Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Food Tripping in Shanghai, China!!!

We've stayed in China for a week, so posting ALL about the food we had would take a lot of time! So, I've decided to share my wonderful food tripping at the lovely Shanghai City for 2 restaurants that are close to my heart, well, close to my brother Nap's heart also because he brought us there because he loves the restaurants as well!

Let me start with the wonderful Lisboa Restaurant located at the Shanghai Times Square. Lisboa Restaurant is known to serve yummy Macau Dish which is also Portuguese inspired. The perfect thing about this restaurant? It's right beside Watson's! lol Where I bought my Tsuabaki hair products :P

Seldom can I find "Kalamansi" in China and I am surprised to taste their "lemon" juice with our very own Philippine Pride...the Kalamansi!!!

I've always been dining out with family on different Chinese Restaurants here in the Philippines, but this Dumpling Soup tastes Authentic! Nothing too overwhelming, with just a few fresh ingredients, everything felt so warm and good

I know we are supposed to eat in a Chinese restaurant with Chinese Dishes
What in the hell is this burger doing?
This was highly recommended by my brother and he's right!
The bread is crunchy, and what's the meat? Grilled Chicken Meat!
Oh so tender and tasty!

Fresh Veggies for the oldies...
NAH! I love veggies, and I'm not an Oldie! lol

The famous Portuguese Rice
I can eat this without any dish!!!!
The rice itself is perfect!

Honeycured Pork
I've tasted so much honeycured pork back home and I live near Chinatown...
Nothing tastes like this!

Fried Chicken Portuguese Style
I love the Garlic Sauce

Grilled Squid
So tender and juicy
To my Philippine Readers who's familiar with Gerry's Grill?
Tastes almost the same!

When we talk abuot Portuguese Food, we have to include their famous Egg Tarts!
I can't count how many egg tarts I've eaten in my Shanghai Trip LOL
There's a difference between the 2 egg tarts below...
Wanna Guess?

Left - Regular Egg Tart
Right - For diet conscious, without Egg Yolk


Next, I'd like to talk about another cute restaurant. We traveled quite far just to get into this restaurant, my brother likes to eat here during his lunch time. This is ONION Restaurant. And we're lucky enough to see Mr. Onion himself when we visited there!

Let's strike an ONION POSE hahaha

We ordered a family set meal!
It was good for 6 hungry mammals! :)

The 2 dishes above ..well they're appetizers and we ate it all without having a chance to take a shot of it! Sorry we can't fight hungry hippos! :P

Sausage with Roast Pork
Very tender and juicy, I'm not a fan of Sausages but it tastes alright

Very fresh and sweet! I am not a Shrimp lover due to my allergies
I ate these without any problems at all!

Some Chinese Vegetables
They are cooked really fresh and sweet
The peanut is incredibly delicious too!

This is the Spiciest Thing We've ever tasted
They call this "Ma-La"
It's not only Spicy it numbs your tongue as well!

Ready to know what this is????

(I chickened out, I didn't eat the frog, I just ate the Tofu that comes with it)

Yummy Celeries with Scallops
This tastes so rich, Celeries to make me burn calories
And Scallops to make me feel special

After all the eating, I've thought we're done!
Then last came the Chicken Curry!
This is their house specialty, it was housed on a very hard Bread!

It was a wonderful food tripping in Shanghai!
As you can find a lot of dishes from all parts of the world that has a hint of Chinese style of cooking.
I thought I am adventurous with food, I've found out I'm not...
I said "NO" to stinky tofu and Frogs...
So yeah, I'm a sissy..
What about you? Are you adventurous with food?
Happy Start of the Week everyone!


  1. hmm, they look delicious. After all, we should be eating in China in order to know the real taste of what authentic Chinese food is like. Frog goes into the same category as the snails eaten in France. um...

    I live in North America, and I have to say I kinda hate those Americanized Chinese food (I liked to believe that we are better off than Europe but I could be wrong). First, ginger beef, then sweet and sour chicken. I remember when I first saw them, I was like, what the?? Just because they use Chinese style to the cooking doesn't mean much.

    Oh, do you know that a lot of Thai and Japanese restaurants are owned by Chinese in North America? I have to say those cuisines taste better than they already are. Especially the Japanese food, someone I knew went to japan and he couldn't fill his hungry stomach and Japanese usually don't have creamy scallop or fried quid, something like that. XD

    NICE and USEFUL blog that I stumbled upon.

  2. oh the bread curry looks so cool!!
    did u eat the bread in the end?

  3. It all looks so delicious! And your descriptions are so cute! (Wow, I can't even tell a difference between the two egg tarts. Do they taste different?)

    Aww, you're allergic to shrimp? I'm not a fan myself, but glad to know you still enjoyed yourself!

