Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Askmewhats Version: "Green Eyed Gold-Digging Monster"

The love of make-up in me cannot be stopped even when I just got back to health! I was sick, as you all know for almost a week and as soon as I got well, here I go playing with make-up once again! BUT, I have to apologize that you won't get a full face shot of me at the end of this post's never good to show a sick person's face! LOL

I've finally created a look cold Green-eyed Gold Digging Monster because I've used Greens and Golds to create this look! Here's how it looks like....

And let me show you the brushes I've used to create this look

From Top To Bottom --
  • Concealer brush
  • Prestige Blending Brush
  • Mac 217
  • Urban Decay e/s Brush from the UD Book of Shadows
And here's a diagram

Products Used (Shown on diagram) ---

  1. Urban Decay Box of Shadows Baked - goldish color applied all over the lid
  2. Urban Decay Box of Shadows Absinthe - goldish green color applied in the inner corner of the eyes, using the UD e/s brush in a patting motion
  3. Milani Chocolate Brown - applied on the outer-v
  4. MAC Carbon - to deepen the crease
  5. Urban Decay Box of Shadows Midnight Cowboy - for highlighting

Products Used (Not shown on diagram) ---

  1. MAC PaintPot in Painterly
  2. MAC Coquette - to fill in brows
  3. Stila Smudgepots in Black
  4. Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara
  5. Paul & Joe eyeliner in Black

Finished look!

Well, since I can't put a smile on your face, I asked a dear friend of mine to help put a smile on all of my lovely reader's face! I'm sure you'll love him more than me!!! Chow Chow's saying "HI!!!!"
He says: "I look cute even without make-up"

(Not my dog, I wish he is lol, he's a neighbor's dog)

Now, I'm getting lazy!
I wish I can be like him, just relax and think of nothing but..

eat...sleep...and poop!
Smile and be happy!


  1. oHHh i realy like ur idea on how u labled the makeup shadows on photoshop! cool! im goin to try to label it like this now =) thanks! and i love that green... nice blending

  2. That's a very pretty combination! The colors go so well together. And the doggie's so fluffy! I'm lazy too. I have to get to class really soon. it's only 7:30am!

  3. oh wow! That's the sweetest little dog ever! haha, now I definitely have a smile on my face!

    That's a gorgeous look. I'll definitely be trying it out!

  4. i love olive green! and chow chow is very cute!

  5. Beautiful greens! And the doggy is wonderful! What a cutie!

  6. Awwww cute puppy!!

    This is not a monster look at all! It's quite gorgeous~

  7. that's a pretty face even when sick...

    that's a cute dog! do you love dogs too? why don't you get one?:)

  8. Jesmakeup, I can't wait to see your diagram!

    Connie, have a great day in class! :) Hope all the "move' doesn't take much of your time and energy! stay healthy!

    Starryx2 night, aww I'm glad you like the combination!

    Lily, chowchow is a darling..but he's getting bigger each day!

    B, thanks dahling!

    Fuz, coming from you, I'm glad thanks girl!

    Sab, I love dogs and I got 3 poms!!! :) So yeah, I do have my own dogs!

  9. your EOTD is gorgeous
    green is a good look on your skin tone!

    and chowchow! wow soooo cute!!

  10. aww! Chow Chow is so cute? What kind of dog is he? I want one!

  11. Oh mi goodness the puppy is so cute!!! :) He does put a smile on me... hehe~ You look good too... lol~ :P

  12. Hi! I love this look! Green and gold are my favorite eye colors! I like the little dog too lol!

  13. a chow chow!!! i like them in lighter colors too. :) the makeup looks great, nikki!! :) i love green on you. :)

  14. ooo...the green has me green-eyed!! haha...and that lil doggie is just so cute!!! i wanna hug and SQQUUUEEEZZZEEEE it...LOL!!

  15. cute look twin!

    The puppy is soooooo cute. I wanna squeeze him.

  16. love the green :D
    and the dog is so cute!!! i think dogs are fun to play with, not fun to take care of. hehe

  17. Beautiful look, I love the color combo.

    The dog is soo cute!

  18. Yumeko, thanks, i think green works well on my skin tone :) Thanks for the compliment

    Dimples..ChowChow is actually his breed, they are called CHOWCHOW and they are originally Chinese dogs, as what I know, I could be wrong :)

    Alyssa, puppy looks good first before me..tsk tsk tsk, now I know how you feel! hahaha

    Lydia, thanks

    Shen, I know you are a dog lover too :) So I'm sure you'll appreciate all dogs just as I do :)

    Bee, thanks!!! You had me green eyed with all those hauls you got recently :)

    Cinthia twin, thanks girl!

    Prettybeautiful, you are right about taking care of dogs..they are really like taking care of REAL babies! My dog got pregnant 2 yrs ago and she had to undergo C section as she's a small dog and she's giving birth to 2 puppies! Since it was a C section, she didn't take care of the puppies and I had to wake up every hour to feed the puppies...with pet bottles! LOL

    Gio, thanks for always complimenting and commenting, you are a sweetheart :)

  19. omg puppy is so cute...and of course you're not too shabby either ;)

  20. the diangram sis! And love the brushes, I have everything except the UD one..yay! Best of all, your EOTD is just gorgeous. :)

  21. wow! your lashes look so full!

    & that dog is ADORABLE! i wannnttt haha

  22. thats a nice look for fall! and OMG ur neighbor's puppy is sooo adorable!!!

  23. Ren, thanks

    Aireen, awww, I've seen your Brush collection!!! So I'm sure most of my brushes..well I think you have ALL of my brushes! :)

    YumYumSushi, oh my goodness, YOU ARE THE ONLY person who says my lashes are full, I have to print it out and hang it on a wall or something :) hehehe thanks, I guess whatever I did with the mascara I have to do it everyday ! I think I applied it differently this time :)

    Makemeup, I know, I am always looking into their home hoping to see ChowChow :)

  24. I love how pretty and simple this look is! Greens look good on you!

  25. Eeeeps! I want the cute dog!! :P

    PS: How about doing a look for the coming Halloween? Something dark and scary ;)

  26. Wow sis! I love this emu... gosh! I'm sooo lazy to play with colours nowadays. I think I'm having winter blues already :(

  27. Nessa, thanks girl! I love greens!

    Tine, oohhh I'll be doing something for halloween but definitely NOT dark and I really can't pull that off! I can just put on baby powder on my face and be a "lady ghost" lol

    Gracie, you've been super mom and super girlfriend! Super busy! So it's understandable! :D


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