Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: Sally Hansen Base and Top Coat

UPDATE: I have tested this on my 2nd polish and today is the "5th day" mark and I started to see my pinkie fingernail chipped a bit. So it's tested 2x! Instead of having my polish chipped on the 2nd-3rd day, it prolongs the life of my polish for an additional 2 days! :D

Sally Hansen Says ---

As a Base Coat - Double Duty moisturizes and hydrates nails withPanthenol - strenghtening Pro-Vitamin B5. It smooths the nail surface and improves nail color adherence for longer-lasting results.

As a Top Coat - Double Duty protects nails with Nylon, a proven nail-building hardener. Nails are shielded with a hard, shiny, chip-resistant finish.

Double Duty gives you more perfect manicures and stronger, more beautiful nails!

Askmewhats Says ---

  • 2-in-1 product? Who doesn't love?
  • Sally Hansen nylon brush, I always love their brush
  • I've used this as a base coat for my "Devil Loves Gold" Nails , minimizes yellow nails hmm..let's say 2%? lol but really, for such dark nail polish I've used, it really helps minimize jaundice nails
  • I am in a work that needs full day of typing, and trust me, I type really hard! (ask my colleagues), nail polish especially the pinky finger chips after 2 days , with Sally Hansen as a Top Coat, it lasts 4 days CHIP FREE!!! Afterwards, it starts to chip but not as much as regular top coat
  • I can't say anything about the strengthening property of this polish as my nails are strong and hard to start with *knocks on wood*
  • definitely not CHIP FREE polish but prolongs the life of the polish

Overall Tips
  • Always shake gently
  • Always apply to clean dry nails
  • For base coat, I prefer to apply just one coat instead of 2
  • For top coat, I prefer to apply a regular clear polish first and top with this Double Duty Top Coat (it works better this way)
  • Apply as top coat not only the nail itself but also the tips of your nails
Will I repurchase?


Where did I purchase and how much?

I bought mine at the Robinson's Place for Php335.75 (approx $6.80)

Hope this review helps you nail addicts out there!
I learned that taking care of your nails is just like taking care of your skin!
You can't have lovely nails without the right products
especially if you do mani and pedis regularly!
Take care!


  1. I bought a bottle of this around three years ago. I forgot why I didn't like it, but I didn't repurchase! (I think it was because it didn't deliver on its 'no chipping' promise.)

    I now use Rimmel's '3 in 1 with Lyrca'. I'm only halfway through the bottle (12ml), but I will repurchase as it is cheap and effective.

  2. Hmm.....a lot more pro's than cons. You know your fellow polish junkie will be checking this one out. Fab review, as always. Muah!

  3. got this too and i really like it! :D no yellow nails for me at all, and for me it is alot more lasting :D

  4. You need to try Sally Hansen Mega Shine Extended Wear Top Coat. It will blow your mind!!!!

  5. thanks so much for the review!

    i am debating as to whether to get this sally hansen or the much raved about Orly ones.

    I did hear that the Orly base coat causes yellowing of the nails, so perhaps i guess this sally hansen can come to the rescue and i just buy the Orly top coat? iono... it just gets so annoying to have all your hard work on your nails go bye bye too soon and get smudged and dented.

    again, thanks for the review :) i'll try to do some more research to make sure of stuff.

  6. Been using this for a long time...I heaps prefer this to the one I used to have from Orly (the Orly one used to take bits of my nail off when it chipped!!)

    Saves $$ as well since it's double duty... :)

  7. i bought their kwik dry top coat and i thought it was really good
    so i will try this one too
    thanks for the recomendation

    not sure if its the EDM, maybe its just my skin acting up from change of season and me being sick

    the tzone control is from orbis and i think it does work though heehee

  8. i never found a good base and top nail polish tho, they always chipped in the second day :( but maybe i will check if they have it in German. thnx for the review Nikki :)

  9. Can't beat Sally Hansen when it comes to nails. She is the queen after all :) Better to spend a little more when it's going to be all worth it at the end (compared to drugstore nail polish, I mean).

  10. Thanks for the review. It sounds really good and I love 2 in 1 products! I will definitely check this out.

  11. This used to be my top coat till I discovered OPI Won't Chip. Sally Hansen still makes very decent nail products. I agree with your Pros on this product. :)

  12. I remember you asking me to review this! So sorry! I'm glad you like it, though. :D I haven't had the chance to do my nails lately!

  13. Liz, it really depends noh?? Just like make up..some works to others, some don't :) But I'm glad you found one that's cheaper and works, lucky you :D

    B, :) I'm sure you're loving anything nail related! I love your nails too!

    Prettybeautiful, true! I'm glad you love it too!

    THSG, thanks for the reco, I've seen the mega shine! I will try it!

    Ichigobunnie, funny, but I've read about Orly causing yellowing too, but I guess all we have to do is try, but so far, Sally Hansen "lessens" yellowing of my nails!!! and prolongs the life of my polish, not the longest time, but it extended 2-3 days

    Bee, true that's why I love Sally Hansen, they've been there forever when it comes to nails!

  14. Yumeko, me too, My skin's been acting up lately, a couple of zits on top of my forehead. I'm glad you love the quik dry :D

    Ai, I hope they sell it in Germany, they should! I saw them selling it in China! LOL

    Tine, so true, when it comes to protective nail products, I would spend a couple more, but for crazy nail polish colors, I can go for drugstore brands! :)

    Gio, great! let me know if you bought it and how much you like it!

    Aileen, thanks for agreeing lol

    Tracy, no worries! I gave in...lol I started to see my nails turning yellow! :)

  15. nikki do you have an HG top coat?

  16. Yummy 411, well not really HG material yet because I haven't tried a whole lot of Top coats, but sally hansen works so maybe, I finish this one and look for something more interesting :) YOU?

  17. In fairness to this product, it works! :) Usually if I leave my nail polish for a maximum of 1 week, I'll get yellow stains agad. But after using it as base and top coat, noticed that there wasn't any stains at all. My nails look healthy and strong. Love this product! ;)

  18. @fasyonista I agree in terms of helping your polish stay longer, it does! The yellow stains? Well I do go for ZOYA base coat as its tested not to give me yellow stains on nails.


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