Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tip for the Day: Facial Wipes for my Brushes

Aside from my OCD-ness on "down under".
I am a clean freak with the stuffs I use!
Can you imagine how my brushes look like? LOL
And before I get sued for wasting water, please read on...

Everybody knows I do make-up to myself and others, I do have a separate brush set for myself and for clients. Both brush sets are well taken care of because I know how bad it is to use a dirty brush!

At times, I need to do make-up to multiple clients and it is difficult to run around the faucet area just to wash the brushes. So....I always bring wipes with me..and NO not the feminine wipes... lol

I know a lot of my beauty pals wouldn't spend a fortune for make-up brush wipes, I myself wouldn't spend a fortune on that. If I do have gigs, I'll take my home-made brush cleanser inspired by Koren, and facial wipes for in-between brush cleansing. It doesn't take off all the make-up but it does help in sanitizing the brushes and I find it easier to clean my brushes at the end of the day. Aside from that, people you do make-up on will appreciate this extra step as well!

Here are some of the wipes I have at present
Since I have to tendency to STOCK UP,
I haven't started to use some of these....

A Chinese brand wipes from Watson's China

Another Chinese brand Wipes
I bought from a local supermarket

Those 2 wipes above , I haven't used it yet, these facial wipes below I've used a lot of times
It doesn't remove "ALL" the make-up residue but it's great for in between make-up application! They smell great too!!!

"If it's good for the face, definitely good for my brushes!"

L'oreal Re-Nourish Cleansing Wipes

Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleansing Wipes

Nivea Visage Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes


Have you tried buying any of the similar items above and found that it's an old stock?
Everything gets dried up? And you felt like you wasted your moolah?
I have a tip for you!
Buying Feminine Wipes/Facial Wipes/Baby Wipes or any similar stuffs
They are usually sold on supermarkets or malls that are air conditioned
Put the package between your hands and press it, if you can feel the "coldness"
If you don't feel anything... Don't buy it!
:D Hope it helps!

You want to know which ones work the best?

I really can't tell!
I can't tell the difference and they all smell good!
So yeah, I alternate them once in awhile to have variety!
I'm a woman!
I need variety! :P LOL


  1. That's a good idea!! Thanks, I'm going to try these facial wipes for my brushes.

  2. Haha I do the same as well. After wiping down my face with a facial wipe, any untouched part I'd use to swipe my brushes :P

  3. I so don't clean my brushes as often as I should b/c it can often take some time but I never thought about using facial wipes. Duhhh! You're a genius, babes!

  4. great tip ate nikki!:) i'll make sure to check the wipes in between my hands before buying some next time

  5. i am very anal too when it comes to brushes. i do use facial wipes to for a quick fix. but most times, i use Dettol hygienic wipes.

  6. so much! im only using one at the moment.. too much so i rather stick to one for now... which do u like BEST?

  7. Fuz, you're welcome :)

    Tine, we are definitely LONG LOST Sisters! So Bee is my cousin too? lol

    B, I'm glad you like the idea, beauty addicts who are lazy like find ways to make our lives easier!

    Miemiemie, ok :) Goodluck with your training tomorrow!

    Liz, thanks, I think I've seen that brand when i was in HK, but haven't seen them here :) thanks I'll keep my eyes open on that I really can't seem to pick my favorite coz they all work the same, the smell though, I would go for L'oreal :)

  8. wow! you have a lot of wet wipes! I only have one.... :-/ Thanks so much for the tip! I'll definitely keep that in mind the next time I shop for wet wipes

  9. I use Johnson's baby wipes! Much cheaper and works just as well. Thanks for sharing, Nikki.

  10. aww! thanks so much nikki for the really helpful tips! i should try this! :)

  11. i never thought of using wet towels for my brushes... i would think it's not clean enough and if the bristles aren't dried properly before the next use, it may build up more bacteria? no? i am a super clean freak so i will remain washing my brushes religiously i think.

    however, your tip is great for emergencies when there aren't enough brushes to use (LIKE MY SITUATION NOW!!!) LOL.

    by the way, i don't use varieties of wet paper towels as when i find a brand i like, i stick to it. i actually buy lots of these as i have a little boy around. i baby the baby grade ones! :P

    thanks a lot for this tip.

  12. great idea!
    at the moment i am using cotton wool with mandom cleanser to wipe my blushes

    but wipes is a lot easier.

  13. ahhhh..... grea trick..... ^^

    i should have used wipes a long time ago...

  14. That is a great tip! I'll do that next time I shop for wipes.

  15. good tips! i like wipes that have the plastic lid top, just because they don't dry out as the MAC wipes

  16. Connie, you are very much welcome!!!

    Babysaffron, nice to see you here and thanks for your comment :)

    Kahani, I'll definitely go for Johnson's baby wipes soon!

    Sab, I'm sure you'll like this step as it helps for busy people like us :)

  17. Jojoba, lol I am same with you, aside from the wipes, when I get home, I wash them with baby shampoo LOL It is a quick fix for sure!!! :) You are right, I should stick to one..but I just can't! LOL

    Yumeko :) you are welcome..I am sure the way you did it is cleaner.

    Mystiqueen, :) It's not too late to get into the wipes bandwagon :)

    Gio, I'm glad it gave you a bit of idea :)

    Ren ren, so true, I like the one with plastic lids too and I don't see a lot of them here! :)

  18. Good tip! Anyway too bad in Asia we can't find the brush cleansing towels like the one Vanessa mentioned.

  19. i love your tip... or after using the wipes i turn the package upside down during storage so that most of the moisture can transfer to the top for next use! thanks for this post!

  20. lol you said feminine wipes!

    I actually do this too sometimes, especially after using black or dark eye shadow! I use the Ponds cleansing towelettes because I already have those for my face!

    At Sally's Beauty store here they sell Face Secret makeup wipes, but I haven't bought any because I'm sure facial wipes do the job fine for when you're in a hurry, although maybe one day I'll try it to see if there's a difference! =)

  21. lol I do the press test too!
    I buy a few packages during the summer from the dollar store. I use them when I need to get red clay off my legs after playing softball, or generally try and keep smelly free during games.
    I never mentioned this..I think, but I do like that you convert prices! so its easier for everyone to know approximately how much things are! I was just htinking that when I saw your other post on the retractable brush :)

  22. Devi, yes, I've read nessa's cleansing towel, too bad we don't have it here, so all we can do is be creative and look for our own *winks*

    Yummy411, that's another great tip! thanks I'll do that

    Paperdollrevenge, lol I DID! I guess I'm not shy anymore to talk stuffs like that! :)

    Rasilla, awww, I'm glad you appreciated my conversion, when I write a post, I have to have a calculator with me :) LOL I'm glad we are the same with the PRESS Test :) It does work!

  23. I love face wipes! theyre cheaper in Uk so gonna stock up there when im back haha


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