Monday, November 3, 2008

Weekend Food Tripping at: Flavours of China

Note: I went for a haircut but when I arrived, I learned that my Hair Stylist resigned already and moved to China :( :( :( I felt so lost because he has been my stylist for years! And I love the way he cuts my hair, I love the way he layers it and it doesn't look like the "typical" layers most stylist would give. Anyways, I went to Bench Fix Salon at Glorietta and had my hair cut for the 2nd time. I can't remember the first stylist so I go for whoever's free.

He did what I requested though, cut 2 inches off, fix the layers and make the hair into a "U-shape" rather than the old "v-shape". He has done his part and I like it :) Here's a photo of my new hair in my pajamies! :D

Anyways, it's weekend food tripping once again.

If you want affordable Chinese food, I would say Flavours of China should always be a part of your list! Their servings could be small on some orders though, but if its affordable and tastes good? So who cares?

Here's their lovely Menu

I used to be addicted to Shanghai Rolls, but it has been YEARS since I last had my Rolls. I can eat 1 piece but if I go further, the oil bothers's just me though. But this tastes yummy! I hope it's crunchier though.

My favorite! You'll definitely see this on the table if I dine in a Chinese restaurant.

Steamed Garlic Fish

Me and my hubby most of the time do not order rice, so what we need to fill our tummy? Noodles!
Pancit Canton

Flavors of China has a lot of branches and you find them in different malls and self-standing location like in Makati, Tomas Morato etc...

You will spend less than Php1,000 (approx $20.00) for 3 dishes!

Good food at an affordable price! And if you use Metrobank credit card and spends more than Php1,000 You can get a free dish! :D So always check out with the waiters/waitresses on freebies!

Eating, Chatting, Relaxing...

What more can you ask for?
Enjoy the food you eat!
Let's not think about dieting for once :D


  1. yay hair cut! i still don't quite know what to do with my hair or if i will do anything. i've been putting it off for more than a month now.
    ahhh haha but i like your hair, so long & straight!
    & you just made me crave egg drop soup! yummm

  2. IF I ever go to China again, now I know who to ask about restaurants =)

  3. wow those noodles looks good!!!!

  4. i have my hair cut last month too! :D btw, the steamed garlic fish looks yummmmmmmmmy

  5. YumYumSushi, I always go to the salon and ask them what style would fit my face, they would give suggestions then I would think about it and tell them to go ahead or not :) it helps to hear other people's opinion :D Ooohh egg drop soup, I like!

    Fabuless beauty, do you plan to travel to China soon?

    Bittenbefore, :) you love Chinese food? Or Japanese food?

    Prettybeautiful, *high five* steamed garlic fish is my ultimate favorite Chinese dish! :) well aside from

  6. im sOO hungry and food looks soOOo delicious! ur always teasin me!

  7. wow! the steamed garlic fish looks sooo fresh! and the noodles! *drools*

    haha! i love your hair nikki! it's so straight!

  8. oohh your hair looks nice! simply fab! i need a haircut. my hair looks like lion's lol.

    and now you make me hungryyyyy! those look delicious!! yum yum!

  9. Jesmakeup :) I am not teasing you!!! heheheh trust me I am teasing myself too, i want to eat again!

    Sab!!! It's just newly blow dryed, that's why it's good hair day, but now, it went back to normal :D

    Ai, when do you plan to have your next hair cut?

  10. I'm so jealous of your hair. It looks so healthy and beautiful!

  11. oh gosh i always drools whenver u post up pictures of fooooddd!!! hahah


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