Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: Laitialies Collagen Essence Sheet Mask in Green Grape

Bee sent me a couple of masks and I am so excited to give it a try because I missed those weekends I hide inside a dark room and scare the hell of my mom! LOL :)

Last Saturday, after a long and tiring day, I've took a shower and decided to reward myself with a "ME TIME"!

Bee gave me a couple of masks to try on and she told me the Laitialies Collagen Essence Sheet Mask in Green Grape *whew that was long!* is her favorite so I chose it to be my first mask to try on!

Collagen Essence Sheet Mask Green Grape Hydro Lifting Mask says ---

For all skin type --- Hydrate, nourish and soften

The mask is base on aromas essential oil and natural ingredients with organic material such as Multi Vitamin, collagen, natural moisturizing factor, etc.. It can be directly and easily absorbed by the skin.

A unique formulation contains beauty essence, highly purified natural material and it improves absorption nutrient and moisture to the skin. It can accelerate skin metabolism, recover tired skin quickly, anti-aging, lighten color spots, whiten skin. It can get remarkable effect after use.

Askmewhats says ---

  • Sheet - made really durable
  • Scent - smells really nice, a very tiny hint of green grapes
  • The liquid stays on the sheet, it doesn't go left all over the packaging
  • Moisturizes the skin, the dry spots on the side of the nose was gone
  • My skin definitely goes softer for the whole night, woke up and saw no signs of dryness
  • Has a bit of cooling effect <--- not sure if it's because I'm inside an air conditioned room

  • have to do this frequently to really see a huge effect
  • I haven't seen this here in the Philippines, but I would say, there's a lot of "Dupe-ables" sold here in the Philippines <--- I may have to start searching
  • the whitening and anti-aging properties is too early to tell, definitely no signs of whitened skin or wrinkles gone! <--- if that happens, this is definitely a MAGICAL product I would HOARD lol

(Disclaimer: if you got turned off after seeing the upcoming photos, I can't blame you)

Here's how the sheet looks like when removed from the packaging
It's NOT dripping wet, the "liquid" stays on the sheet

The Sheet is the same size as any facial masks you can find out there

Actually, I learned from a lady who does facial that it is best to lay down, close your eyes , relax or even sleep when you have facial masks on to maximize the absorption of the product to your skin. In my case, I am hard-headed so I chose to take a pose!

Of course you didn't see me but I went running around scaring my mom-in-law, watch tv, reacts and talks to the husband...LOL I am ONE HYPER LADY!

  • relax!!!
  • use this after cleansing your face
  • during summer, refrigerate the face mask before using
  • the packaging says wait for 20-30 minutes, I leave it more than 30 minutes til the sheet goes completely dry. I have to admit, I am a "cheapo" and I hate wastage, I let this sheet stayed ...hour!!!!
But hey, you can't blame me!!!
The sheet wasn't completely dry YET
So why waste the moisture? LOL

  • after removing the sheet, I massaged my face gently with my finger tips
  • I use the remaining product in the packaging to massage my elbows and knees :D (I make the most out of everything)
Will I repurchase?

I'd love to, but base on my experience, there's so many Face Masks out there and you just want to give each of them a try!!! It took me so many tries that I forgot which works and which doesn't! LOL

I would never in the world thought I'd post photos of me in the most embarrassing moments! But I do love my readers and anything for a laugh!
Care to share your embarrassing photos? LOL


Dear Philippine Readers:

Don't worry, I have a couple of masks that are available locally to test on, I'll post as soon as I gained back my confidence hahaha



  1. aww u look cute even with the masks on!

    yeah i should lie down when i do masks but gah too many things to do!

  2. i would like to try this kind of facial mask too. so far i've only tried those that you leave on to dry on your face. i just thought maybe that way the product is more absorbed by our skin... :)

  3. lol. i can never lie down with the mask, just so much to do at home. i never leave more than >20 mins tho. my aunt, who is a beautician, not to leave it longer than 20 mins so that it wont dry out your skin or something like tht, i dont know how true is that tho

  4. Hehe you're so cute! I also heard that you should leave a mask on until it's dry because it will start to take moisture away from the skin! And also not supposed to make expressions when you're using masks because it can cause the folds from smiling or frowning turn into actual wrinkles faster! :x

  5. LOL! You look so cute with the mask! :D I also do what you do with the leftover liquid ie. rub it all over my arms and legs - waste not want not hor? :)

  6. you are too cute!! i've tried this kind of masks but just like you said, forgot which one works and which one doesn't lol. yea really have to use it couple of times til we know the result.

  7. Yumeko :) Aawww, you find me cute? COME ON! You are too nice!!!

    Sab, I know what you're talking about!!! Well give these a try!

    Prettybeautiful, thanks for sharing the tip, actually I've tried leaving it for 20min and more than 20min, LOL i haven't seen any difference, but maybe, if done long term! :)

    Fuz! thanks for sharing the tip :) Glad I posted about this!

    Bee!!! I thought about you when I had the mask on!!!! I can honestly imagine you'd do the same! RUB the excess on your elbows and knees! LOL I kinda knew you would say that !

    Ai, thanks, oooohh so many face masks out there huh? I really can't tell, I've used Olay, Neutrogena ones as well and I really..can't tell the differences! LOL What have you used so far?

  8. those masks look so cool, i've always wanted to try one, and umm scare my boyfriend with it too lol

  9. Ha ha ha! This looks funny sis! I just can imagine Sam's reaction if he ever sees me with this mask on. He'll surely give me that Bart Simpson laugh ha ha ha! Worse, he'll tell everyone about it. Have fun!

  10. LOL! I have a few of these I'm going to be doing a video about them:)

  11. You crack me up! I have been told that you shouldn't leave the mask too long on your skin (even if its still wet) because it can cause sensitive skins to react. 15-20 minutes tops. The rest of it can be used on the neck and arms :)

  12. Renren, give it a try and scare everyone! LOL a friend told me I should have sported this look for Halloween! hahaha

    Gracie, thank God I don't live near you, or Sam would tell on everyone about the scary looking neighbor <-- me

    THSG, ok can't wait to check yours

    Parisb, thanks so much for the info, Yeah, the cheapo in me learned a lesson from you guys, yes, I should leave it for only 20min max! LOL

  13. Hiya dear, ive always wanted to try a collagen mask, u look cute btw with it on hehehhe. Thanks for the review :D.

  14. i like how savvy you are! I also tend to keep my masks on til it's dry and squeeze out excess essence for the legs. lol!

  15. I love putting these masks on and then have a lie down. And then fall asleep for an hour or so. Tee hee :p


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