Thursday, September 4, 2008

What Kind of Butterfly Am I?

Digital Angel asks us "What Kind Of Butterfly Are You?" So I thought of shooting 2 birds in one stone.

I planned on doing my version of a "butterfly" look and use the 78pcs palette she gave me! Thanks again for the palette, I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!
Here's my inspiration

Let me do a diagram first

Products Used ---

1. 78pcs Palette's Green (inner corner of the eye - up and down)

2. 78pcs Palette's Shimmery Yellow (middle area of the eye)

3. 78pcs Palette's Dark Brown (outer v, blend blend blend)

4. Shimmery white (sorry forgot to take a shot) - as highlighter
Not shown on diagram ---
  • Stila Smudgepots in Black
  • Paul & Joe Curly Mascara in Black

And here's my version of a "Green, Yellow and Brown" Butterfly

Side by Side comparison :)

I honestly enjoy doing inspiration looks!
I enjoyed using my 78pcs palette!
I want to thank my readers who have "Cyber Hugged" me!


  1. Wow you did a great job imitating the colors of that butterfly!! :D

  2. .. that looks really good..
    I 'm so tempted to buy the 78 color pallet now.. ><

    the first eye make up is so colorful

  3. Ohhhh I like it :D Very pretty !! 78 palette seems pretty pigmented too. I wanted to swatch these so bad when I got it haha I tried so hard not to... :D Good job Sis !! Thanks for entering my contest :)

  4. wow! how's the palette? are all of the e/s shimmery?

    i love your look! you really captured the butterfly in the photo!

  5. Niks, I swear I have a girl crush on you! I just love your positive personality and warm aura. Nice butterfly look by the way, I'm gonna try this when my skin rehab is over. :)

  6. HOw beautiful! And the amount of eyeshadow in that photo is amazing...I'm jealous =D

  7. Ooo this is so gorgeous! I have never thought of doing an inspriation look before... hmm maybe I will have to think of one to do lol!

  8. Fuzkittie, thanks dear! coming from you, I am touched!

    Alyssa thanks girl! How are you feeling now?

    Purple Snowflake, it is very pigmented I am surprised! with the look I've done here, I didn't use any base!

    Toma dear, thanks girl!

    Digital Angel, no worries, it's my pleasure to do this look and thanks for the palette, I enjoyed it, I love to create looks coz I have all the colors available now! lol

    Liz, thank you girl!

    Sab, what I love about this palette is that it is a combination of Matte and Shimmery! No buy ka pa sis! so don't think about this! LOL

    Vi Anne, aawww...I guess that's how good it feels to have someone having a "girl crush" on that how Actresses feel? LOL (dream on Nikki, Dream on) I hope your skin gets better!

    Leeann, I am jealous of you guys coz you can get anything you want and be shipped at your doorstep with minimal shipping fee or free shipping! LOL Not complaining, just showing you that you are lucky too :D *hugs*

    Lydia, go go go! It is fun! I was looking at the photo each and every step! LOL If the photo can talk, it'll go "STOP STARING AT ME!"

  9. wow. I gotta give you credit for coming up with very catching title, twin! For a second, I thought you meant a real butterfly name for you...but uh...LOL...the colors does match the butterfly though. Great job!

  10. Hi Twin, thanks for loving the "butterfly" inspiration look. I'd love to get the credit but it all came from Nabi of Digital Angel. She challenged us with the question of "What Kind of Butterfly Are you?" so..the credit is hers..but can I take credit for "not taking the credit?" lol How have you been Cinthia!!!!!???? It's funny how when I met up with Bloggers here in Manila, they knew about me being the Evil twin against you :( Not good to be known for that right ?

  11. good job and really nice blend nikki! :) really love your creativity. btw, how do u spend so much time experimenting colors everyday?

  12. it's gorgeous! i love the colors! they go so well with each other

  13. dito ka lang pala napadpad! joke!!

    nikki, i sooo love this look! great enrty for the digital angel, our baby sis. :) yahooo!!

  14. mwaaahugss!!! i want to try this also.. i love this look sis nikki!!

  15. Nikki, ohmigoodness!!! How beautiful are these looks? Isn't it great how you can find inspiration anywhere? Like a butterfly...absolutely beautiful! Your last picture made me smiiiile. You are great!

  16. This is gorgeous! I love the colors you used, you did a great job!

  17. cool look! is that a monarch? cuz thats the one im doing!

  18. very pretty Nikki! you got lovely blending skills :D

  19. Prettybeautiful, trust me, I don't do this everyday! I am too lazy to remove eye make up to be honest! lol

    Lily, thanks to the butterfly! :D If it looks great on a butterfly, it'll look great on us!

    Shen, hahahaha you are crazy-o!

    Dianatan , go ahead give it a try!

    B, I love it when you smile! I can still remember your photo that you weren't smiling when you had your cut! I feel for you! i'm glad you finally have a smiling photo!

    Gio, tokyostar, thanks girls!

    Vanessa, sorry :( I don't even know what "monarch" are you referring to.

    NicNic, sweet girl, thanks so much! I hope things are looking up for you there!

  20. i love this pallet too!!!!

    Be sure to enter into my smokey eye contest for a chance to win some really cool prizes!!!

    keep it up!


  21. nice. very pretty. :)

  22. Hey may thanks for letting me know :) take care

    Liz, thanks!!!

  23. You look amazing, Nikki, greens suit your eyes and complexion! Lovely!

  24. how come no FOTD of the first butterfly look? i bet that looked awesome! great looks sis!

  25. hi can you pls message me where i can buy the palette?? pls2x i really want to have it! tnx

  26. Ang cute!!!
    I am thinking of remaking this on my upcoming it ok or is it too much?
    I have dark brown hair and light brown eyes, and I am wearing a dress with purple black and white prints...

  27. Nadine, try at :) I believe they have it :)

    Steph, it is ok, but it really depends on the intensity, you can do the same one as I did but do not go darker! But you know what? I believe whatever you do on your makeup, you'll look great as I'm sure you'll be super happy and it'll exude in your aura :) Congratulations in advance on your graduation!


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