Sunday, November 30, 2008

All About Down Under

My blog title probably intrigues you or even confuses you. tee hee

I am passionately talking about anything that would make a person feel pretty both in and out...and that definitely includes HYGIENE!!! And hygiene includes what's "Down Under". So I've been quite open to my readers for quite some time, and I am totally comfortable to share my thoughts on this.

I am a loyal user of Feminine Cleansing Wipes. I know, some may raise their brows about this, but I love using it. And let me share you what I am loving at the moment.

Charmee Feminine Cleansing Wipes in Regular (Pink)
and Charmee Refreshing Menthol (Green).

This is a local brand.
They used to sell it 20 sheets/pack but I can't seem to find them anymore!!!
I alternate the regular one and the green one.
The refreshing menthol is really...uhm....refreshing! LOL

One pack costs Php24.00 (approx $0.50) per pack of 10 cloth

I recently bought another internationally made brand
Playtex Personal Cleansing Cloths
I love this because the scent is GREAT!!! And the sheet is bigger and thicker
It is 2-3 x more expensive than my local brand Charmee
But I wouldn't mind using this once in a while especially on those days
I have the monthly period because this is FLUSHABLE!
Costs Php185.00 (approx $3.75) for a pack of 40 cloth

I have also tried Summer's Eve Sensitive Skin Feminine Powder
I can't compare this to other brands as I haven't used other brands or I haven't seen any local version of this. I find that it is quite messy and I can actually survive without this. I don't sweat that much ya know! *grins*

I am also a daily pantyliner user :( Gosh I am sharing so much information am I? Again, it is my own preference. I sit so much at work and I don't like to have uncomfortable feeling down there. I usually change my liners 2-3 x a day depending on the situation. I hate it when liners go "scratchy" or "too cottony" for me, I've even tried some that sticks to my "undies" and I had a hard time removing the adhesives...YUCK! It took me a lot of "miss" in choosing for the right pantyliner...but it's all worth the experience because I've finally found the perfect one...again, based on my own experience and opinion.

I love it that it's cheap too!
Sister's Pantyliners
Pack of 20 for only Php19.00 (approx $0.40)

And you'll know I love a product so much

I stock up because most of the products that are HG (holy grail) to me are quite difficult to purchase. Most of the times, they are sold out or they are not sold EVERYWHERE. Excuses excuses..yeah yeah yeah..

What are you going to do today?
It's Sunday my side, the only scheduled thing I need to do is to cut my sister-in-laws' hair! And probably just eat like a pig and rest!!!
I have to be recharged for the coming week!

Enjoy your day!


  1. Thanks for sharing...hehe
    I need to check them out...

  2. look at all those whipes.. lol i wont be doing anythin today.. but tomorrow as of sunday my concert =) yay! have fun...

  3. funny you posted this as i also just uploaded a post of a similar product. lol. i have tried that Summer's Eve and liked it. but i am one who only uses water now. :) good write up and btw, we are heading to the Sunday Market here today. my son enjoyed it so much that he asked to go there again.

  4. I used to use some of those feminine wash or douch when I was younger but I stopped when I learnt that it is not advisable.

    I use panty liners too! About 2 in a day.

  5. Hey girl~ The show is also on YouTube so if you can't find it on TV you can always catch up a bit later online~ :] Isn't it the best show!!!

  6. o.o hahaha
    panty liner user. yes. hahaha

    today i did a WHOLE lot of things. but tomorrow i'm hoping that i can relax a bit sometime between going to the gym, cleaning & doing a whole lot of school work

  7. haha I didn't have a clue what you meant by the title at all! Pantyliners are an awesome invention, I can't do without them either lol

  8. No way is this too much info.
    You just made me feel less like I have personal hygiene OCD. haha

  9. hi ate nikki, i also use the charmee wipes and also the sister pantiliners which i'm loyal to. about the wipes, how often do you use them? is it everytime you pee? me kasi i only use it once in a while.

  10. Uh... er... well, this is a topic I've never thought to cover. That's SHARING, Nikki! *grin*

    I know it's not your Thanksgiving either, but it's such a nice concept, isn't it? Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! And many happy thanks for your visits :-) xo

  11. Mrs __2be, no worries I am glad to share!

    Jesmakeup, ohh enjoy the concert :)

    Jojoba, I really can't believe you have a son! you looked so young, enjoy the weekend with the family! And great minds do think alike :)

    Sesame, I heard about feminine wash and douching not too good, I guess as long as you do it once in awhile :)

    Fuz, thanks, I haven't thought of that, shame on me, I just watched a couple of episodes already :) thanks

  12. YumYumSushi, :) I hope you have a relaxing day tomorrow!

    Blu, hahaha going down under really doesn't give a lot of clue!

