Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nail Art Tutorial: "Office Ready" Nails

Nail time!!!
A lot of you commented that you like a couple of nail arts you've seen here but you cannot sport them at work.
So...I got inspired...to tone down my nail art tutorial into something "office friendly" and can be done for special occasions like Weddings, etc....

I hope you like it! :)

Step 1:

Paint 2 coats of your favorite earth toned polish. I go for ELF Nail Polish in Champagne (thanks Toma, this girl got a new site! I love it! Check her out!)

Step 2:

Create a French tip with a Gold Glitter Polish. I've Used Art Deco from Alyssa.

To create French Tip Nails, I usually steady the brush and move my fingers instead of the nail. It works for me better than moving the brush. LOL It's just my own preference.

Step 3:

Using a white 2 way nail art pen, create dots, I did a drawing using red dots circled in green

Step 4:

Using a needle, push the dots inward, to create a nice flower look.

Like This...

Step 5:

I never stop with just ONE flower, lol, create dots like shooting stars.

Step 6:

Using a different colored nail art pen, press a dot as petal.

Step 7:

What's a world without colors?
Add yellow colored dots in between the white dots you created on Step 5.

Now you can go to work with simple nail art designs like this! :D

I did say I will receive my NARS orgasm package today :(
Too bad, I still haven't, I did all the letter of authorization and stuffs, but forgot the ID
Oh well, Orgasm tomorrow then!

Have a great day!!!!


  1. AHHH! nikki this is BY FAR my favorite nail design!!! i love the color of that elf polish too! omg...this makes me want to do my nails! hahahah LOVEEEEEEEEE it!
    & i can't wait to see orgasm on your face! uh..sounded wrong...hahahah

  2. This is adorable!!! Also one of my favs of your nail designs~ :]

  3. nice! u line them up so str8.. i cant do that! i hate my clumzyness

  4. hey nikki i like this idea of having diff nail art for diff occasions! i will also do my version soon :D i saw a fren of mine who js got married recently, who also had fab nails. if i can get some nice stones i am going to do the nails like hers. right now, im letting my nails to rest for maybe 2 days to breathe heheh

  5. i love the color too! but i'd be too lazy so i'd just paint my nails and that's it. or go to a salon. hehe.

  6. Nikki, this is so pretty!!! This is my fave nail art that uv done!!! Super pretty tlga, so dainty and girly!!!

  7. you can wear such colourful nails at work??? wow. i love the design. as i work with food, i don't get to play with nail polish at all. but i love looking at beautiful nails.

  8. great job, sis.. simple and classy. :-)

    this is my Achilles heel --- nails! I can never learn how to do pretty nails. Boohoo! :-(

  9. i LOVE the base colour!! heck, i love that design!! sad case though - i would only be able to have that on one side (my left hand is totally spastic when it comes to manipulating brushes...LOL!)

  10. Now THAT I can rock to work. I love it!! Every time you do a nail art tutorial you inspire me more and more!!

  11. YumYumSushi you are too cute! you can't wait to see orgasm on my face? that definitely sounds ..uhm..dubious! lol Thanks for liking the design, if they sell ELF polishes near you, go grab that color! :D

    Fuz, I'm glad you liked it !

    Jesmakeup lol I have to .line them again and again til they get straight! hahaha

    Prettybeautiful, LOL rest your nails for 2 days only? is that enough? Can't wait to see your version

  12. Sab, me me me! I'll paint yours!

    Dyan, I'm glad you like it, I'm sure you love girly stuffs :D

    Jojoba, yes dear, I can go any colored nails coz I don't meet clients :) I wish to do your nails..but yeah, I wouldn't taste your cooking if you had nail art on, i may be eating it! lol

    LV, you do my hair and make up, i'll do your nails if I have the chance to go to Singapore, deal?

    Bee, you do one hand, I'll do the other, and we'll laugh about it :D

  13. B, can't wait to see your version soon! :D *hugs*

  14. Wow! Your nail art's always beautiful nikki! =)

  15. Wow, your nail art has step up to the next level twin. It's getting prettier and prettier everyday!!! You're becoming a PRO!

  16. The base colour's so pretty :)

    Seriously Nikki, you should open your own nail bar. You're great at this :P

  17. Marianne, thanks sis, thanks for appreciating it :)

    Twin!!! awww..next level?? Is there a step higher to this level??? or is this the highest? LOL Aawww, I'm glad you liked it and I'm glad you think it gets prettier and prettier! Thanks I try my best sweet twin!

    Tine, thanks! If I have the money to spare, I'll think of your suggestion and make you my marketing person?

  18. Oh this is so pretty!!!

    Hey!! I wonder if i can use a correction pen like tippex for the white bits?

    maybe not hey?

  19. like ko din yang nail art pen kaso mahal hehe

  20. loves it, ur so good with the flowers :)

  21. i'm your big fan, Nikki! i'm always amazed how you can work on the nail polishes :)

  22. This is my fave nail design that you did, it's so pretty!! And I love the base color!

  23. They're nice! Can't wait to see your cheek in orgasm too :)

  24. That's gorgeous! And that Champagne is such a pretty colour, me likey! :D

    And I agree with others, you're becoming a pro now, gal. Keep up the good work! :)

  25. Pretty pretty nails!! The design and your fingers are so dainty. :)

  26. i REALLY love these nails you just made. i really really love it.

    i wish i had the patience and talent to do it!!

  27. Glow Chaser, I think the correction tip pen is ok, but I think you have to top it with a really good Top Coat coz it gets to be removed easily! :) But good idea :D

    Aika, hahahaha kaw naman, can use for long naman! :)

    Renren, thanks girl!

    Ai, awww, thanks girl You are too sweet. I am a big fan of your travel photos girl!!! I want to go there too!

    Gio, the base color is really pretty, thus making my nail art pretty too! hahaha So thanks to Champagne!

    Devi, I'll definitely show you my "orgasm" cheeks! hahaha

    Mismall, thanks so much! glad to see you girls appreciate the art I've been doing! :D

    Shades of Hue, aawww..dainty, first time someone described my fingers as dainty! :D

    Ichigobunnie, thanks!!! I know a lot of people hate doing nails, but I guess it runs in my blood to hold nail polishes and make up! hahaha

  28. Thank YOU Nikki...cute nails as usual!


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