Friday, October 24, 2008

Readers Corner: Pencil Lining my eyes...My way!

"Nikki, how do you line your eyes using an eyeliner pencil that doesn't look too obvious but gives a big impact to the eyes?"

A lot of beauty bloggers have done this! So I've been procrastinating on answering this query. LOL Sorry. But because I got the energy now, and I think it's just right to show "my way" of lining my eyes EVERYDAY :)

So .... I've finally done it (at long last) using pictures to convey my messages :)

Tips ---
  • always use a sharpened pencil (I am using Paul & Joe Eyeliner Pencil in Black)
  • no need to pull the eyes
  • draw short strokes at a time starting from the outer lid going inward
  • do not press the pencil hard, do it on feathery strokes
  • after you finish drawing a line, try to raise your brows and check if there's any "spot" that you missed lining (as seen on the final photo above)

And here's how my eyes look after!

Watch out for my next post on lining my eyes using a Gel Liner :)
It's Friday!!!! Let's all line our eyes and be happy! :P


  1. that's a perfect line :) my line always seems retarded LOL


  2. haha the ironic thing about this is that i didn't wear eye liner today :( & i usually never leave home without it because i look so tired (esp. now because i AM tired, so i must look doubley tired)

    it doesn't smudge on your upper lid? mahal ba yang brand na yan?

  3. I used to never line my eyes before because I always thought that it would make my eyes appear smaller. But now, I wouldn't leave the house without at least line my eyes. Gosh!! Speaking of moodswing :)

    Happy weekend to you twin. Can't believe it's already or almost weekend on your side. I feel like I just said the same line to you yesterday. LOL

  4. lovely!! wow gel liner! yes please! i have one but i can never get a good look!!

  5. i've been reading entries about eyes everywhere... :)

    my eyes have been irritating lately. must've been the constant use of contact lenses. sigh.

  6. i think you could totally rock a BUMPIT with your hair girl and look reallly cute and retro -- never knowwww unless you try itttttttt ^__^

  7. i cnt use pencil liner :( it smudges all the time. gel liner tips pls!!!

  8. Nanzy, that's nice of you! I don't call it perfect, but if you think it's perfect, I'm going to take the compliment! Tee hee Muwah you back!

    Yumyumsushi, I have dry lids, so I can't really tell much, but Paul & Joe Eyeliner costs Php950.00 (approx $20.00) so it's pricey, I am sure there are cheaper brands out there who does the job! I bought mine on sale kasi, so it's worth it if it's on sale! :)

    Twin, I've always thought lining my eyes would make my eyes smaller too, I guess if you line the WHOLE eyes, it will make it smaller, but it does makes my eyes a bit bigger, I can't leave home without eyelining too! :)

    Yumeko, posted the gel lining tip for you! :D Hope it helps

    Sab, could be you're too tired too! Hope you get well soon! Don't put any product on your eyes and relax it a bit! :)

    Kimberly Tia, I think I should give it a try huh :) thanks for the push!

    Prettybeautiful, gel liner tips available for you! :)

    Thanks Aly! :) *waves at Tobey* Hi Tobey too!


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