Thursday, December 4, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: CHARM Retractable Kabuki Brush

I have been longing for the retractable brush from Stila for the longest time! What stops me from purchasing this is because, number one, we don't have Stila here in the Philippines, additional shipping costs won't make my wallet happy.

Though the researcher in me found this at Strawberrynet for only $21.50 (free shipping), I am a smart buyer and didn't buy it because this is a Bronzing Brush. I am looking for a "powder foundation brush", a brush with shorter bristles and denser...

So I kept on praying...till one day..... someone answered my prayer....

*Romantic Music Playing*

Introducing, my
CHARM Kabuki Brush!!!

Beauty & Minerals' Charm Retractable Kabuki says ---Have a charming kabuki with you wherever you go with this chic baby buki that is functional, and beautiful at the same time!

Askmewhats says ---
  • very handy, can fit in your small purses (length: Approx 4 inches)
  • brush is soft (made of natural goat hair)
  • brush can pick the mineral foundation or regular powder foundation without problems
  • affordable, I believe it's sold less than Php1,000 (less than $20)
  • does not shed, haven't seen it shed on me since I used it.
  • multiple function : can be used to apply your blushes or face highlighter or bronzing powders

  • smells, BUT, the smell is gone after 2-3 washes
  • takes time to dry, but I'm ok with it
  • the casing can be easily dent..if you're not careful <-- so far, I'm very careful! lol


I like this brush! I really do, just by looking at the bristles, I thought it would be very harsh on my skin, but I am surprised it felt soft, not scratchy at all.

This is always in my make-up pouch and I love using this with my MAC NC35 (which is a bit too dark if I use a sponge), best for retouch when I'm on the go :) No more sponges for retouch from now on!


  • always wash the brush before letting it touch your face
  • after washing, if you find the brush still smells, use it first, I find that using the brush will reduce the smell

Will I repurchase?


Where can you purchase and how much?

Beauty and Minerals website
They do ship internationally too!
I don't know the exact amount of the brush for now, do send an email to Sophie/Tine at

Brush Visuals!

as compared to the Stila Bronzing brush
Charm Retractable Kabuki Brush has shorter and denser hairs

**photo from website

Pull up the black casing

Close the lid!
Brush tucked in to sleep :)

Thanks Sophie from Beauty & Minerals for giving me the opportunity to try your wonderful Charm brushes!
Happiness next to Gorgeous-ness!
Have a great day everyone!


  1. so cute! IT's certainly flashy to have a hot pink brush in your handbag

  2. love the color

    btw i realised my review format is really similar to yours but yours is so so so so much better with much more info!

    i sort of wrote my format based on different things i see and wikihow , so i am sorry if its so similar.

  3. this concept is so nice! my buki has no cover and i can't bring it out :( now i see the solution!

  4. you said it smells but you will still repurcahse it? does the smell eventually wear off???

    you know what i asked these? i recently lost my BB kabuki brush in a swap. don't know where it is now... :(

    i am on the look out to buy a new one. i am thinking about that super soft one I saw in Stage (local malaysia brand) but it is quite expensive at 145MYR (i think).

    Thanks for another great review. i am addicted to your blog now.

  5. Fuz, I am addicted to it because of it's cuteness!

    Connie, I'm not embarrassed to retouch now !LOL

    Yumeko, hey girl! YOu don't have to worry! Like I said, a lot of us beauty bloggers have the same "review" format because it WORKS :) Don't be sorry and I love your review format too!!! It's easier to read! :) Thanks for being such a sweetie though

    Jojoba, It does smell but it wears off after uses and I don't smell it much not unless i really SNIFF IT! LOL Thanks so much for your sweet comment! I felt honored having you visit my blog!

  6. that's one cute brush, sis.. :-)

    anyway, i guess you are the "Wonder Woman" because you inspire us and make us happy with your infectious smile.

  7. Gosh I've been wanting a retractable brush for quite some time now.

    This brush looks really cute.
    Thanks for the review [:

  8. I'm on a lookout for one too. It'd be great for traveling, that's for sure. I shall check out the website you mentioned :)

  9. A cute brush! I like the color!

  10. what a cute brush! it kinda reminds me of the tarte one too

  11. Nic Nic, it is pretty isn't it? Love it, makes me smile everytime I use it

    L.V. i am glad I can make people smile, really , that's in my own little way ..

    Tina Marie Online, you are very much welcome! Do you own a retractable brush in the past?

    Tine :) Happy shopping :)

    Sesame , yes, the color is just perfect for girls like us

    Renren, haven't seen Tarte one..must be good?


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