Monday, November 3, 2008

Playing Shop in your Stash

My dear blogger friend Paris Beaverbanks started a lovely topic in her blog called "Let's Play Shop in your Stash" (check out her blog for rules and goals)

I want to be part of it as it's fun! I only need to look at my stash on skincare, make-up, clothes or anything I own that is over 5 months that I haven't used in a while and blog about it. It's like a wake-up call for appreciate what I have and what works for me and stop me from lusting on more! *ouch * lol

Here goes, I shopped at my stash last night and I saw my Paul & Joe Dual Crayons! Everybody knows I'm a P&J Addict but sad to say, I've been buying so much that I tend to play favorites and leave some of them behind.

In the photo below, I have 2 but I will talk about the P&J Dual Crayon no. 3 (the one in White and Red) in which I have for months now but I didn't have the chance to use it because.....I only have one face and I hauled so much :O

Available at Paul & Joe Rustan's Makati for Php950.00 (approx USD22.00)


Both pencils are wonderful, I have been using Paul & Joe Dual Crayon no. 1 everyday. It has the blue side and the black side. I love it that it's dual purpose, and it doesn't crease, glides easily on the waterline and best of all? It lasts all day!

What I NEED to use is my P&J Dual crayon no. 3 which is the white eyeliner and red lipliner! The lovely SA of Paul & Joe Rustan's Makati Von (not sure the spelling) recommended me to buy this because aside from getting 2 products in 1, I have a lipliner that works on any lipcolor plus a white eyeliner that brightens the inner corner of your eye like you had 8 hours of sleep!

I seldom use lipliner and I'm too lazy to line my eyes with a white eyeliner after using a black eyeliner. So it was left in my stash and it's just right for me to wake this liner up after it's hibernation!

Thanks to Paris B for reminding us to always SHOP IN OUR STASHES before we go lemming for more products! :)

What about you?
Care to share what's left in your stash that's worth looking back?


  1. I know you love Paul n Joe, you should get disney collection, they are sooo cute !

  2. oh wow! i guess i have to look at my stash too. haha!

  3. Hee hee, I knew it I knew it I knew you were going to put up your Paul and Joe stuff :P

    I agree with Digital Angel; since you like P&J so much, you should check out their Disney collection. Very cute!

  4. Digital Angel, I KNOW! I heard a lot about the Disney Collection, haven't seen them on display yet, will check them out soon! :) Thanks

    Sab, check out your stash too! It'll be fun!

    Tine, how dare you reading my mind! YOU don't have the right! LOL I've seen the disney collection in the blog world, but haven't seen them personally, I just checked out the P&J counter yesterday! No Disney!

  5. That's such a good idea to look back on the things you have! :)

  6. wow that white pencil and lipliner is very cool

    i will definetely go check it out!

  7. so from the previous comments and from your blog, you do like P&J so much, eh? i was thinking of getting their like eyeshadow base but it costs SO MUCH :'( have u tried it tho?

  8. Alyssa, I can't wait to see yours :)

    Bittenbefore, I'm sure you have it there in Japan :) Go check them out, check out their Powder Foundation! I love it!

    Ai, yes, lol I am the P&J addict LOL Sad to say, but true... which eyeshadow base are you talking about? I have tried their eyegloss and it works really really well, makes any shadow appear more vibrant. I have used their face primer, and its nice too! I love the new version! I haven't really check out their eyeshadow base though :( I missing anything? lol

  9. i think i'm going to go through my stash cuz of you, thanks chica!

  10. i'm not really sure what it's called tho lol coz my friend told me that P&J is really good. i wanted to try but maybe later, i have to save some money first LOL

  11. Never thought of this before. But sounds like a fun idea. HEHE. You and your P&J.

  12. This sounds like a fun game but i cant play. My stash is too small but it's slowly building up

  13. not as much as I'd love to shop in your stash Nikki ! =D

  14. OooOOoo it's always fun rediscovering things! Haha. The red looks really interesting, I soo wanna try it!

  15. Great idea! I should definitely shop in my stash instead of actually shopping. LoL.

  16. RenRen, can't wait to see what's in your stash :)

    Ai, true, i saved up P&J stuffs too, I heard they are coming up with new collections. But true about P&J being good quality brand

    Cinthia twin! LOL Everyone associates me with P&J lol

    Aprecia, you don't have to have a big stash, you can search whatever you have now, clothing, or bags, or shoes that you have for months and haven't used much :)

    Jo, no way! I am looking at those liners and I want to shop there! lol

    Fuz, it's a pretty universal lip color

    Tracy, I'm sure you'll find lots of stuffs in your stash worth checking back :D


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