Sunday, October 19, 2008

Nail Art Tutorial: "Halloween Colors Inspired" Nails

(Note from author: I'm not an expert on nail art, just someone who loves to play with her nails)

Hi Everyone! Thanks for the wonderful "get well soons" to me and my hubby! After almost a week in bed, getting sick, eating medicines, drinking lots of fluids and's time to be alive and kicking! Well, alive -- Yes, Kicking --- not sure yet :P

I've got requests to do Halloween nails but to be honest, I can't seem to put spiders, ghosts, or any scary stuffs on my nails then go to work! LOL

So, today's nail art tutorial would be "Halloween Colors Inspired" nail art, I chose the Halloween color which is bright orange, teeny boppy (not my age) but still, I've done it... all for ya! (Nancy, my nail art friend, if you're reading this, I know this is your favorite nail art design, I've seen you rocking this design!)

Step 1:

I've used Caress Nail Polish in Orange (Bright Orange), applied one coat, let dry

Step 2:

Apply the 2nd coat, while the 2nd coat is still WET, use a dark green nail art pen and create dots, do not be nervous if the dots would blend in with the polish <--- that's what we're aiming for

Step 3: (I have to admit, you have to be quick on Step 2 and 3)

On top of the green dot, apply a white dot over the green dot. It'll look like the photo below

Step 4:

Just like the drawing I did on the photo, the red dots represent the green with white dots you've created, using a needle, draw a line moving upward (as seen in the green arrow, yes! Just imagine that you're messing up the dots!)

Hard to explain but the effect would look like this....

Step 4:

You can be creative and do other designs together with this green leafy thing that you've done. I prefer to make it simple by adding yellow dots on the side to balance out the design.

Step 5:

Never forget to top it with a clear coat for protection. See how dirty my fingers get when I do nail art?

Closer view

What you don't know ----

I was too slow the first few times I tried so the dots dried on me pretty quickly so I had to re-do 2 fingernails :) Trial and error....that's the key!

Update on my health, I'm still not in perfect condition, it's weird, before I left home today, everything was okay and when we had dinner with my family, I am having this huge terrible headache...eyes gets really painful! Even hubby had the same experience with headaches and eye strain...people's just been getting sick nowadays, so you better take care of your health and drink those vitamins!

Be healthy!
Happy Weekend
and keep the smile coming!


  1. Ooo I love it it looks like pumpkins! I hope you feel better :)

  2. You always have the cutest nail tuts! This one is really creative, love it!

  3. The nails came out nice as always!... hehe~ :)

  4. WOW!!!
    FABULOUS! I love your creativity and its always unique!

    I wanna try this, but I always messed it up in some ways.


  5. those are definitely very unique!

  6. Take care of yourself~~ Don't strain your eyes too much, maybe it's all the meticulous nail art? Haha. It looks great though!

  7. nice!
    *inspired again
    will paint something again tonite! :D

  8. not too scary looking that hubby would run but definitely halloween-y! great tut sis!

  9. Lydia, thanks dear, I'm glad it does remind you of a Pumpkin :)

    Starryx2 Night, thanks girl for the comment and for visiting :) See ya around

    Alyssa, thanks so much! Look who's talking! Your nail tuts always came out really nice!!!

    Mrs. Zeus, I get frustrated if it's messed up and I get to be more challenged...a fight between me and the polishes! LOL

    Lily, thanks girl!

    Fuzkittie, hahahah sad to say the eye problem is not about the Nail art lol and I don't get that much eye strain with nail art as funny thing is, I don't stare on my nails when I do arts :) Thanks for the concern :) I'll be getting back in shape ASAP

    Prettybeautiful, can't wait to see what you come up with :)

    Shen, I'm glad it's not scary looking, hubby would react at once if it's scary!

    Shasta, awww welcome back to Manila! :D

  10. Aww that's such cute nails. I'm often worried about using yellow or orange on the nails for the fear of looking jaundiced. But I'm glad you rocked it! :D

  11. perfect for halloween! galing!

    so what will you be this season? :)

  12. I hope you feel better soon.

    I love the nails, very Halloweeny and unique.

  13. maybe it's because it's been raining and suddenly hot again so people get sick? just last week my daughter had a sudden fever that went away the next day. Thank GOD. hope you are on your way to being your good ol' self! ;)

    and of course, your nail tut rocks! i can't even paint my nails properly let alone put art on it lol.

  14. love it and I hope you feel better!

  15. Tine, talk about Jaundiced nails, I do have them!!!! :(

    Sab, hahah I'm not thinking about any designs in particular for now..hehehe I just do designs at the spur of the moment, so usually it came out really frustrating! hahaha

    Gio, thanks for the get well soons :) I am at last! Feeling a better :D

    Mhean, how's your daughter? everyone's getting sick, it has to be the weather!!! You take some vitamins too and NOT get sick! :) thanks for loving my nails! I'd love to do yours someday! :) Kikay session!

    Nessa, thank you :)

  16. May I know where you buy your nail art pen?

    Thank you.

  17. I sell them Beaubee,! :)


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