Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Food Tripping at: The Fridays!

October 27, 2007

A very special day for me as that was the day I got married. I can't believe time flies so fast and our 1 year anniversary is here!!!

How did we celebrate our first year anniversary as married couple and upcoming 12th year anniversary as bf and gf? We decided to de-stress and spend our weekend at Holiday Inn Hotel. (The reason why I didn't have the chance to post yesterday!) We chose the hotel as we never stayed there and it's connected to the Robinson's Galleria Mall. :) Best way to de-stress is to shop too! LOL

Anyways, it's weekend food tripping post once again! We haven't had the chance to really go out and eat since we got sick! As soon as we got better, we've decided to celebrate and dine in our favorite restaurant called The Fridays....and everyone knows I love FRIDAYS -- as a day of the week too!

We like to keep it simple, here's my ultimate favorite salad of all time!

Chicken Salad

Their dressing is the best!!!
Their chicken tastes wonderful too!

approx Php400.00 ($8.50)

Cajun Chicken Fingers
They offer Regular Chicken Fingers and Cajun Chicken Fingers I love Cajun chicken fingers as it's crunchy on the outside, and juicy on the inside. I love the taste of it's Cajun spice wrapped around the chicken! PLUS, the fries, I love Fries from the Fridays! Doesn't taste like those frozen potatoes

approx Php280.00 ($6.00)

Pinoy Steak with Rice

Steak is juicy, not much fat.
Dip it with vinegar, you are in heaven!
Love the vegetables that came along with the meal
and the rice is just perfect!!!

I am not a dessert person. I don't like to eat much sweets! But if you do dine at the Fridays, make sure to order this ultimate dessert!


2 warm chocolate brownies topped with vanilla ice cream with nuts When you eat it, it just felt warm and cold at the same time and melts lovely inside your mouth


And before I say goodbye, here's the hotel room we stayed over the weekend

I would say it wasn't outstanding but it wasn't bad either. It was a great weekend though because I spent it with someone I love :)

Happy Anniversary Keith!!!!
Many years for both of us!
I Love you!!!


  1. congrats and happy anniversary to you guys!!! *_^

  2. Happy Anniversary and many blessings to you both!!

  3. Happy Anniversary Nikki! many many many years more!

    FRIDAYS is my fave too!!

  4. happy 1st anniv! indeed, cheers to many more years to come! :) wow, 13 years altogether! outstanding. ;)

  5. Happy Anniversary to you and Keith! And many more!

  6. happy anniversary and wish you many many more to come!!

  7. Happy anniversary! You guys make a cute couple! :)

  8. aww its ur anniversary? congrats<3

    thanks for the sweet comment on my pic<333

    girl! u gotta stop teasin me wit all these delicious food!

  9. happy anniversary! ^.^
    a weekend get a way! verrryyy nicee! i'm glad you had a great time & yummm food!
    the pinoy steak one reminded me of what i ate today hehe my mommie cookie it for me :P

  10. HAPPY Anniversary and to your hubby!!

    The food makes me hungry!

  11. it's been quite a while since I've been to TGIF - but the food still looks as yummy as ever!

    Happy Anniversary babes... :)

  12. oh congratulations, Nikki!! :) de-stress is goooood! and yummy food is too good lol

  13. Congrats!
    wow the first year, i dunno what the tradition is there...but apparently here its eating your wedding cake...did ya?

    but then again, brownies with icecream is close enough :P

  14. awww happy 1 year to you two!!!
    what a nice lil get away with food and love -- what could be better!!!

  15. happy anniv sis. I do agree that the simplest of things become grand when you are with the one you love.. :) awww!!!!!

  16. happy anniversary!

    our anniversaries are just 20 days apart. we got married 10/07/07 haha

    mrs ck

  17. Happy Anniversary, beautiful!!! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time!!! And that dessert looks sooo yummy. Have a great Monday!

  18. awww i didnt even know u were married! congrats chica!

  19. Happy anniversary! And many more to come! I'm glad you had a great time.

  20. Happy anniversary Nikki! Wishing you and Keith greater and deeper love on each day, and of course, lots of babies :D

  21. happy anniversary my sweets! umm nikki that bed is looking a little worn out, i mean... there's no such thing as too much fun but.. j/k!! LOL! i'm glad you two had a great time!

  22. happy anniversary! tgif serves great burgers!

  23. How romantic.

    Happy anniversary, twin!!!

  24. geez, it's been a year na. time flies so fast. belated happy anniversary to you and keith. sowee,kinda windang pa ako from my lakad kaya now lang nakapag greet. wishing you the best always! muah! see you soon!

  25. cajun chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, cheeseburger and spicy new orleans pasta.. TGIF faves!!


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