Sunday, November 2, 2008

NYX Herades and Natio Cherry Lipgloss Swatches

Note: I've got my Joppa Large Sized samples! I love their shipping, it's always a week! I got the larger size of Medium Light #2 and their Finishing Silk in Sheer! I took advantage of their free shipping and I'm happy!


As seen in my previous post here

I've got lovely gifts from Bee! A lovely friend from Malaysia. Some of my lovely readers were asking for swatches and I finally found the time to take shots! Yup, I did it all myself!

In this post, you'll see 2 lip products!

NYX Round Lipstick in Herades
Natio Ultra Shiny Fruit Gloss in Cherry

Let me start off with NYX Round Lipstick in Herades
Brownish Orange in Color
Very creamy

Here's how it looks like when applied on my lips

And to make the swatch more "imagination-proof" lol
I have taken a shot with sunglasses lol
so you'll see the effect on the full face!

And not drawn to look at my puffy Asian eyes LOL

Now let's continue with another Lip Gloss

Natio Ultra Shiny Fruit Gloss in Cherry

Though it's Cherry, it isn't DARK red in color but Dark Pink IMO
It is super shiny and doesn't have the big glitters as some shiny glosses would have
Just like any other glosses, it is sticky
So if you are not into sticky glosses, this isn't the one

And here's how it looks like on my lips

Glosses makes my lips looks plumper and full

And can I have fun?

I wish to have lashes this long :P
Well not in red though LOL

** MUWAH ** to everyone!

Pucker up and show me some pouty lips! :P

I am having my haircut today!
It's nothing drastic, just trim a couple of inches
as I'm starting to get tangles (a sign that I need a hair cut)
Enjoy the rest of the weekend! Take care


  1. Good luck with ur hair cut. Those lippies look great on ya. I never been a lipstick kind of gal. I stick to lip gloss. Usually lipsticks (high or low end) looks dry on me even tho i exfoliate and use lip balm.

  2. nikki! you always managed to make me laugh! :)

    i love the lipstick and lipgloss! and your skin looks so flawless!

  3. Nicely taken and I love your sunnies! :D

  4. lipgloss does make your lips look fuller and plumper!

  5. Love your sunnies, especially the first one. Tres chic. And the second picture of the sunnies with the red lashes made me keel over with laughter :P

  6. your lips look great

    && yay a hair cut! i want one badly :(

  7. love the colors!! i've been wanting to get NYX Herades tho but never managed to get it hoho..

    yeah i think the Clinique is not worth it with that price. too...pricey lol. but we will see when i finish all :)

    have a blast weekend, Nikki! :D

  8. can't wait to see you with your new haircut! You're looking hot!

  9. u look so so chic with the shades! how did u get the flawless skin? :(
    envy me is

  10. i like redish lippies on you


  11. Aprecia, thanks for the goodluck :) It won't be anything drastic :) Just some trim, fix my layers...something SAFE! LOL

    Sab, really??? Flawless skin??? Thanks to Joppa then! LOL

    Parisb, I like it that you liked the way I took the SHOT. Hubby! I took it myself! aren't you proud of me??? *hubby nods* yes he is! :D

    Lily, that's why I tend to stay away from lipglosses, my lips are already thick to start with! Making it even plumper would make people look at my lips instead of my face LOL

    Tine, I love sunnies like that, I like em covers half of my face lol

    Yumyumsushi :) Thanks , go for a haircut ! :D It's been hmm..4 months since my last haircut! LOL

    Ai, I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the Clinique when you finish it up :D

    Connie, nothing different :( Just the same! :(

    Prettybeautiful, come on over, check out my skin, it isn't that perfect, I guess it's just the lighting of the camera or something :) But thanks for saying so, makes me feel good!

    Bittenbefore, thanks :) I usually choose pink lips...but yeah, a change is good sometimes :D
    Jo dear, thanks

  12. Those lippies look great on you! And I love your sunnies, you look so chic!

  13. mmmM yummy -- i love NYX lipsticks!!! ha ha ha - they're my weakness...

    and i loved your faux red lashes...tre chic' (TEE HEE)

  14. that pink lashes are so cute! I like the color of the stick and the gloss! (i need to check them out!)


  15. gio, hahah thanks! :D

    Tia, I know! I saw a couple of NYX lipstick armies on your blog! :D

    Citrine! Everytime I check your blog, i want your lipsticks and glosses :D

  16. ooo....yay!! they're the right shade!! (I was biting my nails for a while there wondering..haha..)

    love the new cut babe - and *cough cough* - the new lashes too! :D

  17. Hi Sis! How are you? I have missed you, and OMG Herades looks gorgeous on you, it's one of my favs too, I love it!

  18. achie youre a beauty blogger babe! youre so kinish!!!

  19. you look GREAT in those lipgloss!! such a pretty pink color :D


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