Thursday, October 16, 2008

Askmewhats Makeover: Attending a Debut Birthday Party Look

Grace, my dear sister-in-law, got her own make-up artist! MOI! lol
She's 18, she's young, she's got a lot of parties going around her! This time, she will be attending her friend's 18th birthday party and she wanted me to do her make-up.

I wanted something simple and natural because it isn't her debut party! LOL Simplicity is the key on this makeover and of course, clear healthy skin!

Here's Grace's before photo
Yes, I asked her to smile this time! :P

Here's Grace After!

I didn't touch her brows because she's not used to plucking or shaving, I left it that way and just created a bit of arch and filled in the rest!

Products Used ---

  • Paul & Joe Cream Foundation
  • Paul & Joe Powder Foundation No. 3
  • Revlon Powder Blush in Wine with Everything
  • UDPP
  • Paul & Joe eyebrow pencil no. 2
  • MAC Coquette - to fill in the brows
  • 78pcs e/s palette in Silver
  • MAC Carbon
  • Stila Smudgepots in Black
  • Paul & Joe Curly Mascara in Black
  • Kate Gradical Eyes - white sparkles
  • NYX Sky Pink
  • Nivea Care Gloss Shine
  • Revlon Bare It All in Pink a Boo - applied on her collarbone, arms and back

I've done her make-up too during her College Acquaintance party and a lot of you would like to see her outfit. I've finally got her photo! LOL Sorry It wasn't clear as she's using a camera phone. She won an award that night and I can't help it but be proud of her!

Want to check out her previous FOTD?
Smile and click
"Grace's Acquaintance Party Look"!

Have a great day everyone!
Stay healthy! Stay Fab!
Muwah :x


  1. Is this one of your scheduled posts? or is it actually you all back and healthy? ehhheee

    Your sissy in law is cute!! Love the makeup and hair...oh and outfit she wore on the previous makeover too!!!

  2. Hehe she's adorable in that dress and the hair!! I think you did a fantastic job, and perfect to keep it simple since it's not her bday party! Haha.

  3. Your sister-in-law looks good! :)

  4. Cinthia! It's me!!! I'm back but not super healthy but getting there! :P Thanks for the compliment!

    Thanks B-licious!

    Fuz, so true about keeping it simple hahahah I was telling her whatever we do, it's NOT YOUR birthday! hahaha

    Thanks Alyssa :)

  5. How lucky of your sis in law to have her very own makeup artist! Every girl's dream come true :) Glad you are feeling better.

  6. you did a great job ;] love your blog btw

  7. wow she looks awesome with basic make up! so good to be SYT (sweet young thing)

  8. Ahh. The age of 18, how I wish I could go back again! Your post got me sentimental! :( I envied her youthfulness and vibrance. She's very pretty! Good job, Nikki! :)

  9. her dress is pretty & soooo is she. her skin is flawless!
    great job on accentuating her beauty instead of hiding it behind make up :D

  10. hey, she looks a bit like you!

  11. she looks polished and flawless! good job. although if it were myself, i would have liked a bit more cheek color lol. and her dress suits her! she looked uber pretty! btw, i liked that you made Carbon looked so subtle on her. i have difficulty doing that with dark shadows.

  12. simply fabulous! be my make-up artist, will ya Nikki? :) hehehe looove the dress.. it's sooo cute!

  13. she has such clear skin i'm jealous!@!#

  14. she has such clear skin i'm jealous!@!#

  15. She's so lucky to have such a nice sister in law as her makeup artist. Don't get me started about mine. :/

    And she's got a lovely smile. :)

  16. She looks lovely, you did a great job!

  17. you did a great job, nikki! she looks great.

  18. Parisb, thanks so much for wishing me well, I am getting better, thank goodness, well it is my dream to be someone's make up artist too :) so I'm glad!

    Jessica Dee, thanks dear! Nice to see your blog too!

    Prettybeautiful, I can't remember how I looked like when I was 18! lol Felt like it was forever! LOL

    Teeyah, can we just go back to sweet 18? hahahah

  19. YumYumsushi, glad to know I accentuate her beauty rather than hiding it :)

    Lily, really? She looks like me? Wow, I'm glad! she's prettiness!

    Mhean, thanks for the tip, I should huh? I guess she's not a blush person that's why I don't like to apply too much on her :) thanks for the compliment

    Ai, I'd lot to go to Germany and be your personal make up artist! Though I doubt you even needed one!

    Connie, thanks

    Jo, she does have clear skin so I don't have problems with hiding her flaws coz she doesn't have any!

    RenRen, thanks sis!

    Missmall, you have a sis in law too? I want to get you started :P

    Gio and Jamie, thanks lovelies!

  20. i agree with the ladies, she's look gorgeous!! great job!!

  21. well, now that i think of it she didn't need that much as she's young and she still looks glowing! :) i really think you did a great job on your SIL! :)

  22. NicNic, thanks sis!

    Thanks Mhean for the compliments :)

  23. Aww that's just gorgeous. Ahh to be 18 again ... *wistful smile*

  24. Mhean, thanks!

    Tine, I wish to be 18 again too!!!!!!!! aaccckkkkk We're getting Older........


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