Friday, October 17, 2008

Another Everyday Minerals Haul

I've had my first samples of EDM (Everyday Minerals) arrived last month as seen on the post here

To be honest, I cannot LOVE or HATE the EDM minerals because all the colors of their foundation are quite similar, meaning, I have been using all of the samples randomly each day and they all works well on my skin! Weird huh? Its good and bad at the same time. But I don't mind, I love the coverage and I love the way the foundation stayed on my skin.

I wanted the Flat Top Brush for the longest time since Digital Angel talks so fondly of them. I've seen Lurve bought 3 of them in one order too!!! So this brush should be wonderful right? Anyways, if you buy anything from EDM, you better get their samples anyways because it's free, all you have to do is pay for the shipping :)

I ordered October 1st and I got it roughly 2 weeks after or less!

And here's the package that I got!
I love it that EDM never fails to ship on time!

Here's how it looks like inside,

They pack it really nicely
AND the good news is,
they changed their sample jars!!!

It's BIGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's what I ordered ---

New Flat Top Brush ($10.00)
Free Sample Makeup Kit ($0.00)
Shipping and Handling Fee ($5.30)
Coupon Discount (5%) less $0.50
Total : $14.80

Here's a side by side comparison on the first sample I got and the new jar they used! Of course the original sample jars are way cuter BUT the bigger jars have more products inside, it's not that hard to choose right?

I've always thought the Flat Top Brush is big!

Here's how big it is on my hand!
(and sad to say, my hands are small)

Comparison against MAC 187

The lovely samples!

Buff - Fair Neutral Intensive
Golden Fair Intensive
Golden Fawn Intensive

Lavender Color Corrector

Corner Office Blush

Swatches for you!

It all came out like it looks wrong right?
But if I rub it a bit you'll get my point :)

It does blend into the skin and I think the closest color would be Golden Fawn. Golden Fair would be ok too! Fair Neutral looks too light on my skin

I've had the Mint Color Corrector (for redness)
And this time, I ordered the Lavender Color Corrector (for sallowness)
Together with Corner Office Blush

I wasn't happy with my first blush sample order which is Matte called Weekend Getaway. Weekend Getaway just disappears and won't stay on my skin. So I ordered a different finish called Sheen, sheen has satin iridescence and it looks so pretty on swatch. I hope it works as nicely on my face!

Can't wait to use my MMU foundation with my New flat top brush!

What do you think about the foundation colors?

Which one would work for me?
Golden Fair? Golden Fawn?


  1. Don't you just Looooooove that brush :D So which foundation do you like the best ? I use buff-ivory intensive which is the brightest color. :) I am glad that you got a brush !!

  2. they have a new special out, 12% off your purchase so i put in a new order with them :)

    but regarding the new sample jars,
    they were going to switch over to the mini jars, but now have run into a problem. so they will be returning to the minimini jars at the end of october until the new year.

    youre lucky you got all of them as mini jars though, cause they also come in clear jars that aren't so pretty.

    but regarding the amount they gave you...did you really get more in the sample mini jars?
    cause we were told that they would hold the same amount as the old minimini sample jars. (lol minimini being the tiny brown jars from before, and mini being the green jars haha...sorry for the confusion :P)

    I'll just end this super long post with, I love Corner office! I only got it as a sample before, but got a full size of it in my newest order :)

    Anyway enjoy!

  3. Hiya sissy!

    I want that brushhhh!!! is it that great? review review!!

    I think golden fawn will work better for you based on the picture. I'm surprised they changed the size but you're right, better for more than for cuteness. HEHE.

  4. Another EDM haul! I want another haul too :( Fortunately for me, the Golden Medium actually worked well for my skin tone and I'm loving it! The brush is wonderful and perfect for mineral foundation and even blush

    Perhaps Golden Fawn?

