Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Askmewhats Version: "Halloween Whore" Look

Thanks everyone for wishing me and Keith a wonderful 1 year wedding anniversary! :)
We do think time flies super fast because we acted like we're boyfriends and girlfriends and always enjoy the moment we have together! Thanks for people who wishes us for many more years! I'm sure we will!!! We won't let you guys down!!!

Anyways, let me get back to "beauty related" post....LOL I have to inform you my dear readers that this post could probably shock whoever who knows me....or I may lose readers from after this! hahaha

I know almost everyone's doing a "Halloween" look and I wanted to jump in and do one myself. But, I am not that creative and I can't draw my face! I'll probably try in the future but I'm too lazy! Sorry!

Anyways, this year, I wanted to think out of the box. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone. So that's when I got inspired to do a "Halloween Whore" look because I can never PULL off a "whore" look and I still can't! :P But you can't blame the girl for trying!

Here's my close up eye shot!

Yeah baby! I've got full lashes! :P

(Thanks to sis Shen for the lashes)

Both eyes....
*wink wink wink*

A mix of Twiggy inspired eyes
Trying to create an illusion of deeper set of eyes
(I did say "trying")

I got inspired from the METRO magazine issue
Trying to create a subtle look that packs a major punch
(in my dictionary, this isn't subtle and you'll see why lol)

Yes, because of the super RED lippie!!!
This will probably be the first and last time you'll see me pose like this! LOL

And THIS!!!

Products Used ---
  • MAC Paintpot in Soft Ochre
  • Coastal Scents 78pcs palette in White (thanks again to Digital Angel for this)
  • MAC Carbon eyeshadow
  • Stila Smudgepots in black
  • Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara in Black
  • MAC Coquette - to fill in eyebrows
  • The Face Shop Flower Silky Foundation in N02
  • Stila Illuminated Tinted Moisturizer in Shade 1 - mixed with foundation (thanks B)
  • MAC Sculpt and Shape Shadester
  • Thevi pink e/s as blush
  • In2It lipstick in Scorcher

And will I ever finish this post without making you smile????
I was doing this hugging myself like someone's hugging me
and hubby took a shot of it!
I tried so hard but damn you TAG! Damn you for showing!

Yeah, I did managed to embarrass myself!
And I still am.... *blushes*
Happy Halloween in advance!
It honestly takes a lot of effort to click the PUBLISH POST button!
Hug me please! LOL


  1. *hugs* awh, you don't look like a whore but you do look sexy! Playing with makeup outside your comfort zone can be very very fun sometimes. Where else can you have the courage to do different looks but your own blog? That's my inspiration anyways. Gosh, it's 6am and i'm still not asleep. I can't sleep :( Gmorning!

  2. Hehehee, very nice! I like it a lot~ Though it may not be subtle, I think it looks very glamorous on you, totally not whorish at all.

  3. awww u look so cute! i think red lipstick really does look good on you!!! hehe

  4. I love the look of falsies on you. It definitely transforms you into a vixen.

  5. you look sultry sis! hot hot hot! :D

  6. Ooh...you look gorgeous! No way a whore. But sexy yes!

  7. wow! u look so different and hot!

  8. Morning Connie! what are you doing up til 6am??? I hope you don't need to go somewhere today coz it'll be bad! You'll be sleep- walking! :) Thanks for the hug! *hugs back*

    Fuz, lol definitely NOT subtle in my dictionary! but it's nice to play around!

    Makemeup...lol I just can't wear red lippie! LOL It'll just be red lippie for HOME only! LOL

    Fabuless beauty, it does change the total look I had fun attaching falsies!

    Mhean sis, lol you can pull this off! YOu can pull this better than I do for sure!

    Marianne, classy and elegant, I LOVE IT!

    Sesame, thanks girl!!! You'll have to drag me to get out of the house..or ROOM! with this make up on lol

    Prettybeautiful, totally not me eh?

  9. Wooow! Those eyes are crazy intense. Just beautiful. And I love that lip color. Girl, you are just hot!

  10. goodness, what a gorgeous ho you are! Love the lashes and the vampy lips!

  11. whhhhaattt? you look so hot in red lipstick and you didn't join my contest ^^sad^^

  12. nikki! this is actually the look i'm going for!

    do you use diff shades of black for this?

    you should def. do this for halloween!

  13. Doing nothing. I plain couldn't sleep. I finally slept by 7 and woke up at 10. I have class at 11. Have a great day! *woozy*

  14. ooo...all you need is a pair of super high, blood-red stilettos (and let the hair go) to complete the look...loving the lashes girl! :)

    PS: you have SO got to teach me how to use falsies!!