    Frogs actually taste a lot like chicken. You just have to tell yourself you're eating...really small drumsticks, haha.

    I'm rather open-minded with my food, but I still have boundaries I refuse to cross...just as bugs, dogs and raw meat. X__X

    Looks like you had a great time in Shanghai, especially food-wise! Yum!
    We don't have any Philippine cuisine where I live, so please excuse my ignorance! But what is food in the Philippines like? I'm kinda curious as to how Chinese food in Shanghai compares to Chinese food in the Philippines? TIA!

  4. MMM that portugese rice is making me hungry!

  5. oh wow! i just got out of food poisoning and now i wanna just eat and eat and eat.

    hospital food aint that good. haha!

    that burger is HUGE! and i can almost smell the food! waaah!

  6. I just ate dinner, but I'm hungry again... ish~ :P

  7. Hi Sandy, thanks so much for the comment and I'm glad you share the love for Chinese cuisine as much as i love ALL Food! LOL I have never tried Americanized Chinese can tell me how it tastes like, is it too oily??? Well Chinese food here are mostly owned my Filipino Chinese so basically they got the "point" of what's supposed to be the ingredients, but I think they fit it to the Filipino taste, don't get me wrong, I love Chinese dishes here, but there's something about the dishes they cook in China! LOL :)

    Bittenbefore, you read my mind! I DID try to eat the bread and trust me, if I'm old, I'll lose all my teeth!!!! I just murdered the bread and leave it there! It's not supposed to be eaten I guess *sniff* I felt ROBBED! LOL

    Fuz, :) I'm sure you had a lot of Chinese food in Taiwan

    Starryx2 Night..hmm...brain cells working because of your question. Good question though, Filipino dishes are quite diverse, our dishes are inspired by other countries as well especially Spanish as we were colonized for 300+yrs. It is honestly difficult to explain the Filipino dishes as we are consist of more than 7,000 islands and each area have their own specialty..we're definitely proud of our Seafood, BBQ'd food, some coconut dishes...and a lot of those fruits and sweets...How is Chinese dish cooked here and China Different? I would say, Filipinos LOVE flavorings..we love to taste different flavors so we can have the same Chinese dish cooked Spicier, sweeter..etc... Chinese food in China tends to be consistent, uses more sesame oil, MSG (while most Chinese Restaurants in the Philippines doesn't use this anymore - health reasons). I'd go on forever! LOL There's just so much to tell when it comes to food! But thanks for being interested

    Jesmakeup, yum...egg tarts..

    Lydia, it tastes even better than how it looks!

    Sab, I can be good and bad!

    Alyssa, how's dinner? What did you have? I'm sure it's something yummy!

  8. awww!! i hope i like chinese food but i don't.. :( sad noh? :'

    but sure looks like you had a great time food tripping! :) who cares about shopping if one is enjoying major gastronomic experience! :)

  9. Woman, you're making me hungry...LOL...the bread-curry looks real interesting! :D

  10. your food posts always make your readers drool! i know i almost did haha.

    is the veggie from Lisboa resto KAILAN? if yes, i love that too! but like you, i wouldn't eat the frogs too even if i starve lol...

  11. All the foods look delicious!!! At first glance I thought you're back to your normal routine of weekend food tripping...but then when I read it over, it's actually from your Shanghai trip. I was gonna say, "you pig, how could someone so sick eat that much food"......hehehehehe my bad :(

    but you made me hungry though like always :(

  12. Nikki,

    Thanks for the answer! Wow, definitely opened my eyes! But it's good to add different flavorings--makes life more interesting! (That's great that Filipino Chinese restaurants don't use MSG! Wish Chinese restaurants here would start taking the hint...)

  13. wow! the grilled squid looks awesome!

    /jeles jeles

  14. gosh... i already ate dinner.. i'm on a strict diet now.. and all this food porn is making me drool and hungry yet i cannot look away!

    i looooooove shrimp! well i love seafood in general, more than any meat. but i love love shrimp the most! for some reason my skin is sensitive, i have different problems depending on where i live. so when i was younger and living in the phils, i had these skin allergies of some sort. two dermatologists told me to stay off lots of food including shrimp. i may give up kfc, but not shrimp or crabs! so it was a torture. finally visited cebu and seeing my uncle, gen med md, he had the same problem. maybe it's in the genes? he gave me meds which actually worked in weeks time compared to different treatments from the reputable derms in my city. treatments that never worked! maybe because i couldn't stop eating shrimp? sorry for going OT.