  5. Weekend Getaway is actually one of my gives me the most natural looking peachy blush =) That corner office seems interesting...parang magandang eye color din =)

  6. Digital Angel, hahaha that's a perfect question, I haven't found my favorite foundation YET, but I've found my favorite brush!!! Thanks for the reco! I love the brush and I've only been using it for 3 days! :)

    Rasilla, hahaha you did confused me a bit about the mini jars and minimini jars but thanks for clarifying! oHH iI guess I'm lucky to have the chance to use the MINI jars then...actually the products aren't consistent, like my blush, it was all full in the bigger jar, and the other foundation, well the product is almost the same as the minimini jar! so I really can't tell but I like the bigger jars better of course! I hope they keep it that way! I've seen the clear jars too! I don't like it much too! :)

    Cinthia, twin sis, I will do a review on the brush soon! I have washed it, used it and will torture it a bit! LOL and I'll do a proper review soon! :)

    Connie, oh you're using EDM too? I'm glad you found your match, I'm taking my time finding my match LOL Thanks for the reco, I am using Golden Fawn today, so far so good :)

  7. lol! i thought so too but when i saw one i just one the one from BN coz it is so much alike.. :) i would like to get the slanted one though. :)

  8. ooh brush looks so pretty
    and samples! i always worry not being able to find my match but samples help!

    i'll place an order tonight. heehee you are such an enabler!!

    yes you'll love that shop i go to in Japan! i'll take more pics next time

  9. i use fawn too!:) it suits my skin tone the best..others look too white on me. :) oooh and the brush! ganda noh? sarap sa skin noh? hehe

    thanks for the comment ate nikki :)

  10. I just married that flat top of mine XD it's so soft & I can't live without it...

    Sis, I have a feeling Golden-Light or Golden-Winged Butter suits you better... oh and the blushes!!! Corner Office looks so pretty, Nick Nack and All Smiles would look great on you too

    : ) great haul!!!

    btw yeah my B&B addiction has grown like madness...I need to stop >.<

  11. nice edm haul!! i want another kabuki brush from them!! i recommend waffle cone blush, I love it!

  12. oh i caved and ordered the flat top brush too

    thanks to you heehee!!

    oh i will do a review of Majo for you then!!

  13. is that ur first time ordering the samples? if not.. you're 3 different shades? yea i love how they changed their sample jars... so much bigger wit a lil more minerals =P

  14. Shen, ohh yeah, the slanted one looks pretty too!

    Yumeko! You won't regret it! I LOVE the flat top brush! LOL

    Miemie, thanks , at least I know I made the right decision ordering from them coz you use them too! :)

    Nanzy, thanks for the recommendation! :) I'll remember your advise when I do another order :) LOL

    Nicnic, thanks oohh I should have asked for the recommendation for the blushes before I place any order :) thanks

    Jesmakeup, it's my 2nd time for EDM and I'm ordering different colors to check with colors suit my skin tone :)

  15. argh..i always wanna buy EDM but i never know what color i am! whats the disoucnt?

  16. Nice haul! That brush looks great, can't wait to hear what you think of it.

  17. Bigger jars?! That's nice of EDM!! I'm straying away from MMU to liquid foundie...but if I had to pick a fav MMU company, it'd definitely be EDM~

  18. wow their sample jars are indeed bigger! i still don't like their foundation though, too sheer for my preference. :) can be good for you though, you got clear skin! :D you're gonna love the FT, it's my most loved foundation tool!!! i use it everytime i apply my MMU foundie. ;)

  19. Vanessa M, well it's just 5% discount 2 weeks ago and I suggest you try their foundation by ordering their free samples, you don't have to pay anything for the samples just the shipping :)

    Gee, I know, I've stayed away from MMU too long, and can't believe I'm leaning back to this!

    Mhean, I am loving FT brush after 3 days! :)

  20. I haven't ordered any EDM stuff for a while now, but dang, I'm so glad they're giving out more of the samples :)

    PS: I love the flat-top brush too :p

  21. OMG! You're becoming an MMU fiend! Lavit! Missed you sis, hopefully I won't be so busy anymore to go bloghopping. :)

  22. I've got loads of Everyday Mineral that I haven't touched for a very long time :( I got mad in buying them at some points but I just can't get myself using loose powder make up :(... I think they're great if you've got plenty of time to put make up on but for someone like me who's always on the go, I find it hard to find time. I know... I sound, like a busy woman and I guess I am ha ha ha!

  23. Pano po ba umorder sa site nila? Pano ang payment process?


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