Saturday, October 18, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: Beauty and Minerals Kabuki Brush

I've always love to use brushes in my make-up application, yes, even powder foundation! I have been using my super scratchy, shed-dy (if there's such term, I believe I invented this lol), kabuki brush (my first brush buy ever) It was so bad my hubby is using it to clean his keyboard! And funny thing is, he told me it sheds!

Anyways, I messaged my wonderful friend Sophie a.k.a. Beautynomist if she could recommend me a nice Kabuki brush that doesn't hate my face and doesn't leave crime evidence EVERYWHERE! If brush shedding is a crime, I'm already in prison by now! :P

Sophie, if you guys do not know, is also the wonderful seller from Beauty & Minerals
So I'm definitely asking the right person! She was kind enough to ask what my requirements are in a Kabuki brush meaning what type of coverage I would like to achieve, what products I will be using it for....etc... (that's customer service and I wasn't even a customer yet! lol)
Anyways, I finally said YES to the wonderfully soft Kabuki Brush she's talking about and I trust her so much because I didn't even know how it looks like. If you don't know, I love surprises, and I'm glad it was a surprise!

When it was delivered to me (with lovely MMU e/s freebie) I'm in LOVE!!! And I'm falling in love ...this the right brush!

Beauty & Minerals Synthetic Kabuki Brush
*singing* You are so me....can't you see....

** Php700 approx $15.00
available at Beauty & Minerals Website

Beauty & Minerals Says ---

A very very soft kabuki - just because it's synthetic , also perfect for liquid foundations! A crowd favorite!

Askmewhats Says ---

  • does NOT shed, even 1 hair (for the whole month I've been using this)
  • no yucky smell
  • very soft
  • very handy
  • doesn't go out of shape
  • versatile

  • Nada! Well, there's one, I think it's limited, she doesn't have a lot of stock of this!

I'm not sure if you guys have seen The Body Shop Mineral Make-up Collection, and they do have their Kabuki Brush as well, I would say this is the same "texture" and "feel" with the Body Shop one, but I believe this one is cheaper.

I have been using this everyday with my EDM foundation, or at times, with my P&J Powder Foundation and it all works well. I have wet my powder foundation with MAC Fix+ and applied foundation using this brush and it performs just as well!

  • use a Kabuki Brush to apply your powder foundation or face powder rather than your sponges, it makes a huge difference and your make-up appears more natural!
  • if you have slim face and wants to apply blush on the apple of your cheeks, you can use this brush and the color will show up more as the brush hairs are more compact
  • after every powder foundation application, spray the brush with water/Mac Fix+/Mac Charged Water/Bench Mist/Evian Mist etc... and brush it gently on your face to lessen the "powdery" look

Will I repurchase?
YES! Definitely!

Have a great weekend people! It's my brother's birthday yesterday and we'll be going out tonight to eat out (though he's not in the country, nothing is going to stop us from celebrating!!!!) If you're reading this Nap, my dear brother and friend.....
HAPPY HAPPY Birthday!!!!


  1. It does look really soft! Glad you finally found a kabuki that works for you :)

  2. Looks soft!! Nothing is better than a soft brush :D

  3. happy birthday to your dear brother!

    and ooh! the brush is looking good! i'm on a roll with brushes too! :P

  4. LOL. Your husband amused me!!!

    Your nails look interesting. hrmmm...

    Have a great weekend sissy!

  5. Great revuewm Nikki! It's too bad I can't order from Beauty & Minerals. =( I do have a synthetic kabuki similar to yours that I got from Silk Natural, and it's a great brush! Thanks for the tip on spraying the brush with mist. I don't think I've tried that yet!

  6. i got my kabuki from target and its not too soft yet not too rough but i love it for 5.00 it was a total steal for me

  7. Is this another scheduled post? :p

    Anyway I have two kabuki brush; one is a pink Kemeiru HK brand, and the other one from The Body Shop nature's minerals. Somehow I'm not comfortable enough to use kabuki brush, dunno why. I like to use flat top brush better :) I think it's a matter of personal preference.

  8. wow sis blogging at 1am??? don't get sick again huh? :P

    congrats on the kabuki haul! personally i only like and use my kabuki for blush application, i prefer FT on foundie application... still great info to know your review on this one! :) i am pondering though still on getting the Charm pro set... ugh! did you get one too???

  9. yea that brush does look really soft!

  10. Wow it sounds like a really nice brush! Looks soft too.

  11. Very nice! I've been on a brush rampage recently. Got myself a Flat Top buffer from Everyday Minerals instead of a kabuki because apparently flat top buffers provide better coverage. But you have pretty good skin so I'm sure the kabuki will serve you well ^_^

  12. i am looking a SOFT kabuki brush as i am very sick of my BB kabuki which i find scratchy even though everyone else said it should not be so. and it wasn't so till very recent and i never did anything bad to it. i just don't understand why it turned rough.

    guess what? i put it up for swap but even then, no one wants it. HAHAHAHA

    great review and you made me want this brush!

  13. Connie I'm glad too! :) I can't imagine a scratchy Kabuki that I've used for a year! LOL

    Gee, it is soft! :)

    Thanks Plue for the bday greetings, yeah, you are on a roll with brushes AND cosmetics :) lol any shopping lately?

    Cinthia, we are a funny couple! LOL You wouldn't believe the crazy stuffs we do :) And you are amusing too! No wonder you're family! :P

    Tracy, you're very much welcome about the tip, I love spraying it with mist and it really feels so good :)

    ahbeedotcom, ohhh if it $5 and works ok, i think its a steal :)

  14. Devi, sad to say, it's not a scheduled post and yeah, I'm still awake at 1am to do this post..hahahah well it's not going to be everyday :) It's Friday night! hehehe

    Mhean, sis, thanks for your concern, I KNOW! Just getting better and sleeping at 1am won't help, but it was like this week, I was sleeping most of the time! LOL. I LOVE the flat top too! I am loving it so much as well so I'm alternating, I can't chooose between the 2! hehehe about the Charm brush set, I WANT ONE TOO!!! All my colleagues are buying and I am lemming :( Still thinking hehehe

    Jesmakeup, have you found your soft Kabuki?

    Fuz, yeah it is a great brush, I love it dearly

    Faux Fashionista, after getting the Kabuki, I've still been lemming for the Flat Top Kabuki from EM, and i'm glad I got it! I love both now!

    Jojoba, you know what ? That's how I feel with my BE Flawless Application Brush, it turned scratchy too and I just can't accept it and I just can't get it!

  15. looks sooo soft! i wanna touch it ho ho ho.. i can't find a really soft kabuki brush until now :( they're always a dissapointment..

  16. wow! i think i wanna get this one! i was about to buy the one from body shop! haha!

  17. Sounds like a great brush and looks so soft!

  18. This looks like a Lumiere Kabuki Brush which I also got from Sophie almost a year ago. I love it to bits because its super super soft and doesn't shed at all!

  19. Ai, i'm sure you'll be able to get your own soft Kabuki brush....wait, how are you coping in GermanY?

    Sab, this one really works so well! :) You can check with Sophie if it's still available

    Gio, yes it's not only on photos, they really are soft !

    Mafie, I think we have the same Kabuki brush! :D

  20. Oh hey that reminds me of my Signature Minerals ultimate kabuki brush! :p


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