Saturday, September 6, 2008

UDPP vs L'oreal DeCrease

(Note: This review is based on my own experience, considering my skin condition and environment I am in, these products may act differently on others)

I got my L'oreal Decrease from my lovely friend Nabi because she knew I am so intrigued by it! Though I've been using UDPP for quite some time, I've always been wanting to try L'oreal Decrease because it has caught a lot of commotion in beauty blogging world when it first hit the market.

I, the self proclaimed "product junkie" gave this a road test.

Nikki's crease - not too oily and not too dry

Eye make-up used - Joppa mmu (mineral make-up)

How long? 13 hours +
Environment - airconditioned office


I did the usual eye make-up routine at around 6:45am, got home and took photos at 8:00pm. Tried both base on 2 separate days. The eye make up I did are both neutral and a bit different (in application) on both days but I used the same Joppa Mineral eyeshadow for both experiments.

L'oreal DeCrease

  • creamy - makes it easier to blend the eyeshadow
  • cheaper
  • I like the applicator (softer)
  • held up only upto 4 hours
  • not available in the Philippines


  • my eye make up held for 8 hours straight, I started to see slight creasing after more than 8 hours
  • colorless, so it doesn't show up under your eye make up
  • not available in the Philippines
  • I have to cut it in several halves to get most from the product!
  • There are days I find it hard to blend my eye make-up I think it's because I have non-oily lids to start with
Before I end this post, what's a review without photos?
Here we go, let's be considerate though....
I've tested this for more than 12 hours!
But here's the result!

As seen on photo above, the eye make up on the crease area got melted away
An ugly line of shadow showed up :(

How did UDPP faired after more than 12 hours?

As I stated above, it started to crease a bit after 8 hours.
It isn't that obvious though!

Overall, I think I will still go for my trusty UDPP. But I have read L'oreal Decrease works for other people. I will still use my L'oreal Decrease on days that I know I won't be out for more than 5 hours. If I'll be going somewhere extra special and I need to party and show some 'booty, then I have to use UDPP.

A lot of people say: "To See is to Believe" and I want to add mine....
"To Believe is to USE" lol

I hope this review helps! Take care!!!
Smile and be "Crease-Free"!!!


  1. Aww, it's too bad the L'Oreal De-Crease didn't work out for you. Most primers are only designed to last for 4 hours, anyway, which is why I don't use primers every day, especially since my work day is usually 8 hours.

  2. Wow UDPP wins big time! Haha! I do find it too difficult to spread though.

  3. You're lucky because you are on the mild side of oiliness. I'm on the extreme side... lol~ I don't think I have met anyone who have oilier lids than I.

    I didn't trust the L'oreal De-crease. I can't remember but I felt like I've used this product before and it didn't work for me. Maybe it was a dream, because I can't recall but I think I did... lol~ :X

  4. Wow, amazing review and comparison, Nikki! That is why though I don't use UDPP - I may be the only eyeshadow ho that doesn't use it - because I am more impressed with my shadows' staying power and vividness with my MAC Beige-ing shadestick. Shadows last a whopping 12-16 hours without creasing using the shadestick. But I can understand why a lot of people love UDPP too coz it's a good product, I just prefer my shadestick. :)

  5. omg, you make me wanna go back on my UDPP!! lol.. i left my UDPP back in UK though :( Wished I bothered to depot it >_< great review!!

  6. OOoohhh.....thanks twin for doing this review. I think I have the same problem on UDPP. SOmetimes it doesn't blend for me or gets kindna rough/dry. I was thinking of getting L'oreal DeCrease but I guess I'll pass after seeing your crease!!! LOL

  7. Aaww I hate when stuff doesn't work good!

  8. aww the l' sad,haha..i hardly use it and i don't have the UDDP or any other primer to compare it with anyway..might go for the toofaced before i go home..

  9. its really obvious!! udpp wins!! hehehe.. but i have tried using mac shadestick also and it lasted longer than udpp..

  10. Tracy, true, but..if we can find a primer than can LAST'll be great right? hehehe

    Fuzkittie, I can't wait to try too faced shadow insurance though, everyone's saying it's better version!

    Alyssa, I can't help but laugh when you said you knew no one who's oilier than you!!!! Well, I think I have a friend way more OILIER than you, do you know that after all the primers and stuffs...just after a cuople of seconds, you see make up meltdown! LOL NO JOKE! lol

    Aileen, I KNOW! I should give MAC Beige-ing a try! I will look for it in HK! I hope it's cheaper!

    NicNic, you left it in UK? Oh no!!! WHY???? lol

    Cinthia, maybe you can try to famous Too Faced Shadow insurance? I want to give that a try!

    Lydia, it's ok, at least we learn from our mistakes right? hehehe But it wasn't THAT bad though, it works for a couple of hours!

    Miemiemie, sige, you try Too faced and tell me what you think!

    Dianatan, ohh another MAC Shadestick user, I really have to try shadestick!

