Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Askmewhats Makeover : Bridal Look

Two brides-to-be wanted a very subtle bridal look for their wedding! Armed with clear skin and simplicity in mind, I've done a very subtle bridal look that enhances their natural beauty!

Note: No falsies are attached
With only a couple of minutes to spare, Pam wanted a very simple look that hides her bags, and brighten up her eyes.

Pam has a naturally good and healthy skin. I've concentrated on balancing her skin tone and making her eyes brighter and bigger.

Products Used ---


  • Paul & Joe Cream Foundation
  • Paul & Joe Powder Foundation No. 3
  • NYX Concealer in a Jar Beige
  • Maybelline Blush in Rose

  • Lancome e/s in Silver
  • Lancome e/s in White
  • Paul & Joe Eyeliner in Black
  • Paul & Joe eyebrow pencil no. 2
  • Fasio Mascara in Black

  • Kiehl's No. 1 Lipbalm
  • NYX Round Lipstick in Tea Rose
  • Clinique Lip Gloss


Liza on the other hand has concern on make-up. She had her make-up done in the past but she's ended up with bad allergies. I've been careful with her make-up and checked on her once in awhile if she feels any irritation or itchiness. Thank God there isn't any!

Liza also has naturally healthy skin and finding the right MMU Foundation shade for her isn't bad. I've mixed a couple of my Everyday Minerals Foundation to match her skintone. I mixed Golden Light and Fairly Neutral Light together. For her eyes, I didn't go overboard as I would like her to use falsies to enhance her eyes rather than strong eye make-up (sorry no falsies here)

Products Used ---

  • Everyday Minerals in Golden Light and Fairly Neutral Light (3/4 Golden Light, 1/4 Fairly Neutral Light)
  • Paul & Joe Powder Foundation no. 3
  • NYX Concealer in a Jar Medium
  • Thevi e/s in Pink as Blush

  • Thevi triple split e/s
  • Maybelline Eyeliner in Black
  • Paul & Joe Curly Mascara in Black

  • Kiehl's No. 1 Lip balm
  • NYX Round Lipstick in Christie
  • Clinique Lip Plumper

I love doing makeover!
Makes me happy to see people happy with results!
Thanks to everyone for enjoying my Shanghai Trip posts,
I will be writing more with more photos...
hang in there pretties!


  1. ooh! nice one nikki!
    the NYX concealer is calling me name!
    and i want a makeover from you too! :P

    love you talent!


  2. you did a good job :)

  3. you did a good job :)

  4. Woah! Nice job~ Aren't makeovers so much fun?? I wish somebody would let me do a makeover on them... hahaha.

  5. great job sis! :) you definitely deserve the ecotools!!!

  6. wow!! i'm so proud of you nikki!

    can't wait to see everything! including the dress!

  7. you really brought out her eyes. such a defined almond shape !

    yeah i love the philippines! hoping to go back n see the pamilya next year =D i also love visiting your blog daily to see all the new things that happen in the phils hehe

  8. wow, you did a great job!!

  9. I want to come over to let you do my face!!! but then you'd see every single blemish and pore I have...

    great job!

  10. you're so good at doing makeup! :)

  11. oooo niceeeeee work done! its very natural tooo =) niceee..

  12. omg i love their looks. they look so great and natural, nikki

  13. Plue, do buy your next NYX Concealer in a jar if you have the chance! :)

    YumYumsushi, thanks!

    Fuzkittie, I know! I love love love makeovers! I am happy everytime I do makeovers! :D I'm sure your friends would love you to do makeovers on them!

    Shen, thank you for saying kind words, I do deserve it eh? hahaha

    Sab, ooohhhh it's just trial make up :)

    Jo thanks, when do you plan to come back again?

    Ren Ren, Gio, thanks ladies

    Jojoba, trust me, I don't care about pores or blemishes when I do make up, I am enjoying the experience! So come on over and you do my make up and I'll do yours! Deal? hehehe

    Vanessa M, Girl! You don't need makeovers from me! :D

    Lily, thanks sis for the vote of confidence! It helps!

    Jesmakeup and Jaimie, thanks for being sweet ladies!

  14. their eyes look immediately brighten up. wish u were here in msia nikki!

  15. hi nikki my mum wants to celebrate her bday in the phils, so hopefully mid-late aug 09'

  16. they both looked so ready for the calling of the wedding bells! :D great job! ;)

  17. hi, nikki! ang galing! i love the looks! very natural! :)

  18. nikki they look awesome!!! so natural but refreshed and pretty!

  19. Nikki, if I ever get the chance to come to the Phillipines for a visit, I'm so booking you for a makeover :P


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