Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Askmewhats Version: Holiday Green and White

Here's the season to be Jolly falalalala, lalalala! :D

I love December! This is the month of sharing and happiness! I was sitting at home, thinking of a look to start off December, a look that would remind me of thsi wonderful season and that's when I thought of GREEN.

I wanted a simple, nothing too outlandish look, a look that goes with the season and at the same time goes with the work environment as well.

Here's the final look

And here's a diagram to simplify all the details

Step 1: (in Blue)

I've used MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre as base.
Pat on Lancome's Daylight or any matte white eyeshadow on the inner 3/4 of the eye. Also pat on the brow bone area and inner corner of the eye to highlight.

Step 2: (in Red)

Using a blending brush, blend NYX Kiwi on the other crease. Use the same e/s to line the lower lashes.

Step 3: (in Green)

Using the same brush, blend a darker Moss Green eyeshadow from L'oreal to deepen the crease area

Step 4:
(in black)

Using a pencil brush or Shadow Contour brush, darken the V-corner with MAC Carbon or any matte black e/s and blend well

Here are more products used for this look

Cover Girl Lash Blast in Black Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on eyeliner in Zero (black)
topped with Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on eyeliner in Stash (sparkly moss green)

More face and Lip products

MAC Studio Fix Foundation in NC30

Maybelline Blush Powder in Rose

Smashbox Smashing Tint for lips

And here's the final look

Eyes closed
(can you see the lovely Urban Decay 24/7 Stash liner on top of the black liner?)

And what's a Christmas-y look without something RED?
A RED shirt!!!

I would probably do more Christmas-y look the coming days
because I enjoyed this...
22 days to go before Christmas!!!
Aren't you excited? I know I am!!!


  1. I was looking for a Christmas look. Thanks for posting this. I'm inspired.

  2. I love your smile, as always~ It brightens up everything!! :] Very nice Christmas-y look.

  3. your so pretty! i love how you use so many diff items!

  4. Pretty, twin!!! How was your Thanksgiving weekend? I haven't check out your weekend food tripping post yet. It always inspired me to eat...which is BAD!!! ^_~

  5. love yr smile and yr red top!:D

    me wants to go hunt for some green and red nail polish :D

  6. Hey doll, I'm more excited about the 15 days I have until my xmas break!

  7. very pretty Nikki! cant wait to see more looks ;)

  8. Very pretty! Ya'll are making me want those Urban Decay eyeliners so bad!!

  9. lovely
    and i never mentioned but i love how ur pics are so bright and clear

  10. i like that little pop of green on the lower lash line :)

  11. Dwana, you are welcome! I've seen the look you've created too! so pretty!

    Fuz, aww thanks girl!!!

    Vanessa! I'm so glad you're back, can't wait to read your posts! :)

  12. Cinthia twin, my dear gorgeous sis!!! My weekend went great, it wasn't Thanksgiving weekend but I had fun with family and hubby :) Yours?

    Prettybeautiful, I am hunting for those colors too! hahahhaha great nail minds think alike!

    THSG, lucky you to have Christmas break!!!! :)

    NicNic, thanks, I can't wait to create more looks!

  13. ohhh myy... that's pretty........ ^^

    been tempted to get the NYX kiwi one.....

  14. Toma, I know!! I've read a lot of blogs with that velvet rope collection, I gave in!!! Imagine, I kept on bidding on ebay for those!!! Finally hard work pays off

    Bittenbefore, thanks so much!!! I like it that you appreciate the quality of the photos...:D

  15. Susan, thanks so much sweetie, that's so nice to read a comment from you :) Hope to see you around

    LV, thanks girl! I hope I can make you smile too especially these down times for you! *hugs*

    Yumyumsushi, I like it too, I am sporting it now :)

    Lydia, thanks girl!

  16. Very nice look for Christmas!! =] I bought my coastalscents palettes before the sale! LOL. yea it took like over a week for mine to deliver because of the holidays.

  17. Here's a challenge for ya. Do Christmas colours of red and green. Do you think that'll work?

    Over to you! :D

  18. i love this look. i know a cute dress in GH to pair with it! haute haute haute!

  19. Mystiqueen, awww, go get the Kiwi, it looks really pretty!

    Makemeup, so you bought the palette before the sale??? I'm glad they're all intact! Cant' wait to see you create looks on them!

    Tine, I am actually thinking about that look next, yes, I believe it will work! LOL in my world! :D

    Teeyah, how are you girl? Are you feeling better?

    Shen, cute dress, yum..I can't wait to see it..did you buy it?what kind? hehehe

    Thanks Ren Ren :)

  20. This is soo pretty! It's a really nice look for Christmas.

  21. that's an interesting combination of colours for holiday! (thought you'd do red and green. :P)

    beautiful and subtle and rather smokey! love!

    ps: i am more interested in your skin basic products though. what did you use? spill it girl!

    gorgesou hair. i love it. shiny!

  22. Gio, i'm glad you like it, it's nothing too bright but it's something I would wear for work :)

    Jojoba, Tine just challenged me and I'll probably do a red and green next :D We'll see how crazy I'll look :)

    Sure, skin basic products as in Skincare?? I'll do a post on it soon! :)

  23. you look gorgeous and i love the green on the bottom lid!

  24. Thanks susan

    Yummy411, thanks girl!!! You are ONE MAJOR gorgeous gal yourself!


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