Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Shameless Plug: Pretty Nails Shop

Hi everyone!!! I know a lot of you gals have seen this banner for a month now on the upper left hand side of my blog. I haven't formally launched this site as I've been traveling and been busy with coordinating with the supplier and of course shipping details.

I've met some of my readers because of this 2 way nail art pens! Thanks gals for meeting up and for being so sweet <--- You know who you are!

If you are a reader of my blog, you'll know that aside from Make-up, Product Reviews, I am in love with nail art and I can't help but insert some "amateurish" nail art just to brighten up your days! I've decided to start this business because a lot of my readers were emailing me on how I got these pens, I got them really expensive because I bought it from a non-supplier, so really, my wallet isn't happy. After long search, I've finally found a supplier, met them personally (lovely people by the way) and thought of sharing the joy of nail art!

I am selling these set of 24pcs nail art pens! Some may ask why I'm not selling it individually, reason? It's cheaper to buy in bulk and of course, I don't want to end up with duplicate colors that are not sale-able!


Click the banner above! Feel free to email me at

For askmewhats readers ---
I am giving 10% off!

(good while stocks last)

Just tell me you found my shop through my blog!



  1. ooohh i've always wanted nail art pens! hope i can buy from you soon..

  2. I saw these stuff on ebay. They just look so pretty lol They usually sell like whole packet but, I thought that was too many :P

  3. is this your multiply site too? wow! nikki the businesswoman!

  4. ahh i want!
    my friend got some a while back but i haven't gotten a chance to visit her & play with it haha

    maybe i can find some here?

  5. Ai, LOL if you visit the Philippines let me know. For now, enjoy Germany :D

    Digital angel, yeah, I heard they sell it on ebay too, but I didn't buy from ebay. I started buying individuals from a seller here in Manila and I thought 3-5 basic colors are enough. LOL But it is an addiction! LOL Just like make up!!! My friend who bought 24pcs still purchases colors that she thinks are quite different from the 24 ! Addicting! If I may say! :D

    Sab, yes, that's my multiply site :) hahaha I don't call myself a businesswoman yet..hopefully! I'll be in TIME magainze as businesswoman of the year! That's the time you raise the NIKKI the Businesswoman flag! HAHAHA :D

    Yumyumsushi, ohhh take a peek! :)

  6. do u ship overseas?
    how much does shipping become?


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