Monday, December 1, 2008

Weekend Food Tripping: Greenhills' Little Korean Restaurant and a New Brush

Aside from Chinese dish, ask me what's my next favorite dish, I will say KOREAN in a heart beat! And it's weekend food tripping and this post will be simple and straight to the point. I have to apologize in advance though because this food tripping consist of just ONE PHOTO. You'll know why!

Here's the cheapest Korean Meal I have ever tried!

A dish with Pork, Beef, Squid and Veggies
Plus 2 cups of rice
2 bowls of Seaweed Soup
a set of Kimchi

ALL FOR PHP185.00 (approx $3.75)

And we don't need to order anything else because we are so full! This restaurant I believe called "Little Korean" located at the food court of Greenhills Shopping Center, is owned by a Korean-guy and you can see him all the time standing near the counter. You know that he takes care of the business well and he runs it well because this small restaurant was there for a long time!

They also serve Bibimbop, other rice meals but the one we had is the BEST!!! And worth it! If you worry about the quality of the food, well, me and hubby ate here more than 5 times and we never have any stomach problems, and we both have sensitive stomachs.

Before I end the weekend food tripping post, may I add that I bought a new brush from Prestige, it's called the Shadow Sweep Brush #104. The Shadow Crease Brush #103 didn't fail me so I wanted the smaller one and we'll see how it goes. Will do a review on this soon!

**available at Beauty Bar for Php295.00 (approx $5.90)

And here's a comparison between Prestige #104 and #103

It's Philippine Holiday today!
But I have work :(
Let's have a great start of the week!
Happy Cyber Monday to our friends in the other side of the world!
What are you buying today????

Want to check out Prestige #103 Shadow Crease review?


  1. Mmmmm, looks so yummy~ Korean food is one of my faves.

  2. These food makes me drool so bad :P That looks like at least about 10 dollars around here unless it's a lunch buffet. Looks very yummy :)

  3. Yummy tlga dun no? My "used to be friend" took me there for lunch and i really loved their food. Sigh. Anyway i didnt know that prestige had a smaller one..i woul definitly get it too... naku humahaba na naman list ko.

  4. I love Korean and that IS cheap :D Boo to working on a holiday but on the flip side, maybe it'll be quieter since everyone else is off? ;)

  5. Fuz, me too! I love Korean food so bad!!! Good thing the hubby loves Korean food as much as I do too!

    Digital Angel, OH MY GOODNESS SIS!!! You changed your profile pic and it is HOT HOT HOT!!! So vavavoom!!!! anyways..i forgot the topic when I saw your shot lol I know you know how much I love Korean dish and that is the cheapest!!!!

    Dyan, girl!!!! You ate there too! You like it right? super yummy!!!! And yup, prestige have a smaller one but if you have the bigger one, i think that'll be ok for you , yan na ha? Trying not to enable you hehehe

    Parisb, the positive side traffic! LOL I just don't know about the traffic after work, coz everyone's out to the mall!

  6. Hey Nikki! I love ur food!!! Yes I really wanted that black gel liner from coastalscents but they are out of stock! I email them asking when they will be instock again but they haven't reply to me back yet! =[ Did you try getting the 88 palette?

  7. i just lurrrrve korean food and that is so cheap!!

  8. ahh food is so nice & cheap there!!

    cyber monday haha i'm done shopping. that's it no more. i swear i've been shopping since friday

  9. thanks for the comment, sis. sorry, i can't do blog hopping that much these days because i am so down. i can't even compose somewhat coherent comments.


  10. HAHAHA okay i LIED. checked my email. coastal scents is having a 25% off sale. couldn't resist :P

  11. makemeup, they are like negative 200 plus orders! i don't get it too! they didn't put out of stock in the black liner section. I didn't get any palettes as I don't want to get it messed up after shipping! YOu?

    Yumeko :) Guess there's a long line of us Korean food lovers!

    YumYumsushi, what did you purchase?

    LV, you don't have to worry, you are not required to do any hopping :) I am just happy to leave comments on your post :) Hugs enjoy your day, I hope it'll get better

  12. wow what a great deal on the meal! makes me want korean!

  13. The food looks nice! And I can't wait for the brush review!

  14. Ren Ren, I know! That's what my hubby kept on saying, you've got all types of meat for such a low price!

    Gio, I can't wait to do the review on the brush too! :)

  15. nice find there...:)

  16. sad to say that its already closed


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