Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Beauty & Minerals --- THANK YOU!!!

When I say, life is full of surprises, I am not joking!
I got a surprise package from Sophie of Beauty & Minerals. All I expected was some eyeshadow samples but boy am I wrong! Here's what's in store for me when I just thought it's going to be a crappy day!

*Major SIGH*
The mere sight of pink made my heart jump!

L-R Charm Travel Pro Set (i can't believe I have this now)
Charm Dual Fibre Brush
(I've been lemming this as this is a perfect MAC 187 Dupe)
and Charm Retractable Kabuki
(perfect because I needed a brush for my MMUs)

To show you the size of the Charm Travel Pro Set

I can't believe I have my own set now!
Now I don't have to lug my big brushes to the office for makeovers!

**click to enlarge

1. Mini Powder Brush
2. Mini Dual Fibre Brush
3. Mini Angled Blush Brush
4. Mini Concealer Brush
5. Mini Crease Blending Brush
6. Mini Pencil Brush
7. Mini Eye Contour Brush
8. Mini Flat Liner Brush
9. Mini Eyebrow Brush
10. Mini Spoolie Brush
11. Mini Lipliner brush
12. Mini Pointed Eyeliner Brush

I have to wash these babies :) I love love love them and can't wait to use them! My colleagues bought them too and they're all happy and can't wait to play with this!

Thanks so much Sophie, a girl really can't have so many brushes!!! I can be showered with 100 brushes and I'll still smile like a nerd!!!


I also got my NARS Orgasm!!! FINALLY!!!!!

This day is a wonderful "ME" day!!! Teee heeee

I know, I'm late!
But who cares?
I finally have my own!
Can't wait to put you to test Orgasm!

*giddy giddy*
Have a great day everyone!!!!
Hope you get surprises too, (doesn't have to be material)
Maybe, passing an exam? Getting a promotion? Getting a hug or kiss?
Take care and keep smiling!!! :D


  1. Wow those are such cute brushes!!! :D Woo you got your orgasm! ;)

  2. You got your orgasm already???!!! I'm jealous~~~~ LOL

  3. pink brushes! how cute! i love brushes! you can never have too many ;)

  4. gasppppp PINK BRUSHES AND ORGASM... all in ONE BLOG POST --

    Im sooo envious -- I want to orgasm with new brushes!!! IM jealous sis!!!

  5. pink brushes!! wooo! i love em!

    pst. glad u like my hair!!!

  6. I wanna get orgasm too sana but I dont know if it would be visible on me.. Dont know what to get deep throat or orgasm, help!

    Oooh my!! I wanna have those brushes too!! they're sooo cute!! I love my charm brushes esp. the 187 dupe!

  7. LOL i love Cinthia's comment!!! hahah. Anyways, i love ur brushes and blush!! how much did u got the brush sets for? I wanna buy it! hehehhe

  8. i love the brushes! so cute. :-) I guess I'm going to buy a set from Sophie.

  9. oh wow, I want to get a set of that, do you know where they sell them?

  10. what a lovely brush set, Nikki !!!
    and Orgasm looks great on you, I bought a dupe of Orgasm from Silk Naturals, it's cheap and the color is identical !! too bad they're a tad to light for me hehe

    Enjoy, girl !

  11. The brushes are very nice! Way to go. I've never had pink brushes. I want some too!

  12. oh myy... those brushes are just tooo CUTE to be true.... lol ^^

    i want 'em badly.... >.<

    and orgasm??? oh seriously... i bet today is the best day ever for you.... lol ^^

  13. oh my goodness those brushes are gorgeous!! I can't wait for you to review them! I want them too!!

  14. I can't buy them if I'm in MAlaysia, can I? :(

  15. Fuz, thanks for being happy for me! I've been wanting Nars Orgasm for the longest time!!!

    Cinthia, yes! LOL I got my orgasm and you should start having YOURS ! LOL You evil twin! hahahha

    Lily , so true, even if I have most of the brushes I need, I still want more! HAHAHA

    Tia, awwww, that's how I feel when I look at your blog with all your wonderful products --- JEALOUSY! HAHAHA

    Yumeko, I really do! That's what I'm aiming for..but temporary curls only! :D

    Yda, I haven't tried Deep Throat so I really can't say. I have used Nars orgasm to my friends, of different shades and it all showed up on them, but I have to pack on the colors to come! I am sure it will show up on you!

    Makemeup... I got my pink charm brushes via Sophie, it was a gift to me. But if you want to check out the price you can email her at EAUTYANDMINERALS AT GMAIL DOT or check her site here

    L.V. she ships internationally, you can check her international postage fee! :D OR...if she visits SINGAPORE!

    Ms___2Be, yes at

  16. Nanzy, I've been going back and forth the SN site for their Orgasm dupe, but when my friend asked me to help her buy Nars Orgasm in HK and I tested it on my cheeks, I told myself I needed my own!!!

    Sesame, it can really make me smile if I take a look at it! I am using the retractable kabuki already!

    Mystiqequeen, so true, it was a great day!

    Connie, I will review them as soon as I can :) And yes, you can buy them online and she ships to Malaysia, check her shipping rate, the Philippines and Malaysia isn't that far, so I don't think it's going to be super expensive! :) Check with her by emailing Sophie

    Makemeup, SORRY it's Beautyand :D

  17. oh my, those are gorgeous! and i can't wait to see the Orgasm on your cheek!

  18. omg pink brushsets!! they have all kinds of brushes u need... where & how much????????? i want!!

  19. Ai, will show it to you soon :D

    Jesmakeup, it is from check out her site and she sells it for Php1,800 (approx $38) for a set, check with her for shipping rate or exchange rates :D

  20. I want those damn brushes!!!! LOL!

  21. what a great pick me upper. i saw the brush set before but you are making me want it more!

  22. hehe, I skipped this and headed straight to super orgasm... well, it hasn't arrive yet but hey...


  23. i actually was lemming for that set too but i gave way for my nail polish lemmings lol. wow you got Orgasm, isn't it available at Rustans? i haven't been a fan of Orgasm really 'cause i am skeptical usually of peach blushes... i'd like to try Sin or Torrid though. ;-D

  24. Pink brushes! I heart! Black's so boring, don't you think? ;)

    Glad the Orgasm worked on you, 'cos it sadly doesn't on me :(


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