Saturday, October 25, 2008

Joppa Minerals Samples are Here!

Hey everyone! Remembered I posted on my blog as seen here about Joppa Minerals having a free first class shipping worldwide? Well, I grabbed the opportunity to try on their foundation samples as Mhean talks so fondly of them and I trust her when she says it works!

Actually I've had my shade ready on the "wishlist" and I am just waiting for the free shipping promo before I transfer it to BUY NOW! :P (Am I bright or am I super bright? lol)

I've checked Mhean's site and also Nessa's site as both of them have tried Joppa MMU foundation! After giving a lot of thought, I've decided to try on their 3pcs Mini Sampler starter kit as I don't need any of their eyeshadows or blushes as I've ordered them all in their first free shipping promotion! (you can check it out here)

I did my order last Oct 17th and I received this Oct 22nd!!! Less than 1 week! That is a Guiness Book of Record!!!

A lovely Joppa Name Card and I didn't make a mistake! I said I tried their 3 pcs mini sampler but I ordered the sampler 2x! LOL

What I ordered ---
(all for $7.00, free shipping)

  • Medium Light #2 Full Coverage (I have a strong feeling this is my color so I ordered 2 of these, and...I AM RIGHT!!!!)
  • Medium Light #3 Full Coverage
  • Nutmeg in Simple Radiance
Finishing Silk
  • Original Sheer
  • Simple Radiance Sheer
Swatches Time!

I've used the Medium Light #2 since the moment I received it and I have to say, I am very impressed! Together with the finishing silk, it is a match made in heaven! Don't keep my word yet as I've only been using this for 3 days! But I am really happy I've tried them and because I am so happy with the result and I love the coverage and the way it glides on smoothly on my skin.

And you know what I did? It was the last day of "Free Shipping" promo and I gave in ordering the 3pcs Large Sampler (20g jar) which includes 2 foundations and 1 finishing silk! It costs $24.00! And best of all, I typed in the code "TEN", and I get a 10% off!!! I should have typed in the code on my first order right? But it's ok !!!

Sad to say, for you gals who are interested, Free Shipping promo is over! But I'll definitely keep you guys posted if there's more promotion coming in the future!

I can't wait to get my larger samples! I'll definitely report back to all of you who wants to read a more in-depth review on this!

What makes you smile today?
Me, it's knowing that stuffs in life works for me!
Yes, even mini samplers that matches my skin tone makes me happy!
And knowing you guys are reading my posts makes me even happier!
Thanks ! *muwah*!


  1. ooh i ordered after i saw your post abt free shipping a while back
    hope i get mine soon too!!

  2. glad to see you had a great first impression on Joppa too! :) it is my HG MMU foundie and nothing has beaten it yet! i actually want to buy from them again if only i can finish my stash yet hehe. so li'l can go a long long way so it lasts a while indeed. ;) aww, you're def lighter than me 'cause am Med Light #3. :D maybe next time you could also try Original Finishing Silk in Medium, that's my HG finishing powder. Sheer's finish is same with Medium and it's fantastic but Medium is more tainted i suppose and Sheer makes me look a lot whiter than i'd like to be. but maybe since you're fairer Sheer is fine. just thought you'd want to try Medium haha.

  3. Thanks for the comment! LOL yes i enjoyed it very much!!!!!! hehe wow the Mediuem light #3 matches ur skin color perfectly! its so hard for me to find my right foundation skin color. I cant wait to see how it look on ur lovely face!! =]

  4. I too order from Joppa a week ago and I got mine in the mail a few days ago. Their products are really good.

  5. Wow Girlie!!

    Joppa looks great!!! I just did a review for another mineral makeup company... so many mineral co.'s to choose from! goodness...

  6. that's very interesting that they have free worldwide shipping! I'm maxed out for my shopping budget this month so I'll wait for your reviews and see if they're worth a shot. :) Thanks!

  7. i'm glad you got a perfect match, i know how hard it is to get that! haha

    what makes me smile....

  8. oohh i love joppa minerals as well! and girl, you have a perfect instinct! LOL

  9. Bittenbefore, let me know how you like yours!!! :)

    Mhean, thanks for recommending the Finishing Silk in Medium :) I may give it a try if they have another free shipping promo. I ordered larger sample at once that day I tried on their samples LOL

    Makemeup, sure I'll give it a full face shot for you gals to see the effect :)

    Anonymous, I'm glad you like them :D

    Kimberly TIa, yup! i've read your review on the local company, I took a look on their site at once :)

    Connie, I definitely would go for cheaper shipping OR best of all, free shipping! I would NEVER pay crazy expensive shipping rates! NEVER! I'll let you know how it goes, give me some more days to use it :)

    Yumyumsushi, congrats! I'm glad midterm exams are over! hope all the grades are good!

    Ai, I'm glad I do have good instincts :) Or..shall I say good researching skills ? :D Have a great week!

  10. Lucky duck! I NEVER get matches when I mail order foundation. That's why I stopped doing it:) Enjoy your make up!

  11. hi nikki! thanks for always commenting on my blog. i must say, i really love this blog! you have the coolest makeup. ^_^

    anyway, im sad that i didnt see the post on the Joppa sale in time. but i think therell be a next time so ill keep my fingers crossed!


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