Friday, September 5, 2008

Milani : How to Depot and Swatches

Milani is one of the few brands I wished we have here in the Philippines. I have bought Milani e/s through a friend in the USA, gift from lovely friend from Malaysia, and now, Digital Angel completed my Milani collection! Milani, please don't come out with more colors! It is hard to "want" something unreachable 'ya know! :D

Anyways, I have to apologize that I depotted all my Milani e/s before I realized I haven't taken a shot of them "beautifully". :( Sorry!!! So I found these Milani e/s photos from the stuffs I got from Nabi!

Let us start with the swatches first!
These are swatched once NO BASE

1. Milani Illusion 03
2. Milani Blue Ice 14
3. Milani Shock 15
4. Milani Sheer Sand 22

And! Of course, the best way to carry around your single shadows is to have them depotted and have them in a nice palette. Let me show you how simple it is to depot a Milani e/s. I personally think this is easier than depotting MAC e/s .

Step 1: Peel off the sticker. You will find a hole.

Step 2: Leave the pan half open, using a mini screwdriver, slowly push the pan upwards holding the rest of the pan firmly. You have to exert some energy on this one!

Step 3: Pull out the pan, some pans have too much glue on it, so it gets sticky!

Step 4: One way to clean it is to use an Alcohol. Wet your cotton with ample amount of alcohol, rubbing the glue SLOWLY. It takes time

Step 5: Cut the magnet into smaller squares. I bought mine at Ace Hardware for Php69.75 (approx $1.50)
The squares are quite big, so cut them in smaller squares

Step 6: Stick them a any pan that fits the Milani e/s. MAC Pro Palette and ELF palette are both ok. I've used my ELF 4pan e/s palette to create my own QUAD! VOILA!!!

Now now, I have created my own Quad!
I will definitely bring this with me on my upcoming trip next week!!
Have you used Milani e/s?
How'd you like them?


  1. Milani won't come out with new colors, because they stopped making these kinds. You can only find them at Walgreens unfortunately. :( I don't know why though because I like them better than the wet/dry one they came out with. :/

  2. I never used Milani single eyeshadow, they look pretty !! I am glad I sent 4 not 2 or 3. So that you could make your own quad :P Maybe I will purchase them next time !! and it's very convenience since it has little hole so you can just push it through.

  3. Cool tricks! I would never know about this without reading your guide!

  4. I love love love Milani's eyeshadows, lippies, blushes and fingernail polishes (okay, I'll stop teasing you). I've depotted all of my shadows too. Your photo diagram is fabuloso!

  5. Eek! So there's where one can find those flat magnets! I've been scouring bookshops and all I found were round THICK magnets

  6. Alyssa, really? WHY are they stopping making these??? They are CRAZY!!! LOL these are like great e/s at an affordable price! wrong move Milani, Wrong move!

    Digital Angel! OH NO!!! You bought me 4 and you didn't even buy yourself one??? NOW NOW! I am so guilty! Go!!! Buy some for yourself before they get discontinued!

    Fuzkittie, I'm glad to be of help! :D

    B, ZIP IT!!!!! You temptress! LOL Can't wait for your FOTD Friday! :D

    Jessie, try hardware! I never find them at bookstores too!

  7. That's a great idea, thanks! Sure beats carrying individual pots around when traveling.

  8. I love Milani shadows and this is one of the reasons why, despite I hate depotting. I think I'm in the minority - I prefer keeping things in their original cases. But great tutorial!

  9. i love it! i wish i could have more but as it is i have too many e/s. :) lol!

  10. i collected almost all of milani's e/s singles. but i can never depot it without heating it first. the glue is just too strong so it has to be melted first. but it was fun depotting though. i used elf palettes too!

  11. haha i love your photo captions. you are so cute!

  12. Tine :) thanks girl! I love depotting, I love to look at palettes that has different colors...i am crazy!

    Paris, its ok, if it makes you feel better, I keep the pot in well condition, and I can always put it back to its original case lol! I have a bag full of pots! and boxes hehehe I am a neat freak! or shall i say..i am a FREAK! lol

    Shen, you should stop have too much! hahahha

    JieJie, you are right, some are too strong, I've got one like a whole blob of glue on it, while some just a tiny amount of glue.

    Lily, hehehe thanks, I like it that you find it cute, some people will find it childish though..but who cares? I'm a child at heart!

  13. I'm not to sure why they're not making it. I know they still keep in stock at Walgreens, but other stores doesn't carry them anymore. :/ It's really hard to find nowadays other than Walgreens.

    What kind of earrings do you like?

  14. what a cool idea! suddenly so many blogs are talking about depotting the e/s into new pan. i will remember this if i ever do that :D

  15. Hi Alyssa, I am into studs AND dangling ones BUT not the long dangling typs, medium size are my thing :)

    Prettybeautiful, yes, depotting works really well especially if you travel with your make up :)

  16. hey this is awesome. but i never liked depotting e/s... Cause i think its pretty on its own haha.

    Anyway... wonder if milani e/s is that good? comparing to NYX single e/s? xD

  17. That is a very cool trick, thanks for sharing.

  18. Hi Agnes, i answered your query on your blog :)

    Gio, you're welcome sweetie!

  19. OMG I love this post! Thank you, you are a genius! I have a whole strip of those little craft magnets but I never thought of using them that way Ü

  20. my pleasure :) I'm glad to be of help :)


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