Thursday, December 4, 2008

I am Loving the Neons too

When I saw THIS post, I told myself I have to get myself a set because this is locally made and as a nail polish lover, SHAME ON ME FOR MISSING THIS!!!

But the sweet Aika emailed me to tell me she will send me the NEON Collection!!! I must have done something good in this world...cause I am really treated like a princess!!!

I got this as soon as I got home, thanks Aika! And I just learned Aika lives so close to me!!! I hope to bump into you someday!!!

Here's what greeted me when I got home tired from work...


L-R Neon Yellow, Neon Tangerine, Neon Orange, Neon Pink Neon Red, Neon Purple, Neon Apple Green and Neon Blue

I have 10 fingernails
I've got 8 polishes
I can do all swatches the LAZY way

I love it!
It inspired me to be young, crazy once again!

Thanks again sis Aika for the lovely collection!
You made one neighbor super happy!


  1. the colors are gorgeous

    oh and funny u mentioned brtc
    cos thats the one i am lemming for next XD

    legere is just too dark for me T-T

  2. such beautiful nail~~ i like~~ hehe

  3. Wow, those are so colorful like rainbow! :)

  4. omigosh nikki! they're soooo beautiful! :)

  5. colors are so pretty! your nails look yummy! they remind me of candies. :-)

  6. That was so sweet of her. The colors are gorgeous!

  7. Wow. You definitely have done something good, twin!!!

    The colors are gorgeous!!!

  8. Bittenbefore..oohhh that's the biggest problem about BB creams , the colors !I hope the BRTC one works for me. Thanks for letting me know about Le'gere, its darker but the quality? I can't wait to read your reviews

    Letsbeauty, thanks

    Devi, they are so cute right?

  9. Sab, colors that you could go for right?

    Liz, lol I can't imagine myself going to work with these nails

    Gio, yes, they are all gorgeous, same with Aika, my fave is the PINK

  10. Cinthia, I know..these are all lovely christmas presents! :)

    Aika sis, thank you darling!!!

  11. the colors are so so so nice!!!
    but too bad i don't see them here in msia

  12. Ohmiiiigoodness, these are beautiful!

  13. Hi,
    The nail colors are so gorgeous, I am thinking about getting them and maybe some for my cousin for Christmas. I went to the link you gave, but it doesn't have a price or anything. Can you tell me where to buy, and maybe the price? Thanks.

  14. prettybeautiful, funny! :( I don't see them here "yet" I believe it is new collection! :)

    B, yes, they are right?

    North Princess, oh, the website linked is the site of the person Aika who gave it to me as gift. I just checked with him and see where he purchased it, I doubt they sell these online though :( I'll let you know as soon as I get information

  15. pretty sis sobra! i like i like! :)


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