  15. B, thanks girlfriend! HOT is not in my dictionary... :P But it's great to know it's in YOUR dictionary to describe me :P

    Aileen, I can be a HO right? lol

    Twin, trust me, I'll ruin your contest coz I CANNOT POSE!!!! You can ask Keith, he wanted me to be serious and I ended up looking like a "retard"

    Sabby, no, I've only use one shade of black and a whole lot of blending and packing on the colors, the secret in this look is to use a strong base so the "white" e/s will show up and create an illusion of a deeper set of eyes (which I can't seem to have). I can do your look! :P

    Connie, take care, I hope you keep yourself awake in Class!

    Beetrice, trust me! that is already too much for me! LOL I would be like an "awkward geek" with red heels ! But thanks for liking the whore side of me! :P And I'll definitely help you put on lashes when I do visit Malaysia!!!!

  16. Hot dang! Tres sexy, dahlink! Love the lashes, red lippie, everything!

    *wolf whistle* Lucky husband of yours ;)

  17. beautiful and sexy!!

    happy Anni to your and your husband, I hope you have many happy days together!

  18. Nikki, you are looking sexy! Loving your eyes~ And the falsies... it's so nicely put! my falsies are always weird on me >_<

    Lovely girl!

  19. i'm sorry to have to tell you this, but YOU FAIL! you don't look like a whore at all! haha
    you actually remind me of a performer (nothing sexual) ahhaha ahhh! in any case you look great!

  20. hahah the tag made me laugh out loud at work XD

  21. loka! this look will never pass as a hollywood whore on you!! you'll never ever look like that except na lang siguro pag nakawig, uber tall platforms, mini sequinned skirt and boa feather!! hahaha! you look so glam here!!! the red lips accentuated your lips perfectly!! :) super nice!!

  22. Tine, with your kind and sweet words, I'll be going after you instead of my hubby if you're a man :P

    Nicnic, thanks girl :) Hope you're feeling better

    Jo, thanks girl, I like GLAM!

    Plue, Falsies are super weird on me especially the first time I put it on, but after several minutes, you kinda got used to it and you work it girl! LOL

    YumYumSushi, yeah, I can go for a "can can" dancer...:) From Spain but Chinese looking LOL

    Yumeko sorry for making you laugh at work, you aren't in trouble right? lol

    Shen, I failed, I cannot be a whore then! Gosh, what should be my "sideline" job? Lol

  23. i dunno ate..i like the look on you. fab!!:)

  24. lol! sideline ka jan?? Pwede ka na maging part ng Chicago play!! :) sosyal!

  25. achie. you are so not a whore even if you tried. but you look so vavavoom there!!!! :D

  26. You look gorgeous and classy, not like a whore at all! I love the lashes and the red lips!

  27. i'm loving the red lipstick! definitely very 1950s :)

  28. *giggles uncontrollably at last pic* I didn't notice the tag but I did notice you were being "hugged" by someone with painted nails! LOL... You actually looked very lovely and sexy here - not whorish at all IMO :D

  29. Jamie, thanks for liking it :)

    Shen, girl!!! I'd love to be part of the Chicago play! I love to be part of a theatre play!

    Sophie, I failed big time, I can't be a whore??? Uggghh what a girl to do to be able to pull off a whore look? lol

    Gio, I am starting to love the lashes, but the red lips..lol I need tons and tons of time to get used to it :)

    Lily :) Thanks

    Parisb, oh yeah! come to think of it, the person hugging me has "Painted" nails, not manly at all! GOSH! No wonder I can't pull off a whore look, I overlooked tiny details like this! *hits forehead* I'm a loser! :D LOL

  30. Niks!

    You look super sexy and glamorous with smoky eyes. I love it! =) Miss you much!!!

  31. Oh... wawawa... wow! I love it! love it! love it! Here we are thinking that you are quiet ;)

  32. Tracy, thanks dear!

    Ronabeth! Wow you commented! thanks so much for complimenting my "whore" look, I miss you too!

    Gracie...hahaha I am still quiet ..and meek hahaha just that...I had to venture what's "NEW" :)

  33. I'm so surprised with this look. You look great!

  34. waaaaaa love the lashes

    soooooo pretty :D

  35. Devi, not my personality right? LOL But I had fun shocking people. I had this kind of make up on for our Halloween party and I shocked my colleagues LOL

    Aika, thanks! :)

  36. No, you don't look like a whore...you remind me of Carmen (the gypsy girl in Bizet's opera...not Carmen Electra...)I am waiting for Halloween to be over so I can pick up some cheap candies in the grocery store...(I am too old to trick or treat.)

    I want to try out some falsies too...


  37. nik this is awesome on you!!!! love love love this. keep surprising us and giving us the drama! ;)


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