Friday, October 17, 2008

Joppa Minerals : Free First Class Shipping til October 23rd!

FREE First Class Shipping on all orders (domestic and global) Now through October 23
(Click the banner above to go to Joppa Minerals Website)

Dear Philippine Readers and the rest of the World!

If you want to try on their samples without the expensive shipping rates, this is the right time!

Happy Shopping!


  1. Thanks sissy!!!

    Have you tried their products? I can't've tried so many!!!!! LOL.

  2. See! I knew that you've tried it! Thanks for the heads up sissy. I will check them out.

    Are you feeling better today?

  3. Did you sneeze the germs this way? :(

    I really don't wanna get sick. I hate being sick. If I get sick, I'll blame it on you. =P

  4.'s already weekend on your side? sux!!!

    Have a great weekend too sissy! I hope you'll feel better. Seriously......stop spreading the germs!!!

  5. that sounds really great and cheap ive been looking for a cheap mineral website so this is really good. :)

  6. am always thrilled when Joppa is on sale! ;D can't hoard yet though, i still have lots of product left from their very generous foundation FS pots. been using that almost everyday and still not used up! HG material definitely! ;D

  7. Ahbeedotcom, give Joppa a try, at least it's free shipping! :)

    Mhean, I KNOW! You're the JOPPA foundie girl...what shade are you using? I've ordered Medium Light #2 and #3! And I ordered another sample ...I can't remember...hahaha I trust you, when you say it's HG, I gotta try!


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