Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: EDM Flat Top Brush

*singing* When I fall in love, it will be Forever.... *sigh*

It's a ONE week love affair
I have a feeling this will be a long term relationship...
Check out her vital statistics....

The Size
Approximately 4inches

The Hair
Never out of shape
Perfect Hair cut

The Style - FlatTop
Well Conditioned Hair - very soft

EDM New Flat Top Brush says ---

Unbelievably soft and incredibly dense, this flat top brush is the ultimate multi-tasker. From foundation to finishing powder, its plush and luxurious synthetic fibers provide the perfect coverage, resulting in a flawless finish every time

Askmewhats Says ---

  • very handy
  • lightweight
  • hair is soft
  • no shedding, I've washed it 3x since I bought it, did not shed even ONE single hair!
  • easy to use , can reach all areas of my face
  • does it's job in "grabbing" MMU foundation

  • NADA!


I have ordered this way before I learned about other "similar" brushes, so I'm sure to some of you who doesn't have the chance to order online and find the shipping quite expensive, I am sure there are other alternatives out there :)

  • always keep your brushes in cool dry place
  • wash your brushes regularly as you use this to apply your foundation, you wouldn't want to rub germs all over your face right?
  • if you are not an MMU user, it's fine, you can use this instead of the regular sponge from powdered compacts, I use this brush even if I use my P&J Powder Foundation, the coverage looks more natural and better!

Will I repurchase?

Where to purchase and how much?
www.everydayminerals.com for $10.00 plus $3.80 shipping fee to the Philippines

Flat Top Brush,
You are the reason I am enjoying MMU application nowadays!
Please be loyal to me and never let me down :D
I'll love you forever!


  1. Hi Nikki,

    I'm waiting for my flat top brush from Blusche (said to be a dupe of the EDM). Can't wait to try it.

    Have a nice day!
    :-) CG

    PS. You're an early poster today!

  2. Cute brush. Awww...is it really that great? and the price is decent too. I'm tempting ^^

  3. I laughed when I read the ode to the flat top brush :P

    And yes, this thing is just lovely. Blends everything oh so nicely. It is love :)

  4. nice review... wow shipping isnt so bad to the phillipines huh... well i was thinkin of gettin the long handled.. because i dont need too much coverage... i dont wanna look like theres so much minerals on me wen i really dont need much... but now i dont know.. this brush looks cuter... ahhah wut do u think?

  5. CG, hey!!! Blusche! yeah, that's the one!!! Tell me more about it ok ? When you receive it :)

    Cinthia, surprisingly, it is that great!!!! Well it's an early love affair, but so far...it still doesn't shed on me and I just used it again this morning! :D

    Rasilla, that's how I get..."Stupidly poetic" when I love something! LOL <--- and I'm joking! LOL I'm never going to be saying all those stuffs in front of my hubby! LOL

    Jesmakeup, that's why there are only a "couple" of companies I go for online ordering, I base it on the price of the product of course..then shipping rates, some shipping rates could go up to $20.00!!! I find that crazy! :) Actually, this FT brush is dense BUT you can always control the coverage...I'm not into heavy coverage too...so I don't put too much foundation on the brush and just slowly buff it on my face, I find that I don't waste much foundation :) Especially I have my Powdered compact foundation cracked recently..this brush is useful! :)

  6. edm flat top is <3! i'm planning on getting backups na nga because i just love it sooo so much!:)

  7. i want one! $3 lang for shipping? wow! this is such a good buy!

  8. I've heard really good things about that brush. Is it that good!?!? Now you're making me wanting to get it. :P

  9. Wow! I had no idea that the brush was so small! But glad you're loving it! It does sound really great!

  10. always wanted to try this out but i never did. as well as their mmu. but i'm using bm right now so i'm okay
    BUT YOU TEMPT ME..ahhhhh

  11. always wanted to try this out but i never did. as well as their mmu. but i'm using bm right now so i'm okay
    BUT YOU TEMPT ME..ahhhhh

  12. Miemiemie, I know! I want back ups too! :) heheheh

    Sab, actually rounding off, almost $4.00 but it's worth it :D

    Alyssa, it is really good! :)

    Starryx2 night, funny, I've always pictured this brush bigger, but when I got it, it was smaller than what's on my mind, but it work well! :)

    YumYumSushi, I can't say the same for the EDM foundies, but the brush, really..it's wonderful! :D

  13. This is a great brush all right. I love it! In fact, all of EDM's brushes are fantastic. Even though I've stopped using their mineral foundation, I still heart the brushes.

    Great buy on the flat top brush, girl! :)

  14. I love this brush too! I took pictures of it but I'm yet to review it. I need to get back on the blogging train soon! I've been so out of touch moving around 3 houses -_-

  15. ooh i cant wait to get it
    i ordered it the other day based on ur review

    p.s miemiemie could get mandom in philliphines so i am sure eventually u can get this new AHA one

  16. this is such a great buy i agree! but i hate the waiting!!!! and i'm lemming for the 187 still.. huhuhuhu! i'm freakin torn sis! and totally bankrupt (again!). :) hehehe!! hmmm... hope i receive this for christmas though! :) lol!

  17. Tine, when I talk about EDM, I tend to remember you too :)

    Connie, oohhh you busy girl! Can't wait to read your post about this brush :)

    Bittenbefore, yay! Can't wait for it to arrive and hear your thoughts on the brush. Really? I wonder where miemie bought the Mandom! thanks

    Sis, bankrupt but happy :) I hope you get your MAC187 sooN! I would say, it's worth it! Sana nagpabili ka nung nag HK me :)

  18. I love this brush so much! So far this is my favourite MMU brush^^

  19. Cyndi, I'm glad we all feel the same with the EDM Flat top brush :)

  20. I have one too! Once you tried the flat top brush, you'll abandon the kabuki brush in your drawer LOL. It really happened to me :p

  21. Hi, there, nice new stuff introduced by you! I'm torn between this and the Coastal scents. If you don't mind, can you tell me which one works slightly better if you have the CS one, too? btw, whne I first saw the bull's eye logo on the handle, I thought you got it from Target, a US store.

  22. Ha ha ha I can't simply help myself but have a little giggle with your introduction... a one week love affair... turn into a long term relationship... to something that comes in 4-inches size... (I'm never convinced size doesn't matter :O) I had to read it carefully to make sure I wasn't reading something that wasn't there ha ha ha! Just kidding sis... You should know me by now ;)

  23. Thanks Nikki, because of your review, i decided to buy one! Thank goodness, I've found a seller from Gt! =)

  24. Devi, I know, I've been using my kabuki brush for finishing powder :)

    Vivian, sorry I don't have the CS one! :) This is wonderful!! I have nothing against this brush and I've been using this forever!

    Gracie, LOL your dirty li'l mind!

    Khymm, awww how'd you like it?


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