blog entry. Happy birthday Mr. Nikki's husband!!! (hehehe) Pa burger ka naman! (Sorry my friends are saying that all the time that it rubbed off on me.)

  31. Awww so sweet the two of you :) Best wishes for Keith!

  32. Awww... Sis! Sorry for missing Keith's birthday... I feel ever so guilty now for not being able to great him on time! BELATED HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEITH!!! Better late than never, so they say ;)

    Your photos together showed how much fun you've had. Awww.... he's sooooo sweet! :)

    You look fab together... Okay, I agree that he's a perfect man. You're a perfect couple, I'd say? :)


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