Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to Pam

Another birthday celebration!
My dear colleague Pam's birthday!
We surprised her with Disney Princess' theme party!!!
We made her the princess of a day!
Did a very light, natural make-up on her!
I saw the sparkle of her eyes! I think she enjoyed it :D
Happy Happy Birthday again Princess Pam!!!

We treated her like a real princess
By doing her make-up
and hair by Phia :D

Products Used ---

Foundation - EDM Fawn
Finishing Powder - Ellana
L'oreal Hip Duo e/s in Foxy
Maybelline Black Eyeliner
Natural Falsies
Nars Orgasm
NYX Jupiter

LOL Complete with Crown and Wand!

And there I am!
Holding a brush! LOL

Happy Birthday again Pam!!!!
Keep smiling and stay pretty!


  1. She looks gorgeous!! Happy Birthday, Pam!!

  2. the princess looks cute! oohh you used the Orgasm already! yay! :D

  3. Happy birthday to Pam, she looks so pretty!

  4. Awww how cute, good job, she looks just like a princess :)

  5. you did a great job! and your office environment is so friendly!

  6. so ur also a makeup artist ? wut about a nail tech?


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