Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Some Shopping You Can Do While I'm Away :P

Isn't this an EYE CANDY?

My wonderful friend and Shobe Sophie will be accepting prebuys for the lovely babies!!! I can't help but DROOL, soft brushes and in PINK???? What more can a girl ask for???

Check out her site by smiling and clicking Beauty & Minerals
*Drool drool drool*

Another prettylicious friend Shen gave me a couple of freebies from Ellana Minerals. I haven't had the chance to do a review on it but I am loving it!!! The minerals are fine and really...great for sensitive skin! Take a look at her uber girly shop and you find that there's a whole lot more to choose from for your Mineral Make-up Orgasm! :P

Check out her site by smiling and clicking
Shen's Minerals


  1. ohhh those brushes........ how much r those!???? they're soo cute.. i seriously need new affordable ones!

  2. oh i want those brushes too!! will check the site out when i go home tonight! thanks!!

  3. awww!! thanks sis!! :) enjoy Shanghai! :)

  4. I still have Sophie's Charm full-size duo fibre/stippling brush, and it is just divine, it works just as great as MAC 187 (my eternal thanks to Sophie!). Now that travel one looks like another winner, and the pink handles are freaking gorgeous. I wonder if Sophie accepts pre-buy orders from the US?

  5. Yiz yiz, I accept orders from the US na! :) Yay! :)

    Thanks for the plug achie Nikki! Yowzabest! *hugs*


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