Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Project Beauty: A Mineral Make Up Workshop

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Dear Philippine Readers:

Are you interested in Mineral make-up and mineral make-up application? Well my good beauty blogger friends Sophie and Jheng will help you work wonders with mineral make-up.

When : November 15, 2008, and Nov. 22, 2008 (you can choose which date you prefer)
Time : 1-6pm
Where : To be emailed to participants, in Banawe, QC area
Course Fee : P 2,500/head, inclusive of snacks and handouts.
Perks : Get 10% off Beauty and Minerals products, and makeup brushes during the workshop!
Slots Available : 12 slots for each batch

What are you waiting for? Email them at projectbeautyph@gmail.com for more details!


  1. aww i wish i could go to this, but both dates are on a saturday and i have to work during saturdays. it's possible that my work could get cancelled, but i usually find out about it the day before only :(

  2. Nice event you got there! Are you coming? I'd like to hear some useful mineral make-up tips&tricks too! :D

  3. Musicfanlovesminerals, sis! i hope you could go!!! Just based on your name, you are an MMU lover! heheheh

    Devi, I may not :( because weekends are family time with my family and hubby's side of family! LOL But I'll share some MMU tips I've learned from reading these ladies' blogs!

  4. yes i love mmu! i've never actually been to ANY mmu event because it always falls on a day that i have to work. i'll try to go though. i love your blog btw!


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