    Elisa, me too! I have to share coz I was thinking that it's not normal for me to be like that, well now I feel more "normal" thanks to yoU! hehehe

    Musicalfanlovesminerals, girl!!! Charmee is the best!!! And they're cheap too!

    Janine, thanks so much for the comment, I enjoy visiting your blog and I love it! :) I'm glad you like my "sharing" portion :D

  13. what an interesting post! i do like using cleansing wipes...sometimes regular tissue doesn't do the job!

  14. omg yes girl -- I was trying to get my hands on those coastal scents gel liners too, but I really wanted the black too, but eh-- out of stock everytime i go check.

    so i gave in and bought some Loreal hip gel liners, which are really great and have nice smooth pigmentation and lovely colors!!!

  15. hehe very girly topic. i don't really like cleansing wipes but same with you i use pantyliners daily too! i like Kotex orange lol.

  16. ladystarr, so true!!!

    Tia, I would love to get them and try my luck again on Cyber monday :)

    Mhean, pantyliners are the best right? :)

  17. What a stock! I appreciate your courage to post about this thing. Me too always use pantyliners on regular basis but not the feminine soap :P

  18. ^5 nikki!!!

    i am a big fan of feminine wipes,feminine wash and panty liner as well! :D

    and yeah i do stock them, ALOT of them, esp if there is %, so wont ever run out of it. hehehe

  19. I used to guy the Summer's Eve Feminine Wash, but I came up with a better & much cheaper alternative, I use baby wash. Personally I love the vanilla lavender, but really you can use almost any brand or scent you prefer, it works just as good, you get a much bigger bottle, & it is a whole lot cheaper!

  20. this is definitely one of the more entertaining posts i've read this week! :D good going on making the "unmentionable" topic informative without being TOO informative (oh you know what I mean!!)...LOL!

  21. Devi, it takes "thick faced" and I guess I have it! Hehehe

    Prettybeautiful, me too!!! I have a big case full of stocks that I stock up especially if they're on sale!!! Thank goodness you are one too! and you love nail art as much as I do, aren't we long lost sisters?

    Kimberly, thanks so much for your wonderful suggestion :)

    Bee, I can't believe I posted this too! I just don't feel that "shy" and "embarrassed" anymore, after the face masks shot, nothing will make me more embarrassed! thanks to you and your masks! :P

  22. No need to be shy or embarrassed about this topic. We've all got VJJs, so it's only good that we can discuss about caring for it without getting all weird about it :p

    I'm afraid I'm apprehensive in using feminine wipes and washes. I use Sebamed for that :) Oh, and for the menthol one, wouldn't it sting? Just wondering :p

    PS: Shucks, and I thought you were going to blog about Australia!! :D

  23. Tine! LOL and I call VJJs , VJJs too! LOL I have heard about the brand Sembaned, *wipes forehead* good thing I don't get allergies from feminine wipes and wash like other girls out there! The menthol one doesn't sting, it leaves a "refreshing very light menthol feeling" but only for a short period of time :)

  24. thanks for this post! i agree we all have to be clean there too! and thanks for propelling this up! i've been wanting to blog about brazilian waxing but im shy! heeheeheheee!!!!!

  25. have you seen the little wipes that come in their own little pocket sized package like you would usually get alcohol wipes or hand sanitizer wipes?? yes.. they are sooo convenient and a must have!!!

  26. Seriously you need to try cloth pantyliners. The disposable ones are just... they just feel so YUCK in my opinion.

    Not to mention such a waste of resources, bad for the environment and completely unnecessary. The plastic in the disposable pantyliner actually makes you sweat more than breathable cotton, and the constant exposure to the bleach and dioxins in dispo pantyliners are surely no good for your body.

  27. Tiny Tapir, cloth pantyliners sounds interesting but sad to say, they are not readily available everywhere for people to purchase easily. I understand the concern on the waste of resource and bad for the environment, well, I hope companies would do more of those "environmental" friendly products especially for feminine care and I'll definitely be using them too!

  28. Thank you so much for making this post. :)
    I think that is very helpful and that you don't ignore these kind of delicate issues that we women have "down there". xP
    It's often embarrassing to try and ask about recommendations on this sort of thing!

  29. Hi Angel, it is my pleasure :) thanks for visiting!


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