Friday, October 24, 2008

Reader's Corner: Gel Lining My Eyes, My Way

(This is a continuation of my Pencil Lining My Eyes, My Way post)

Lining the eyes using gel takes a lot of time and practice, but if you get used to it, you'll find the effect it gives out is more dramatic! And with the right gel liner (my HG is Stila Smudgepots) it stays until you wash your face! This is best used for parties, or those important events that you don't want to have a raccoon eyes!

I am using Smashbox Flat Liner Brush
from the Smashbox Beyond Beauty Encounter Brush Kit
Stila Smudgepots in Black

And they say
"Pictures Paint a Thousand Words"
I'm painting millions!

  • Same as using an eyeliner pencil, I start from the outer corner of the eye going inward
  • You can use different eyeliner brushes and see which one you're most comfortable with! I've tried slanted liner brush, and other eyeliner brush but I felt most comfortable with this brush on the photo.
  • Using your other hand, press the "temple" area to prevent your skin from moving so much, but never PULL! (say no to wrinkles!)
  • Use small brush strokes and do not repeat the "same area" again and again as the line will go on thick and uneven. There's a saying that goes : "Just MOVE ON!"
  • After "gel-lining" your eyes, if you see any gaps , you can always fill it in with a pencil!
  • Keep in mind that you don't have to line your eyes PERFECTLY everytime, practice makes perfect!
  • If you made a huge mistake, use a cotton bud dipped with make-up remover and slowly wipe the "mistake"
And most of all...
If things go wrong....


And here's my finished look

And if I want to "wing" it!
Shake your booty and wing it like you mean it! :P

I guess that's it for today!
Poor readers, I'm sure you guys hate my eyes for now!
Don't worry, next post will to trim your NOSE HAIRS! *HAHAHAHA*
and please....DO NOT HOLD YOUR BREATHE! I won't do it lol!
Any volunteers? Keep that smile baby!

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  1. i'm going to try using mine
    thanks for the tutorial!

    and yes spray is easier for tsubaki oil i think

  2. LOL nosehairs?! But then again, I'm sure there are people in this world how can learn a thing or two from a tutorial for it :)

    And yah...I guess for oily people like me, it wouldn't make much sense to put more oil ontop of the oil producing skin. Didn't think of that! but shucks, would be cool^^

  3. I love gel eyeliners. I have them in many colors and I wear them almost everyday. I've even ditched pencil liners. Great tutorial, Nikki! :D Very easy to follow

  4. haha nose hair! you're so silly :)

    & you're right it takes a lotttt of practice! & constant use! mannn i stopped using gel liners & when i tried to last week it was SOOO much harder than i remember! that & i was using a different brush so that coulda been it too!

  5. Since I never used Gel liner before, so you have to wet the brush first all the time? lol Now, I am starting to be curious about get liner :D

  6. Yumeko, I hope you'll get used to it! Do show us how it goes :) goodluck!

    Rasilla, LOL you bet a lot of people will learn a lot on trimming nose hairs, but NOT from me! LOL

    Digital Angel, sis! How have you been? Weekend is coming!!! Yay! About the gel liner, no the brush doesn't have to be wet, actually my brush is dry, I think it just looks wet! :)

  7. wow, i used to think most gals line their upper lashlines from the inside going out. and i've also dependended on my tipped liner brush and angled brush for winging -- i have a flat liner brush but i can't make it work! this is pretty interesting way to try out, maybe one of these days i should give it another try and see how i do lol. btw do you have Blacktrack? i still haven't tried Stila Smudgepot and if it's at par or better than Blacktrack then am in to try it. i got oily lids so am wary about stuff i use on my eyes. thanks in advance sweetie! stay healthy always! *XOXO*

  8. Fuz, thanks sweetheart!

    Mhean, I don't own MAC Blacktrack but I've used it, it works well but I bought Stila Smudgepots first, I would say give it a try! I've used it for all makeovers I've done from oiliest lids to the driest lids and Stila didn't fail me! If you finished up the Blacktrack, do give this a try

  9. ia lways have a hard time linin it... i wanna learn how to line it thin... and its usually crookit too lol

  10. i am a gel liner idiot. i have to use liquid. i can't even use pencils...

    you look great!!!

    but i dare not to try it out...

  11. hmn, maybe i should. :D thanks dear!

  12. Beautiful! Gel eye liner is my favorite. It is the most precise and smoothest. You are wingin' it!!

  13. Thanks for this. I'v only used pencil and liquid liners so far but I'm starting to get be interested in the gel ones too so this is very helpful. I guess now I only ned to go buy one and practice a lot!

  14. Aww, but I was looking forward to the nose-hair trimming post! LoL. I've been tightlining my eyeliner lately b/c all I have to do is fill in the line. Haha. I'm not used to lining my eyes from the outside in. I should try it sometime.

  15. Why can I picture myself with gel liner on my cheek or eyebrows, but none on my eyelids? :)

  16. Great tips. I love my loreal hip cream eyeliner. I like to use a finer pointed brush (kinda like the point of a pencil)

  17. Jesmakeup :) I still got some days where my line goes crooked!LOL I think it's normal! :)

    JoJoba, wow, if you can apply liquid liner, I'm sure you'll do great with GEL, gel dries faster, the first I've used is liquid liner as well and girl! It is hard! :) With loads of practice from Liquid liner, gel liner became a breeze :)

    Mhean, you're welcome!

    B, thanks sweetheart! :P I do remember you when I'm shaking my booty! :P

    Gio, so true, go out and buy one! What's the brand you planned to buy? There's just so many great ones, Bobbi Brown, Stila, MAC and.. I heard KATE is good too!

    Tracy, I seldom tightline my eyes because my eyes are quite sensitive, I've had ugly allergies before and I don't want it to happen again! :P You have to wait long for the nose hair trimming post..:P Maybe if I get older? Around 60?

    Smirking cat LOL It is a scary thought to use liquid or gel as liner...I never thought I'd get into these! I am just a pencil lady! for years!

    Aprecia, oohh Yeah a lot of people use the pencil "tip" brush as liner, it works for them, me..I am always in a hurry so the brush I use is the best and the fastest..for me though :P Whatever works right? I have used L'oreal Hip from a friend and it works too! The free brush is awful though LOL

  18. Hi! i just wanna ask what eyeliner do you use on your clients? is it the same gel liner that you use on yourself? i'm gonna be doing about 4 people's makeup and i don't wanna have to buy 4 different gel liners for them. and can you use liquid liners on other people? thansk if you reply! :)

  19. I do use the same eyeliner for myself and clients because I always make sure to disinfect the "brushes" i use on each client. I always wipe the brush on a brush wipes before I redip it on the gel liner. :D Hope this helps and goodluck


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