Sunday, September 7, 2008

Weekend Food Tripping at: City Best

Weekend food tripping comes in early today!!! Me and hubby had a dinner date with my Family! Coz it was my brother's birthday last September 2nd. We've decided to eat something warm, something we are used to....Chinese Food!!!

The City Best Restaurant is a Chinese Restaurant that hosted a lot of weddings and birthdays. On that day when we arrived there. There's a birthday party and I was able to see Barney and the rest of his crew! LOL

Now now, let's start with the food!!!!

Beef, Crab, Egg Soup (we ordered Small, good for 5 people)

The small sized soup order is just perfect for 5 of us! (mom, dad, bro, hubby and me). I love the taste of the soup! You can taste the beef, egg and crab! I love this!!!!

Yang Chow Fried Rice - Medium

My brother's eyes went BIG O when he saw the serving, he thought it was too much, but you know what??? They finished it all!!!! I love the rice coz it's just the right texture, ample amount of shrimp and Chinese Sausages.

Here are the main dish, I am the queen of "ordering". I made sure to order variety, so definitely there's Beef, Pork and fish (I let the chicken go coz I tend to be allergic to it) lol

Beef Strips - Medium

The beef is cooked just right. Easy to chew and it was thinly sliced with the right sauce!

Sweet and Sour Pork - Medium

I've had sweet and sour pork many times in my entire lifetime. But most of those sweet and sour pork I've had are made of 50% fats! This one is different! Doesn't taste like ketchup!

Steamed Fish (Lapu Lapu) with Celery - Medium

We've decided to get fish strips instead of the whole fish! LOL we are just too hungry and we just want to eat it without being bothered! Again, this is another great dish! It was cooked with celery! I don't usually eat celery but this dish was an exception!!!

Total amount paid for all the above dishes = Php1,800 (approx $40.00)

This was my 4th time eating here. Food gets better as I heard there was a change of management. BUT, based on my observation, the quantity of food lessened though compared to the previous management. But you know what? I'd rather have great tasting food with just the right serving rather than a "so so" tasting food with big servings.!

I will definitely dine here again!!!

Now, while posting this, I am getting hungry again!!!!
I hope I'm not making you gals hungry!!!
Bye!!! *runs and get some food* LOL


  1. Twin, one of these days I'm gonna come visit and you must take me to all the food tripping places you've visited. Oh gosh, I'M HUNGRYYYYYYY!!!!!! I knew I shouldn't visit your blog on the weekend before I have eaten :(

  2. Hey Nikki. First time coming to your blog and Im loving it. Looks like you love food just as much as I do. All of them look so yummy especially the fish. Wow and you only paid 40 bucks. Im adding you to my blog roll if you dont mind and feel free to do the same. See you around.


  3. I think it's time for dinner now...

    P.S. I love your food posts...


  4. I need that soup right about now! I haven't been feeling well. =(

  5. Cinthia, you bet I'm up for the challenge, I will treat you whatever you want to eat til you lose your figure! LOL Sorry, I admit I got hungry myself when I was typing the post!

    Fuzkittie, you like Chinese dish?

    Aprecia, thanks so much for commenting and for visiting :) Sure, I will add you up to :)

    Citrine, enjoy eating OOHHHH if only we can just eat and not get full! LOL

    Tokyostargirl, sorry that you're not feeling too well, is it colds? fever? take a rest and drink lots of water ok?

  6. Omigod, now I'm STAAAAARVING! I blame you. Unfair of you to post such things. UNFAIR, I say!

    And I bet I gained 8 lbs just looking at the pictures. AAAARGH!

  7. I'm hungry now!!! :P I have to say the food looks really yummie.

  8. wow, me love Chinese food too! the fish with celery looks uber yummy!

  9. Oh gal, you're SO making me hungry! And I just ate! :P

  10. I've just had lunch, but you're making me hungry again!!

  11. i love Chinese food!! where is this located? :)

    and where's Barney? haha!

  12. janine, oohhh I feel the same when I see cosmetics that you post that we don't have here! You gain 8lbs looking at the photos? I lose 20lbs wanting, thinking and finding means to get the products you feature! LOL we're even!

    Alyssa, I love it when you cook, you give the same feeling to me when I read your cooking posts!

    Mhean, trust me, my tastebuds love the freshness of the fish fillet!

    Missmall, hehehe it's ok, at least you finished eating :) even if you're hungry there's no more room to eat again! :D

    Gio, hehehe soweee

    Sab, this one is located at Thomas Morato near Jollibee :) Have dinner there sometime, it looks like you're at Downtown manila when you eat there! lol

  13. Happy belated birthday to your brother! The food looks amazing. I love Chinese food! I can't believe it only cost $40 to feed all five of you. What a great deal!

  14. I leave near the city best restaurant and it's previous name was "kim hong" I have celebrated 2 baptismal events there (for my 2 children) and the food are really great....i just knew thru ur blog that they have a new management. i wonder it the quantity was the only thing changed. but i agree the food there are great...

  15. Hi Rochelle, thanks so much for the blog visit. Well it's confirmed that management changed coz my dad new the manager there and they chatted and we were told that way. But don't worry about the quality, I even found the food tastes even better than before. ONLY the serving sizes changed, but everything else is ok :)


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