  15. You're making me hungry Nikki, the food looks delicious!

  16. LOL @ that big head onion. So cute! Yummmmyyy!!!

  17. Shen, really? Seldom have I met someone who doesn't like Chinese food, well's YOU! :)

    Beetrice, the curry tastes WONDERFUL, the bread..BLAH! Definitely NOT for eating lol

    Mhean, thanks! YEAH it's KAILAN, shame on me I cannot remember the names! I just love to eat!

    Cinthia, there you go my twin, you wanted to bite my head off for being a GLUTTON huh? well *wipes forehead* good thing I was a good girl this weekend and rested!

    Starryx2 night, well you can always request for them not to put MSG in the states right? I know that some restos still do use MSG and I would always request them to "NOT USE THEM"! :) fave too!

    Jiejie, awww, you're definitely a SHRIMP lover, I am a chicken LOVER and I'm allegic to chicken!!! So I know exactly what you're going through, there are times, I DON"T Care! When a girl want to have some chicken, I eat them, then worry about allergies later on! :)

    Gio, sorry not intended to make you gals hungry :)

    B, lol I was literally asking him to pose for us! coz he was like running around like a headless..ughh...ONION? hahahha

  18. OMG drool...i've love to do something like that! the food looks yummy! i miss kalamansi on my pancit :(

  19. Hi, just to say that Americanized chinese food is just weird IMO. I live in Canada, and Canada's Chinese food is better than America's Chinese food - if that makes sense. By saying fried I meant they roll chicken/beef/etc with dough and put it in a sink full of oil. Hello, fries? (not when you are using a spatula and mixing and turning food in pan.)

    Basically orginal Chinese food doesn't really have that many fried stuff, at least where I came from. Seems here, when is ginger beef fried like caramel stick coated with dough?! They are not authentic Cantonese food nor are they even Hong Kong food! yes, those fried food is oily so I tend to stay away from them.

    Since you know Americans love fried chicken and so I thought the founder of Americanized Chinese Food thought it would suit North Americans' tastes to try a Chinese and healthier version of fries and came with a lot new courses. I think time has changed and now if Americans actually go to China to taste authentic Chinese food, they probably don't like how Chinese food is in North America. Just my two cents.

    In case you are wondering, my home province I eat spicy food and in Hunan, one of Eight Great Traditions. (I found in wiki) The Xiang (hunan) cucisine is just pure hot chili opposed to Sichuan's use of peppercorn - numbing feel. You could look that up if you want. Sorry for taking up your space with my blabbering.

  20. Whoaaaa!!! I envy you! Those pics make me hungry :(

  21. Ohh RenRen, Kalamansi on Pancit is PERFECT!!!!

    Sandy, come to think of it..yeah we have that too!!! Fried dumplings, fried Hakaw..fried everything! But at least they gave us a choice to choose between steamed or now I got what you're saying :) And dont' worry about blabbing on my comment box, I love it! Really? From Hunan? I've heard so much great stuffs about that Province...YEAH, their spicy food is like "MA LA" super spicy to the max! :) Question, you were born in the US or you left China at a certain age? Have you been back to Hunan province? When I was working in China, I've met a lot of students who are from Hunan and they are wonderful! :) Keep in touch

    Devi, tell me something about Indonesian food :)

  22. I so miss chinese food...Those egg tarts...


  23. KAILAN is uber yummy! the first time i saw it on a dish i was like "seriously is that gonna taste nice 'cause it doesn't look enticing!" but boy it sure is delish!!! :D

  24. This post is killing I'm so hungry right now!!! Great review!

  25. I swear I love your food posts, always makes me hungry!

  26. Citrine :) Aawww, I guess everyone's hungry, sorry ! Didn't mean it to be that way :(

    Mhean, I know! I am not into those types of veggies, but when you eat's just yummY! No beef or anything, just plain veggies and it's delicious!

    Mowpea, I'm glad you like it, do you like Chinese food too?

    Nessa, I guess all food lovers like I am, love food posts! :D I know how much I love food posts too :D

  27. Hi, I came to Canada when I was only 10, yeah, I've been back. But, the truth is, Hunan food isn't really MA LA (as in numbing feeling), our food is purely hot peppers, so not often MA LA.
    I can't even taste some of the food because they are too spicy. XD It's nice to know someone knows what I'm ranting about. :)

  28. Ok, I am portuguese and, honestly, what on earth is portuguese rice??? LOL! I have no idea... :-)
    Love your posts!

  29. @sandy HI sandy, i believe the "ma la" thing you are talking about are found typically on Sze Chuan food right? Thanksf or sharing!

  30. @Sonia_Cardoso LOL! Thanks for sharing, at least I know its Asian dish still! Portuguese inspired Asian Dish! LOL!!! Can you let me know what's the most special Portuguese food? Is there really such thing as Portuguese Egg Tarts?


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