  11. thanks :) I cna't wait for sumemr agina! :) just can't wait for the school year to end =P hehe

    I've never thought about trying Loreal De-Crease. Guess I wont be trying it out anyways :) lol maybe UDPP though, but alot of people say it can be hard to blend e/s, so that's prob the biggest con for now lol

  12. Oh WOW.. the urban decay primer potion looks sooo amazing..

    but it's so unfortunate that they don't sell it in AUSTRALIA.. ><

    so I can't find any.. wonder how much they sell it in us..

  13. I'm sorry L'Oreal De-Crease didn't work for you. I was thinking of getting it but I think I'll stick to UDPP now. Or maybe I'll try MAC Beige-ing shadestick, that sounds great too.

  14. Good review! I personally don't really like UDPP, ergo I've sold mine last week he-he-he.. I love MAC paint pot as e/s base on regular basis.

    @purple snowflake: UDPP costs $16 in US, before tax. Pretty expensive for tiny bottle IMHO.

  15. that aucks about the l'oreal de-crease. I guess you can still use it as a concealer? I use UDPP but I agree it makes blending harder...

  16. Great review, Nikki! I'm still yet to review the Loreal de-crease on my side. It works well for me though. It was pretty cheap so I guess it's worth the try for anyone who wants to try out eyeshadow base and don't wanna pay a lot. Won't know what works on you and what doesn't until you try it yourself, eh? I've vowed to not get UDPP until they come up with a new packaging. My friend did a review on UDPP in my blog a few months back. Do look it up! We have amazing waterproof pictures.

  17. Erica, for UDPP regular e/s are ok, I just find it a bit hard to blend for mineral eyeshadows! Maybe it's just me. For L'oreal Decrease, it works better on NON mineral makeup too!

    Purple Snowflake, they don't sell Urban Decay here as well. I bought mine from ebay and good thing it was a from a good seller! I was that desperate and that was my first EBAY purchase! lol

    Gio, yeah, I guess MAC Shadestick really works well, a lot of people are advising me to use it!

    Devi, I've ordered some paintpots samples ( I don't want to order full size) and I can't wait to use them! I remembered you buying full size then sharing with your friends! That is so nice! I would love to do some make up "splitting" with you :) Thanks for answering Purple's query!

    Blu, oh no worries, I still use L'oreal decrease for events I know won't take more than 4 hours! :) lol and I'm quite careful in application , I'd go for lighter eye make up if I use L'oreal de crease

  18. Exactly, sharing paint pot is the best solution for me. Otherwise, only God knows when I'm gonna get rid those jars! LOL. One thing to keep in mind before sharing your paint pots; you have to use an airtight jar. ;)

  19. I've been thinking about getting UDPP for a while now...(it seemed to be a stupid ideal for someone who doesn't wear eyeshadow outdoor...)but then maybe I could use it for eyeliner?

    P.S thanks for the l'oreal I don't like most of the drugstore lines...


  20. Hi Devi thanks for the tip :) Same with UDPP my commentors told me to transfer it in an air tight jar instead of a plastic jar, it dries up I guess.

    Citrine, you're welcome, well if you don't use eyeshadow outdoor, you really don't need base..but maybe just buy the best waterproof eyeliner so you'll have 2 product in one :)

  21. haven't tried both but i heard bad feedbacks for both products. which is alright since i use MAC p/p Soft Ochre or TFSI lol. try TFSI it is sooo worth it! great review btw. ;)

  22. wow! how about l'oreal vs. art deco? i'm just curious.. :) udpp pa din! yay!

    i wanna try TFSI too!

  23. Mhean, I ordered sample paintpot na! So i can't wait to test on it! Some says it works, some says it doesn't. Lucky you to have TFSI, I want to try it too! Hopefully someday.

    Sabby, Naku..sorry I have the artdeco way way way back pa and no chance to use it or test it coz i threw it out na..coz it was after a year. :( But yeah, artdeco works well..longer than L'oreal decrease but so far..nothing beats UDPP in my dictionary..i want to try TFSI too! If I have one, I'm sure going to share to you in a pot or something, but I still don't have the means! someday! hehehe

  24. i must admit that UDPP rocks my world too! :) ui! show us some booty!! :)

  25. l'oreal decrease didn't work for me either... sometimes udpp seems to crease on me too. i think i'm just cursed! haha

  26. Hey, I work at a makeup store and have tried just about every e/s primer there is. I LOVE Too Faced Shadow Insurance, it is hands down the BEST. It comes in a tube and not a wand, so the product is less exposed to the air, and it doesn't dry out. I love this, as I feel that the UDPP dries out way too quickly. I also feel it is easier to blend using the Shadow Insurance. Hope this helps for some of you!

  27. eek! you're brave for trying loreal decrease, i have heard SOOO many bad things about it that i didn't even wanna try it out for myself

  28. Sis Shen, You'll see some booty from me..soon! hhahaha

    Lily, others are lucky it works for them! :)

    Nisa, thanks for your info :)

    yumyumsushi, I don't call myself as brave but "CURIOUS" one! well it works for some, I thought I would be the "lucky one" :D


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