Thursday, October 23, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: Kate by Kanebo Gradical Eyes in PK2

Hey pretty gals! How's everybody? It's Thursday and Weekend is near! Nothing can stop me from smiling! And good news? I'm getting 99% better!!!

Another product review coming up and I'll be talking about a product that's close to my heart. I have this product for months now and as you can see in the photo coming up, I've been using it for most of the makeovers as this is quite universal and looks great on anybody!

Let me show you a photo of the product before I talk further :D

The Sponge Applicator that comes with the Palette

The Brush on the other end

The Size Pretty and small

Swatches Time!
All are swiped once NO BASE
(swatched Left to Right, same as Palette)

Kate Gradical Eyes Says ---

Kanebo KATE Eye Shadow is a trendy eye shadow palette with luxurious matching of vivid & shining colours.

Askmewhats says ---

  • very pigmented
  • doesn't crease (yes, even without base)
  • color stays on
  • very shimmery (if you love the shimmery type of e/s)
  • high quality sponge applicator and brush
  • versatile to be used as highlighter for any skintone <--- tested
  • some of the colors are pretty much the same
  • no mirror (if you are a mirror person, I personally don't mind)
  • this won't be pretty for someone who's not into shimmery shadows

This palette is a quad but basically, it looks like you're just getting 2 shades, one salmon pink and white. I would say this has the best "FREE" applicator I've tried. As seen on the photos above, I've used the sponge applicator many times and it doesn't wear or tear. The other side which is the brush is surprisingly soft as well.

This would be too much to use all at once, but I find this works well to any matte shadows you're using and you can use this to highlight the inner corner of the eyes and also the brow bone area.

  • using the sponge applicator tip, dip in any shimmery color you want (out of the 3 squares) and tap it lightly on the inner corner of your eyes to create a "wide awake/blooming" look
  • using the brush end of the free applicator, highlight the brow bone area by gently swiping the brush lightly
  • you can use it to tap it lightly on your lips after applying clear lip gloss to create a "shimmery" lips
  • Want to buy this cheap? Check them out when SM malls or Landmark have 10-20% off. You just have to be patient
Will I repurchase?

Where to repurchase and How Much?

SM Department stores Kanebo Counters, Landmark approx less than Php500 (less than $12.00) Sorry I can't remember as I bought this a long time.

Let me show you a photo on how pretty it gets when applied lightly on the inner corner of the eye, it definitely brightens the whole look! Check out my 2 loyal models both of different skin tone Beatrilicious Bea and Grace! :D

So, what's your "secret" eye brightening product?
Looks like I don't have a secret no more!
Yeah that's right! It's my Kate by Kanebo quad!
Can I say, smiling is another secret of mine?
Take care ya all!


  1. Lol~ I see so many Kate palettes now.

    I'm glad to hear you're better! :)

  2. i never buy gradient eyes range, i have only ever bought glamtrick, i will try gradient one day ^^
    yes come to tokyo! so i can take u shopping XD

  3. I never bought the gradient, didn't quite like it >_<

    I have their other palettes though... I only don't have deep eyes and this! :P

  4. oooo a kate palette... cuute!!!
    im def. seeing more and more blogs reviewing them -- time for me to get my hands on my own kate palettes to play in! ^_^

  5. i have a kate palette too, gold/bronze. and i love it!

  6. this reminds me of shimmerwaves from TBS. love the rev sis. :) this looks like to be a potential buy... soon! :)

  7. Alyssa, yes, I'm feeling much better, thanks :) I have been seeing a lot of KATE e/s as well but this one is the older one I believe! :)

    Yumeko! Oh my goodness, I would love to go there someday! I have to save up so I will shop NONSTOP if I'm there!!!

    Plue, well if you ask me to use all the colors for the whole eye look, I wouldn't like it either :) I guess I am loving it because of it's brightening effect!

    Kimberly Tia, oohhh I can't wait to read what you think about them! :) I think it's love/hate! Depending on what product!

    Prettybeautiful,'s definitely going to be pretty!

    Shen :) you can check out other colors, they have a whole range of different colors :)

  8. i dont have any secret =( lol

    wut camera do u use? it takes amazin clear n bright pix!

  9. YAY!! so glad you're back to normal health, twin.

    Your nails are so distracting. I can't help but kept on staring at it. Then I have to go back and read the whole post. LOL.

    Thanks for the review. I don't have any Kate palette or color :(
    Now I must go get some. HEHE

  10. Jesmakeup, yay! I'm glad you love the photos, usually my hubby takes the shot for me but this time, he was quite busy so I took all the shots myself and I'm glad you like it!!! I used the Canon A710 camera :)

    Cinthia, LOL SORRY! I shouldn't do a close up shot of me holding the product as the nail art definitely will show up! LOL

  11. all your make up stuff really makes me want to go crazy & shop make up in pi hahaha except for the fact that i'm not in pi...

    ahh anyway i'm happy to hear that you're a lot better, it really sucks being sick :(

  12. I'm glad to har you're feeling better.

    This product sounds interesting, but sadly I don't think it's available here.

  13. Love your nail art sis! It looks exciting!

  14. wow that's definitely very pigmented...i bet you could use it as a cheek highlight too!

  15. YumYumSushi, I'm sure you can find more wonderful make up stuff in your place!

    Gio, I guess a lot of people order online from for these Japanese cosmetics :)

    Gracie, thanks sistah! Muwah :x

    Renren, yup, great for cheek highlighting too!

  16. Hi Nikki,

    I'm an avid reader of your blog. I'm also from the manila but have recently moved to Canada. Just wanna ask, aside from Kate, have you seen lunasol and COFFRET D'OR on kanebo stalls? Going back to Manila kasi and I'm so excited to do a major japanese make-up haul. Super mark-up ang prices sa online shops... :(


  17. Hi Wanda, thanks for your comment, actually we do have Coffre D'or at Kanebo stands and I've seen them at Landmark and other department stores..they don't have as much variety as those online but we do have it down here, you're in luck, Lunasol will be available and launch this coming August. Check outthis site :)

    Enjoy your trip, sounds like you will be shopping :)

  18. Kate is now available in Watsons i saw . 1 of my fren do sell them too through their blog , is cheaper too .. anyway i'm a kate fan too . u look pretty . :)


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