Friday, October 3, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: Thevi Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation

It took a loooooongggg time for me to be able to review this product because of ONE reason. This color is too dark for me and I needed a model who goes with the shade of this product and test it on her.

Bea of Beatrilicious was on her US trip for almost a month when I got this product, SO....sorry for the delayed review, but it's always better late than never right?

I got a couple of products from Thevi Cosmetics for a road test and so far, I've been impressed with their products as I tested on them one by one. This is the last and I'm not disappointed.

Product Solo Shot :D

Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation with SPF 15
in Sandy Beige ($32.00)

You can see the size of the product beside my hand A swatch on the product itself See how dark it is on me?
(Not Thevi's Fault though, this is just a test on their products)

Here's how it looks when you rub it on your skin

Easy to blend!

And here's how the Thevi Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation Looks
on Bea's Skin :)
No other make-up applied
Isn't she pretty?

Thevi Says ---

Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation SPF15 ($32.00)

Smooth start to a flawless finish. This creamy fluid, fortified with a muti-mineral complex, provides just enough coverage to even out your complexion, not cover it up, while a blend of natural light diffusers creates a soft, flawless finish. Enriched with vitamins E& C for anti-oxidant protection, and skin-conditioning Vitamin A. Hypoallergenic. Oil-free.

Askmewhats says ---

  • fragrance free
  • easy to blend
  • doesn't feel heavy
  • stays on for hours
  • very natural looking no matter how much you apply

  • not available in the Philippines


Bea's skin is a combination of Oily and Dry. Her make-up tends to darken on her as she's got acidic skin as well. I find that using this is a breeze on her as the foundation goes on smoothly and moisturizes the areas that needed moisture and controls the oil on areas that goes oily.

After application, Bea told me that she doesn't feel any make-up on her. Everything felt natural and light, and the best thing? The make-up did not darken on her.

What I like about this product is it is build-able, you can go on several layers and it doesn't look too cake-y. Always gives out a smooth, healthy finish.

Will I repurchase?

Yes, I would love to use this in my shade!

I am still having a time of my life in Shanghai at the moment
But doesn't mean that I'm not thinking about you guys!
Miss you all!

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  1. whee yay for having fun in shanghai!!
    thansk for sharing this review too!!

  2. Thanks for this review, Nikki! Do you know the ingredients for this foundation? Oh, and which shade is it?

  3. I've heard about thevi but I have no idea where to buy it? I really wanna try it!

  4. It looks good on your friend! :)

  5. we miss you too! i love the look of this liquid foundation. :)

  6. Bea looks flawless. It sucks that the shade didn't match you. I think the foundation is pretty expensive. Especially when you can't see it in person to test it out first. Gosh, i've gotten so many foundie samples from the mall and still have a hard time choosing. I hate buying and returning it if it doesn't work out, and I cannot keep it since it's a waste of money when I don't get the result I need.

    Have a fun trip in Shanghai! I'd love to see that city myself one day. But for now, you gotta share some pictures!!

    Sorry I haven't been visiting around. I missed stalking your blog. hehehe...

  7. Ohhh why can't any makeup company come out with liquid foundation that has SPF 45+....the only ones I know of are Korean/Japanese brand which doesn't go well with my skin :(

    Your friend's skin seem flawless!

  8. awww she's beautiful, great color match!

  9. OMG she's pretty.. such a sweet smile.. and I now try to find a liquid form of mineral foundation.. because powder are too much trouble.. and they dust every where..

  10. Bittenbefore :) thanks dear

    Tracy, the active ingredients are Titaninium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide. It contains silica too. The shade is Sandy Beige

    Roxy, Thevi cosmetics are not available locally but they did ship it to me, so they do ship worldwide. Check out their site and email them for shipping rates :)

    Alyssa and shen, thanks !

    Jiejie, it is difficult to choose the right shade, sometimes, whatever the SA shows you and tells you that is right for you doesn't even come out as RIGHT :) quite challenging!

    ebeautyblog, I know, this Thevi Liquid Mineral Foundation comes with SPF15 which is ok for me coz most of the liquid foundation doesn't come out with much SPF, but yeah SPF 45 is great!

    Ren Ren, thanks girl!

    Purple snowflake, yeah Bea has a sweet smile :) And true about the MMU powder flying everywhere, I traveled and left my MMUs at is messy

  11. Mineral liquid foundation...that's a concept that I like! And it looks ingredient friendly as well.

  12. Mineral liquid foundation...that's a concept that I like! And it looks ingredient friendly as well.

  13. Thanks for the enthusiasm everyone! Check out our new company blog at for weekly promotions and giveaways! Also, we do ship internationally and if you have anymore questions, please feel free to leave us a comment at our blog!

    -Thevi Cosmetics
    ~Inner Beauty Made Visible~


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