Thursday, November 9, 2023

Love, Bonito 11.11 Picks


I love dressing up and I love shopping for clothes.  The sheer amount of clothes you can see in my closet will give you an impression of a shopaholic.  But I am not! :P  (That's what I say!) 

I recently just did a spring cleaning and gave away 3 garbage-bag full of clothes for donation and keeping key pieces that I can wear again and again.  I used to purchase by the "fashion" and buy pieces I cannot wear after 10 years!  

So if you are also like that, I am NOT judging you.

One brand I recently get to love is Love, Bonito.  Their pieces are made meticulously, their designs work through the years and the styles are just .. style - meaning, every single person get to find their style in a Love, Bonito store (in my case, Online store)

For Love, Bonito's 11.11 Singles Day Sale, I've picked another round of my favorite pieces that I can mix and match, wear and re-wear multiple times!  

Are you ready?

Outfit 1 

  1. Teyla Elastic Paperbag Jeans in Light Denim Wash - size runs big so please downsize!  Size 27 is still big on me considering I am really a size 28
  2. Jaelia Crop Camisole Top in Sunflower - go for Large if you want the crop to be not to high, this is not zipped so the bigger the better, I do not have to have a hard time wearing! 
  3. Goldie Textured Collared Shirt in Lotus Green - because this design is loose, I got size Small and it was perfect.

Outfit 2:
  1. Lassie Padded Jersey Cross Back Tank Top in Cocoa - I am size Medium and they have a lot of colors to choose from making me want them all! 
  2. Adrina Drape Tie Front Skirt in Cream - size Medium here.  Perfect for hiding the tummy!  

Zipped skirt but you get the freedom to do your own "ribbon" or 
any tie style!

Also comes in different fabric.

Love the cross back detail

Outfit 3

Brienne Cotton Puff Sleeve Shirt in Magenta - got this in Small  and the color suits my skin tone and I just love the pop of color!  

The texture of the fabric is a bit firm so I can even lift the collar for a more formal look.


Which outfit is your favorite?


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