Friday, September 5, 2008

Jesse's Girl Shimmering Pearls Eye Dusts

Her handwriting is already dear to me, Toma of Makeup Masala is super generous to give her readers the chance to try Jesse's Girl Pearl Eye Dusts. I jumped to the chance coz I'm a neutral lady. I have so much neutrals and yeah, I need to put colors to my life (starting with the eye)

Here's what I got together with my Joppa MMU package.
I just had the chance to post this now
coz I want to take good shots on these goodies!

From Chicago with love
and lots of samples!
(did I say I'm a sucker for packaging AND samples?)

These colors are so pretty!

It was a hectic week so most of the time I got home,
I am like a walking "Zombie" <-- Asian Version :P
If you like swatches! Let me know!
I'll try to create looks using these!
Again, thanks to Toma for considering us international readers
to be part of your site's giveaways!

Happy Weekend lovelies!
Stay fab, stay pretty, stay SHIMMERY! lol


  1. same here sis nikki, im a sucker for samples!!! so sweet of her! I'm lovin' the cute hand writting too

  2. woah.. how's the cosmetics! I just got to know about this brand... hopefully seeing some swatches soonie in your blog? xD

    First time dropping by xD

  3. Ohhh yuuum!! Fabulous haul and goodies!! I love the samples. Have a wonderful weekend!!

  4. Yay, I'm so happy with samples! Don't worry Agnes, I'll do swatches on them soon and I'll try to create a look with these too! :) Not all together though lol!

  5. Thanks Diana and Sweet B! Happy weekend!

  6. I hope you do a review on the eye dust, because I've been wanting them but I can't find anywhere other than online.

  7. More colorful FOTD/EOTD are coming!!! YAYA!!!!!!!!!

  8. I agree; the colors are very pretty. I've seen these in the store but never took the time to check them out. I'd love to see swatches!

  9. Alyssa, sure! I'll do it soon!

    Cinthia, hahaha my twin! You are too excited! haahhaha

    Tracy, ok then, I'll do swatches soon

  10. Hey Nikki,
    Those colors are sooo pretty!

  11. wow! toma is soooo generous! and i love her site!

    i haven't gotten my quad yet, but iam so excited! how are the colors? :)


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