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Askmewhats Reviews: In2It Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner

Friends, countrymen, aliens :)
I have been talking about lining the eyes yesterday so I guess it is just the right timing to pull out the liner I've used! I think this is the best time to do a review on this product because I'm almost done with this and I'm ready to throw this out! (you can see in the photo below just how much product is left)


And here's the Vital Stats..

You twist the product and the eyeliner will come up
In this case, that's the only product LEFT lol

Let's check out the "butt"

A Sharpener!!!

In2It says ---

This retractable eyeliner combines the ease of an eye pencil with the long-wearing hold of a liquid liner. The ultra-soft textures draws a clean and precise line. It glides on smoothly & effortlessly for a precise & intense result. Without dragging the delicate skin around the eyes.

Askmewhats says ---

  • does glide easily
  • lasts whole day (but I don't have very oily lids)
  • free sharpener (which helps a lot)
  • packaging is nice, I would say it's not made of cheap retractable plastics
  • doesn't give out a raccoon eye look (you will know why when you read further below)

  • easy to finish up as the eyeliner is a bit short
  • the sharpener is great but hard to clean up because it's too small


I can't seem to find In2It's website, and I don't think they have any. To be honest, I am still unclear up to now on where In2It is originally from. (any help on this? Feel free to comment)

Anyways, back to the In2It eyeliner, for people who hates to sharpen their eyeliner pencil, this is going to be a good product for them as you ALWAYS have the sharpener together with the product. I find this easy to use and I would recommend this to a first time eyeliner user!

  • if you have super oily lids, you can always dust a loose powder gently on top of the eyeliner to prevent it from smudging
  • refer to my post on how to apply pencil liner here
Will I repurchase?


Where to purchase and how much?

All SM Department stores that has In2It booths, Landmark for Php375.00 (approx $8.00).
Available in black and brown.

And before I finish this review,
Let me show you a Smudge Test
Let's see how well it can handle the "Punisher!"

Here's In2It retractable waterproof eyeliner applied in think and thick lines

As you can see, you wouldn't smudge your eyes the way I did on my hand, so it did passed my test, instead of creating a messy and dirty look, it'll disappear.

I'd rather have a "disappearing" eyeliner rather than an eyeliner that creates an unwanted "smokey" look LOL

Anyways, I hope this review helps for most Asian countries who has In2It products selling in beauty stores. If you're using this too, let me know how you like it!

I will be off for a relaxing weekend spending time with my honey as it's our 1 yr Wedding Anniversary this coming October 27th! Time flies so fast!

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  1. ur soo lucky to not have oily lids..u don't have to worry about eyeliner running and getting raccoon eyes..i use to not wear e/l because of that.
    But I love ur tips on putting e/l on..thanks!

  2. the sharpener in the end is a neat idea. :) although i prefer gel liners now over pencils (with the exception of MUFE aqua eyes! ;D), this product will indeed encourage beginners to learn how to apply e/l easily. :)

  3. i think in2it is from thailand? correct me if i'm wrong. anyway, yea, u r so lucky that you dun have oily lids.. i have oily lids and so far, the best eyeliner for me is BB gel liner.

  4. This was one of my first auto-liners and you're definitely right about it being super smudgeproof! I didn't like the sharpener too.

  5. Mary, true, but it's hard to have dry skin too! lol So can't we just be perfect? hahahha

    Mhean, true, a lot of my friends who are beginners uses pencil and I recommend this :0

    Veren, ooh thanks, I just asked the SA and she said Made in Japan? Now I'm more confused! Lol Thailand could be it too! Hmm, I wish someone would answer our question :)

    Connie *high five* on the sharpener, it just made everything dirty! LOL

  6. I'm ashameeed~ Because this eyeliner has been the only one I've been using rather frequently but I never knew about the sharpener! LOL! I haven't tried that many eyeliners but this is one of the best I've bought so far.

  7. Hasegawa Ayane, thanks so much for visiting my site and for commenting, I am glad I was able to tell you and let you know about the sharpener at the bottom :)

  8. in2it is a Malaysian line I believe, =)I wrote about them when I was an intern and they'd just hit the market and that would be what I was lead to believe.

    As you can see from their lack of online info, they are sadly very unmedia savvy - so interviewing them was...difficult.

  9. from some reliable source, in2it is a japanese brand.. :)

  10. In2it does have a website.

    How long did it take you to consume the entire stick? Approximately how many uses do you think it lasted you?


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